It seems like it’s raining spy shots today. Hot on the heels of the purported iPad 3 photo BGR leaked this morning comes an image of, what several folks are calling, the next iPod nano.

Leading up to Apple’s Fall iPhone/iPod event last year, we heard a number of rumors that the next iPod nano would feature a camera. And although the refreshed device never surfaced, it appears that the product still very much exists…

The image was published earlier today by, a Japanese blog with a fairly solid history of leaking Apple information. The site believes that the hole in the nano’s clip is for the lens of a 1.3 MP camera.

While we obviously have no way of validating the image, M.I.C gadget believes that it’s 100% legit:

“It’s real, and it’s a two-month-old prototype that has big problems. It comes with an auto iris lens that can be affected by diffraction and blurring when the iris opening becomes too small in bright conditions. Ok, I gotta say it simply, it takes overexposed photos. According to our factory sources, Apple have problems with the lens aperture for the next-gen iPod nano, the iris is not functioning correctly to allow the advantages of the low aperture to be utilized.”

Furthermore, M.I.C. gadget believes that Apple is nearing completion of the product and plans to launch the device in the next few months. That seems pretty far-fetched considering that Apple typically refreshes its iPod line in the Fall, (and has done so for the past decade) but it’s possible.

While we’re not sure the tiny mp3 player needs a camera, we are anxious to see the nano get a makeover. Other new features rumored to turn up in the next-gen device are a tiny piezoelectric speaker and support for low-energy bluetooth 4.0.

Would you buy a refreshed iPod nano this year?


  • Dan

    Ugly device, doubt it’s real

  • Don

    The iPod nano Touch doesn’t need a camera. Period.
    Apple should concentrate on making the next iPod nano touch into
    The real iwatch, notifications on the watch, that would be sweet.

    • Anonymous

      “The iPod nano Touch doesn’t need a camera” … So in your opinion, does the iPad need a camera?? … Just curious because I personally think, whilst not wanting 1 myself, that a camera on a device like this would be more useful than on a tablet, I don’t get why anyone would want to take pictures with a tablet, after all, if you own an iPad for instance then i’m fairly confident that you have at least some form of phone with a camera of equal or greater quality than the iPad.

      • Don

        Here are some reasons why the iPad needs a cam;
        FaceTime (or any other video communication), augmented reality apps, fotobooth
        and pretty much because it’s actually usefull, in contrast to this absolutely uninspired and
        crippled design ( this is actally fake btw, this has been on YouTube 1 1/2 years ago)
        So mr allaboutthebore, how about you think before you post, and try not to criticize the opinion of others, just for the sake of saying anything at all and trying to be a smartass.

  • good spy/perv cam

  • Uhmmm…. That exact picture showed up on a website in 2011 around August. So either its a long time coming or fake.

  • Ismailcan Sezer

    The only thing nano needs is bluetooth not a cam !!

  • major problem! how are you gonna hold it without your hand being in the way!!!

  • Anonymous

    NO new nano!!!! Unless integration with iPhone + bluetooth at least, oh an more apps!

  • Imahottguy

    I heard that the new nano will also have a data only microSIM in it. Why? Because.

  • I’d gladly pay 1000 for it if it had teleportation and/or lasers.

  • Tiago Fernandes

    The camera on the ipod is on the right (facing to the screen) and on the backcover (I presume its that), the camera hole is on the left.. How can it be real?