Nobody without a medical condition can seriously claim the iPhone’s all-glass construction was a particularly good idea. While many of us have iPhones that have survived some considerable hammering, plenty have reported of cracks and scratches from the most inconspicuous of goings on.

There are already plenty of screen protectors out there that claim to keep your iPhone’s glass face in pristine condition, but none have grabbed our attention quite like the Spigen GLAS.t has.

For starters, the cover itself is made of, wait for it, glass! Yup, you read that right. Not just any glass though, this thing’s made of tempered glass which is just, well, better…

In an attempt to show just how awesome the GLAS.t really is, Spigen has put together a short video in which an iPhone is subjected to all kinds of nastiness, ranging from a pair of scissors to an electric drill. Unsurprisingly the iPhone and its new protective glass film survice intact.

At just 0.4mm thin, the glass sheet does not affect the iPhone’s touch response, and it’s more oleo-phobic than the iPhone’s screen, meaning grease and grime shouldn’t build up so easily.

We’re going to try and get one of these to test out ourselves, and rest assured we’ll be sharing our results once we have some to share.

Who’d have thought that protecting glass with more glass would be such a good idea?

Buy a Spigen glass screen protector on Amazon, starting at $7.99

  • I work with a film that’s bullet proof ..and Iam thinking of cutting it to shape with a cnc cutter perfect fit ..the only thing is though I might just do it instead with the BOMB PROOF film instead..oh and it’s clear or it’s got a solar uv protection ( greenish tint )

  • you had me at knife

  • how thick is it? Will it fit over regular cases?

    • Dude, read the article. 0.4mm thin

      • Anonymous

        Comment win.

    • From what I can see in the video it doesn’t look like it adds too much, and also appears to leave the slightest amount of room around the edges. Which leads me to think that cases in the style of SGP’s (the maker of this GLASt thing) will most likely fit although could fit very very snugly.. Due to the thickness of it as well there seems to be less chance of messing it up after putting a case with a ‘lip’ on the phone (which creates bubbles around the edges if it’s not on 100% right)

  • where to buy?

  • Only 27 dollars! nom nom nom. I was expecting more. Too bad I still can’t afford one lol

    • Anonymous

      Lmao man you made my night, it is cheap and I can’t afford one either lol

  • Needs one for the back panel as well…..

    • Anonymous

      +1………………..agreed. 😉

    • Kok Hean

      I used the plastic thing that came with the phone. I cut off the bottom flap and also cut a triangular hole on the corner for the camera. Looks good too.

  • Whoa.

  • From the side view the screen looks to be reflective. Much like a mirror screen protector. And how does the phone look with the blacklight on? Does it mess with clarity, etc? Although it looks great! I might wanna get one!

    • It doesn’t seem to affect the phone at all, watched a demo of it and since it’s simply glass it’s 100% transparent and does not affect the display (or mess with the retina) any more than a normal transparent screen protector does.

  • Anonymous

    I’m getting. I wonder of this can go over top of Liquipel………….

  • The iPhone 4 is the first iPhone I’ve not had problems with scratches. I have 1 across the back maybe a 1/2 inch long and I still don’t know how the hell that got there but for the most part, it’s survived quite a few drops and sliding across surfaces. I’ll keep my $26. Oh and I never use a case, not even a bumper.

  • Love all the counter-strike sounds lol

  • It’s a pretty good idea. But the video doesn’t show us how to remove it without shattering it to pieces

    • Their site recommends not removing it because the adhesive on the back does wear off after one use (not completely though, in case you need to reposition it) but it doesn’t seem easily removable without say a very thin credit card..

  • Anonymous

    “Nobody without a medical condition can seriously claim the iPhone’s all-glass construction was a particularly good idea. ”

    What an amazingly ignorant statement. Isn’t it great when people try to push their opinions on you as fact?

    • Anonymous

      Touché. Although in my opinion apple used crummy glass. (made in china?)

      • Actually it a reveloutionay glass called Gorilla Glass it was invented by an American company that could not find a use for it unroll Steve Jobs found out about it. Then Steve had factories built in china to manufacture the glass. It’s all in his biography.

  • Anonymous

    Seemed like very wimpy strikes against the glass. At least they showed at the end that it does nothing to protect the glass from breaking, just provides some marginal scratch resistance. They also never showed a close up shot of the glass after all that “abuse”. I wonder why?

    • my “guess” is it is still glass meaning it would have to same “side effects” as if u did all those to the original iphone4 glass screen.

      • It isn’t just glass though, it’s tempered glass like the stuff used to make cook-ware and withstand extremely high temperatures which means that it is also very structurally sound. It has a much higher strength rating than most glass.

  • KewlDewd

    I don’t have a medical condition and I seriously claim that the glass screen is a good idea. I find it very scratch resistant. I’ve had mine for a year and a half never with any kind of screen protector on it and I’ve got no scratches. I know a lot of people are rough with their iPhone and need a screen protector, but this “medical condition” statement is a little ridiculous.

    • Dan

      I think he was trying to be witty

      • KewlDewd

        Not so much at an attempt at wit as he was trying to say that you’d have to be crazy to think the glass screen was a good idea, which I find amusing because I and a lot of other people (and Apple for that matter) think it’s great. To each his own…

  • turn on the electric drill pls!

  • Anonymous

    The iPhone 4s scores for hardness yet fails in toughness.

  • Anonymous

    i use sgp crystal clear and its awesome. never had problems and when i take it off every half a year or so, the screen is perfect. Ive also dropped my i4 several times on hard surfaces, outside; no case or bumper. no scratches on the screen whatsoever, not even the antenna on the side.

  • If its so good why haven’t apple adopted into their products?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think that I’m the only one that thinks the all-glass is extremely beautiful. It’s a point that I bring up to my Android-toting friends, that I don’t have some plastic curved ugly thing. Take care of it, buy a goddamn case that you can remove when at home, and voila, you’re set.