When I wrote about my top 10 jailbreak tweaks last week, many of you were surprised not to see Springtomize 2 on the list. As I explained in the comments, Springtomize was not on the list because it hadn’t been really optimized to work properly on the iPhone 4S, which ended up causing me a bunch of troubles.

But this is now behind us as Springtomize was updated yesterday. It is more stable, and even brings its insane level of customization to the iPad.

In association with some of my favorite tweaks like InfiniFolders and InfiniDock, I was able to use Springtomize to create my ideal home screen…

So this is it. The one and only screen on my iPhone. No need to flick through pages of apps anymore. My 12 most important apps are all in the dock. The rest of them are either in folders or on the screen that you see.

I’m a minimalist kind of guy. By minimalist I don’t mean I like things to be empty, I just mean that I don’t like to have pages and pages of apps I don’t use. If it’s an app I use on a regular basis, then it has its spot on the home screen. If it’s an app I rarely use, then it’s going into one of the folders I created. I believe this format is going to fulfill my simple needs perfectly.

For those of you wondering about the wallpaper – there is always someone asking about the wallpaper – I got it from the Pimp Your Screen app, which I highly recommend.

Are you a minimalist like me, or do you like to collect tons of app icons on your springboard?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know how people get away without having easy access to the date! That’s what I love about SBSettings is it allows you to put the date up there.

    Also, not sure why anyone would ask about that wallpaper… =P

    • Anonymous

      Some people know the date and don’t easily lose track of what it is, as some people clearly seem to lol .. On a side note though, nice jibe at the wallpaper lol … Sorry Sebastien but that is 1 ugly ass wallpaper lol but each to their own I say, it would be a boring place if we all liked the same things.

    • Kok Hean

      SimpleDate widget 😀

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the tip!

  • Love it! I’m the same way, I have everything down to one screen, folders for the stuff I don’t use frequently, and everything else is out in the open. I use Springtomize 2 to make my home screen 5×5, shrink the icons, and 6 icons in the dock. Saves so much time flicking through pages!

  • Anonymous

    how did u removed battery and “%” ????

    • Probably either Springtomize 2 or CleanStatus.

      • Yup, Springtomize 2, although you can do the same thing with CleanStatus

      • Anonymous

        i searched springtomize 2 but where can i remove “%” ?

      • Actually, I am using CleanStatus for the battery %. Check it out. It’s free on Cydia

      • Blake Cook

        If i recall correctly, the bartery percentage can be removed via settings funnily enough. Its under settings>general>usage then scrolll down to battery usage to toggle showing battery % 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Numeric Battery option on SBSettings.

  • Anonymous

    IMO minimalism is overrated. If extreme minimalism within a UX is my goal, I’ll grab a WP7 device.

    • Anonymous

      Covering the entire screen with tiles is hardly extreme minimalisation, infact i’d say it’s the exact opposite.

      • Anonymous

        Then you didn’t look very hard at the above picture. Did you notice the icons, which are essentially tiles?

      • Anonymous

        You clearly can’t read otherwise you would have read my comment regarding Sebastien’s screen where I stated his was no more minimalistic than Windows UI … always best being educated before you reply and clearly miss the point !!

  • Very very very Ugly sorry some people just not need to customize

  • Yea, I have only 1 screen page. I use inifi dock, and inifi folders.

  • So you do need to flip the dock, don’t you?
    I would prefer to put all my important apps on the main screen where they can be accessed without any additional actions.
    Springtomize can also put 5 icons in a row, which can help you maintain single screen but have more apps on it.
    Funny that you of all people use App Stat 😀

    • I said “most important apps”, not “most used”. For example, Calendar is a very important app for me but I don’t use it much. I don’t want to put it in a folder as I want to have quick access to it. It’s perfect there in my dock

  • Just wait till you see my customizations lol.

    BTW i find folderenhancer much better then infinifolders, what’s your take on this?

    • I don’t feel strong about either. They’re both great apps

      • i tried both, and folderenhancer is better, less memory hog and less laggy. previously in ios 3 and 4 i have major issues with infinifolders which cause me troubles that i had to full restore.

      • Blake Cook

        I concur. Although Folderenhancer and infinifolders have both managed well lately, i love the extra options amd folders within folders and paging, etc.
        The only thing i miss about infinifolders is that keeps rhe default apple opening folders animation

  • I guess I called myself a minimalist in the sense that I don’t like to have 200 apps spread over 15 pages. Not a minimalist in the sense that I just need one icon on my iPhone.

  • I have this setup but still have icon’s randomly disappearing.. ? anyone know why ?

  • Which version is it now? I saw 1.2-3 for a second and then it showed 1.2-2 and says already updated although i didn’t update it -.-

  • I love the minimalism!!

    Where can I found the iDB app?? or is a fake icon?


  • moshe lugasi

    what apps u have in ur dock ? S(green) icon and Y(blue) icon

    thx in advance

  • How did you get the spacing right in the dock? Mines all messed up?

    • I use CleanStatus to remove the battery %.

