If you’re looking to customize Siri on your jailbroken iDevice, then there are already a few options available on Cydia.

AssistantExtensions, and SiriToggles are perhaps two of the best examples of Siri customization on a jailbroken device, but there’s one in the works that’s looking like a winner as well.

Indeed, MySiri — an upcoming Siri tweak — promises to add a ridiculous amount of end-user control to the Siri interface.

Co-developers Andrea Oliva & Akhil Tolani provided us with a sneak peak of the upcoming tweak. Check inside as we give it the full video preview…

MySiri includes the ability to execute Activator actions using your voice, create your own conversations, enable or disable toggles, perform commands like respring, restart, reboot, and create your own custom background.

The nice thing about MySiri is that virtually every aspect is customizable in a sense that you can create your own predefined voice commands.

Of course the tweak is still in development, and I wasn’t personally able to have success with all facets. The good news is that by the time it is released, all aspects should be working seamlessly.

If your iPhone 4S is jailbroken, or you’re running Spire on your pre-4S device, then MySiri should definitely be on your radar. It’ll be available for $0.99 on the BigBoss repo once released.

What do you think?

UPDATE: This tweak is now called ‘MyAssistant’.

  • man this is awesome!!!!!!!!

  • Now all I need is Siri! Lol

  • Another great video Jeff, keep it up!

  • Osama Tarabay

    Siri is real slow to respond with AssistantExtensions, but on the other hand AE has so many beautiful Siri Commands its hard to let go of such a tweak… I just hope mySiri isnt as slow as AE.

    • Have you updated to the latest version? They fixed some of the slowdown.

    • Yup, it slows down my Siri. Currently running spire. I’m guessing it’s slow because of my ram and because the server I’m connected to is having over crowded issues.

      • Probably is your device. The same fast server on my iPad 2, is slow on my iPT4.

  • Y i can’t het spire working on my ipad 2 ?? Yes i don’t have a provy yet but the UI either not working too… Any suggestions ?

    • go into settings>general>siri>enable siri

      if that doesnt work, try installing spire for ipad/ipad 2

  • I quote:.”or if you’re running Spire”.
    I have tried to run Spire, and read about countless ways to get Siri on my iPhone 4GSM, but all there is is a nice looking UI that does not connect to the real Siri proxy, so what if chpwn or some other genius from the jailbreak scene makeSiri work on non $S models first?
    Now THAT would be good news!

    • So you want to break the law or what? You can’t legally connect to the “real” Siri proxy without breaking the law..

      • Alexander Colaço Osorio

        And what if I don’t care about an unjustfull(Apple) law, lain down to force us to buy an idiotic 4S, while A: everybody wants an iphone 5 and B: Iphone4 CAN run Siri, I installed it and it works excellent!

  • Awesome video!

  • Although it say i dun understand bla bla, it still can work?

  • In your opinion, will it works on different languages like french?

    • mail

      Very good point! Until now nobody seems to care about foreign languages…

      • Sorry, but lol. If you can make custom commands which are in the dictionary or whatever Siri uses to identify words, it should work. It is not possible for Siri to understand words across languages, so you’d have to change the language to french, which you can. For the commands “lock” and such, that’s english. You wouldn’t say goodbye to someone in english and the everything else in french, would you?

  • Renzik Chantre

    good! I need siri in Portuguese or Italian! Jeff in the near future will be possible?

    • I believe they’ll update languages (Apple will) in the near future, so get your hopes up!

  • When people ask why we jailbreak, I feel like this video is the only response needed.

  • Orlin Kiselichki

    When is this avaible in Cydia. I can Not wait!

  • they should call it. Siritomize! xDxD *Springtomize* *Siri Version*

  • Anonymous

    Will you need a siri proxy to get this to work if running spire?

  • Anonymous

    will this work with spire without a server?

  • Can’t wait to stun my friends with weird things Siri says. I mean her calling me “Bitch” is nice, but I need more!!!

  • is this for iphone 4 or 4s help !!!!!

  • MyAssistant work with assistants extintions

  • I’ve had nothing but problems using MySiri so far. I’d love to be able to have it work as advertised, however for now I’m playing it safe with AssistantExtensions. Unfortunately, I don’t like running both at the same time due to potential conflicts, so I end up having to uninstall one/re-install the other every time I want to try out a new MySiri update. Kind of a pain. It would be nice if the developers included an easy way to switch the software on and off similar to HandsFreeControl. I’d be interested in knowing if MySiri is giving anyone else problems.