Just because Apple is in the consumer electronics business, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its eye on other markets. Just last month we saw the company launch a digital textbook program, and it’s also shown a lot of interest in the personal fitness space.

For the last several years, Apple has teamed up with Nike to bring fitness-tracking software to its iPhone and iPod products. Now it looks like it’s trying to take that idea to the next level with its latest patent application regarding an iOS app that tracks and shares your workout information…

Imagine walking into your local gym, stepping up onto the treadmill, and docking your iOS device. But the dock isn’t just for built-in speakers — it allows the treadmill to interface with your iPhone or iPod touch and share information.

Now imagine that you have a gym partner running on the treadmill next to you, and you get a notification — sent automatically from his device — that he just passed the 5 mile mark. And you’re just getting to mile 4. Does that make you want to run faster? Apple thinks it will.

The invention isn’t limited to side-by-side workouts. The filing says that the fitness software could work across the globe, as long as both users have active internet connections. The solution could also be applied to other fitness equipment, including stationary bikes and weight-lifting machines.

We know that the stuff in patent applications rarely ever sees the light of day, but we’re actually kind of digging this idea.

What do you think of Apple’s idea for workout-sharing software?


  • Apple taking over the world!

  • Anonymous

    Boring news…whose the girl?

    • Anonymous

      Lolololol win

  • Dan

    I used to bring my iPhone to the gym, but I stopped when I nearly crushed it with a barbell. Don’t think my Apple warranty covers that…

    • Nonsense! Find a obese person to take it to the Apple store for you and tell them to say they sat on it! If it works, you buy them lunch! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Roll on the iCrapper in late 2013, swipe to wipe and tap to flush.

  • OKK so I dont wanna go through the forum so i figured i’d do it here.. I think someone should make a tweek that gives you control over the data usage settings on the iphone so you can have it on a timer so it resets to the beginning of your contract month so you can simply see how much data your been using incoming and outgoing! Simple perfect tweek! I hope some Dev does it…


    This is what I get when trying to see any package info in Cydia.
    And plz don’t say restore ! I’m not dumb I tryed that already. . .

  • apple is already a part of my workout. can’t run without my music.