      Now for the spacing in the dock, it literally took me an hour and probably 40 resprings. This is my settings for the dock http://cl.ly/3Y3W3P32393q1s2B082w. I also have dock icons size set to 0.6 in the Icons options. Hope that helps.

      • Thank you so much!!

      • Sorry, Just went to change my dock settings but I don’t understand how to get to the settings where you change the mode etc? All i have is Coverflow effect, Hide Dock, Hide Lables etc.

      • Play around in the Springtomize’s settings. It’s all in there

      • Malay Mody

        You’re gonna want to update to the newest version of springtomize in cydia. Then it will be under the dock settings

  • Anonymous

    Hey serb may you kindly telll me which theme your using right now?

    • No theme at all. Everything was done with Springtomize

  • reminds me when I was still on iOS 3.x.x, had categoriesSB and kept everything in one folder. lol extreme minimalist at the time.

  • Anonymous

    Where do you get the iDownloadblog App? i wanna get it..

    • Blake Cook

      Go to the homepage andclick the bookmark button (looks like a box with an arrow coming out of it) on your idevice and press “add to homescreen” 🙂

  • James White

    Do these tweaks reduce your battery/performence?

  • Anonymous

    Lol, that is the most retarded home screen I’ve ever seen.

  • Minimalist here as well. I have one screen for my stock apps and only one other for everything else!

  • Sebastien you know that this is a phone, right?
    Just kidding but where is the Phone App…..I think it’s important enough to be in dock.

    (maybe in another page in infinidock)?

    • It’s on the second page in the dock. I barely use my phone as a phone. I know, weird, huh?

  • One page here too. As cluttered as it may seem, I like this layout: https://twitter.com/thekirbylover/status/163903873323499520

    Same on my touch too, with 5×5 icons around the Apple logo. Folders of my apps are all inside one “Apps” folder in my dock with FolderEnhancer. (no screenshot cause I don’t have it with me ATM)


  • Clean status works for everything except hiding AM/PM with time.

  • I, myself have everything “important” on the first page and then I am using Infinidock with some hidden folders, also hiding the Spotlight page and the page dots.

  • minimalist
    But what I do is use iconoclasm so I can fit more icons to just one screen.
    And then folderenhanser to put all my folders in a folder.

  • mine used to be similar, although mine had a better theme. no offence but your icons are like square and crap, it looks stupid

  • I need a page or two of icons. At their best they are pleasant works of art too.

  • Do we have iDB iphone app??

  • Anonymous

    Can someone please advise me what other tweaks I should disable or remove before buying Springtomize 2?

    I.e should I disable Infindock/FolderEnhancer/Shrink/Winterboard etc? I’m just concerned about conflicts with other tweaks.

    Any advice would be most appreciated.

    • Rob

      Just keep infinidock , infinifolders, Zephyr and Multicleaner. It’s really all you need along with spingtomize 2 .

      My 4S thrives on those tweaks and they’re really all i need to keep things running fast and smooth.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for the advice Rob.

        I ended up keeping Gridlock, Infinidock and FolderEnhancer which seem to work well with Springtomize2. I generally use Multifl0w for multitasking so no real need for MultiCleaner.

        Very happy with Springtomize so far. Amazing app! 🙂

  • which apps do you have? Im bad at identifying without labels. Specifically, the scale, but im curious on the S with the speech bubble too.

  • Sebastien Ur home screen icons r shrinked ? I mean ur using shrink?

    • Rob

      Springtomize 2

      • In sprintomize we able to shrink icons?

      • Ohhh Sry I got it thanx 4 reply btw 😉

  • I like being able to see my wallpaper on I pad so I put everything on the dock 😀

  • Rob

    Springtomize 2 is awesome . It’s all i need. The new update works amazing on the 4S . Everything feels so fast and simple . Love it .

  • Anonymous

    so… where are the app tags?

  • Gudiya Ale

    How do you zap the am/pm?

  • Alan German Scheinbaum

    Hi Sebastien, I have to say a thing. Please “Apple Fanboys” aware from this comment. I’m not an Android fanboy or things like that. But for get that level of personalization, in the homescreen for example, in iOS you have to hack, and in Android no. I think that the Apple “rules” to mantain iOS only with the things it come, and add only apps, videos and music are closing the people, and stopping it to customize iOS to your taste (I don’t talk about folders only). Hope no offense no one. Bye.

  • not cool i am the exact opposite of you i am a maximalist

  • You should have cascade on the dock

  • Is there any way to remove the labels from designated apps only? I’ve found a way to remove the labels from the apps in the dock, and I can remove the labels from all apps. Is there anything in Cydia that will let me remove the labels from only the apps I choose? Any help would be appreciated.

    Great setup, by the way, Sebastien.

  • had to bump this with a question… firstly does cleanstatus still work for anyone with ios6? it keeps booting me up in safe mode and driving me nuts. All i want it for is removing the % sign.

    Secondly what app was used to remove the little circles and search icon above your dock that represent which home page youre on?