You have to feel bad for Yahoo. The one-time dominate web company now seems to be constantly staving off the thought of bankruptcy as a result of failing to transition into the mobile market as its counterparts have.

But that doesn’t mean that it’s giving up on the mobile world. Last year, the company launched an iOS app to help you search for mobile applications. And now it’s just unveiled a web-based portal with a similar function…

Tired of browsing through the App Store to find applications? Yahoo wants you to try its new app search page. Admittedly, the page has a couple of interesting features, including a “trending now” component, and an app discovery gallery.

The search engine can locate apps from both iTunes and the Android Market, and results can be sorted by either price or category. Once you’ve found an app you like, you can simply scan its QR code to download it to your device. Cool.

Have you tried Yahoo’s search page? What do you think of it?


  • Sina

    Are there any web mobile version ?

  • Anonymous

    Microsoft tried to buy yahoo for $50 billion not that long ago… That would have been crazy! Stupid Yahoo’s turned down the offer 🙂

    • Since then Yahoo has gotten less and less popular and thus lost value. Watch Microsoft make them another offer for much less

  • Sorry to say this Yahoo!, but I’m not entirely certain as to how this is much different from what I like to call, “the app store.”

  • I always use AppShopper, both the app and website. It has price histories, version histories, the ability to filter by paid->free price drops, and an awesome wishlist feature that notifies you on a price drop.

    Saved a pretty penny in apps thanks to them.

  • Anonymous

    The lolz provided by Yahoo Answers are good enough for me!