Apple has received some slack of late over the perceived conditions of the Chinese workers who build its hugely popular products. With the eyes of the world currently firmly fixed on the likes of Foxconn, people are beginning to look more closely at the real cost of building our iPhones and iPads.

An online petition, set up to urge Apple to protect its Chinese workers has received 162,000 signatures in just over a week, with the number continuing to grow.

Allegations of unsafe working conditions and long hours have been rife of late, with Apple’s main manufacturing partner, Foxconn, at the center of the issue…

Started by a Washington DC communications consultant named Mark Shields, the petition asks Apple to release a “worker protection strategy.”

“We ask that Apple release a worker protection strategy for new product releases, which are the instances when injuries and suicides typically spike because of the incredible pressure to meet quotas timed to releases.”

Apple’s current levels of cash, along with huge sales numbers for the iPhone and iPad, have left the company as the focus of recent ire, with the New York Times recently publishing a lengthy piece on the subject.

What everyone seems to be forgetting thus far however, is that Apple is not the only company using cheap Chinese labor. It is, however, currently the one making the most money.

While writing a name on a petition is all very worth while, we can’t help but wonder how many keyboard warriors are actually willing to vote with their wallet – how many are willing to boycott their technological toys in order to make a stand?

We’re willing to bet it won’t be that many.


  • I understand the petition, but the level of hypocrisy on everything about Foxconn is too damm high, because everybody attacks e talk about “Apple” like it’s the only company there… that’s the big reason that this petition received so many signatures so fast… hypocrisy why? because most of the kids who usually sign this, attacking Apple, have an XBOX, PS3, and other kind of hardware that are made there too…and usually, the BS reason they say that they don’t buy an Apple product, its because of this…

    • Anonymous

      I agree with @Int3nsive’s point 100%. Nearly every digital products, PS3, Xbox, laptop, Desktop, was made in China, all Chinese workers who worked on these products suffer from the same working condition, whether or not they are from Foxconn. Don’t get me wrong, do I think that these workers deserve a better place to work? Absolutely, but why petition against Apple products only? it should go against Dell, HP, SONY … as well, Apple isn’t the only evil empire here.

  • Online Petition Against Apple’s Factory Conditions Receives 160,000 Signatures in a Week from android users! At least they have a job i work 12 hours a day and i dont solder chips!

    • Pedro Diogo

      You are a retarded. I’m a mac user and i voted. This has nothing to do with apple or microsoft, or google or whatever…its about the hard working chinese people who live miserable lives and could earn much more; its about big corporations that are profiting billions each year, because they can rely on the chinese people to manufacture their devices in such a small period of time. You probably can’t see the difference, because you’re a blinded apple fan…

      • Anonymous

        “You are a retarded.”

        It’s so good.

  • Anonymous


    True dawg.

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    • Anonymous


      Bragging much?

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      • armandolara94

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  • Anonymous

    I love apple. I have an iPhone 4, and I signed the petition. If there is shady business practices going on in any business in any country it should end. That’s why I signed it. And to be honest what do we really know anyway about what’s really going on. On top of that, apple doesn’t own Foxconn, so it’s not up to apple so much to fix working conditions there. It’s up to Foxconn. But apple has so much friggin money I’m sure they can help!

  • Juan Vargas

    Why does the pressure have to be towards apple. What about do a petition to all the companies that benefits from Foxconn labor

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t normally do this but “I WAS THE ONE THAT SHOWED YOU THIS”, iDB.


  • because everybody just love taking a crap at Apple…

    • This makes me wonder what the bathrooms are like in the valley…

  • Anonymous

    I don’t want to come across direct but Asians can flip the coin & go a little Loco just a little too easy. Have you ever watched parliamentary campaigns? Self bodily harm is quite common, even involving knives, just to express a point. The only 2 people I know to knock themselves off where Chinese, living in wonderful conditions within beautiful relaxed parts of New Zealand. The chap I personally new had everything, I believe it was his girlfriend braking up with him that flipped his coin…

    I think this is more due to their culture. It’s possible they hold less value to their life compared to westerners.

  • I believe that if apple could employ more American workers and still be able to create an affordable product, they would be doing so. Americans want to help Americans. The reason so many companies employ workers overseas is because it costs less to do so and because employing workers in America is incredibly expensive. Let alone all the ridiculous regulations that have to be followed, America has one of the highest corporate taxes in the world.

    I simply can’t go with the belief that all these companies are evil. They create wonderful products that we all enjoy and are willing to pay for. I really believe that if it was just a little easier for them to hire at home, they would.

  • prima putra

    Chinese workers deserve better cuz they help many companies to make better products with cheaper cost. Since Apple is really a big company, at least they can start to provide what its workers really need.