Earlier today we told you about an upcoming tweak that would let you send tweets using Siri. At the time, we didn’t know the name of this tweak or when it would be available for download.

It appears that Sireet, as it is called, is now available for download from the MMI repo for free…

Get your download on, and let us know what you think about Sireet in the comment section.

  • Awesome. I’d love that those iPhone 4 which even don’t have siri proxy or whatever just that they would have that capability to install just spire, then straight away install this tweak and then just do like in this video. I’d be GREAT!

    • Hands free for Siri causes my 4s to crash and delay and make it very buggy. On top of the already subpar battery life it drains it even more. Really awesome tweak but just too many negatives. Definitely getting this one demonstrated above. Even though u can tweet using Siri by putting twitter mobile into ur contacts

  • Assistant Extensions is better as it lets you preview the tweet before you send it, it also has a chat bot built into it so you can chat to Siri. It’s all the Siri tweaks rolled into one 🙂

    • Just installed AEs and it seems better than the other Siri tweaks so far! Siritoggles struggles with two syllable names like Tweetbot and ifile. And Voiceutils only works well with the phone unlocked. Thanks!


      • Don’t even try this tweak. Go and get Assistant Extensions. Works way better for twitter and everything else. I wonder why iDB has covered that tweak yet.

      • Just uninstalled Siritoggles and installed Assistant extensions.
        1- When i say “tweet: I’am tweeting via siri” it gets “siri” as “city” tried hundred times it doesn’t understand its own name.
        2- I tried turn on Edge, it said “toggle edge is not installed yet”.

        Is there a way to install it? 😀

    • What repo is that in?

      • is from the guys of mobilesubstrate

  • Would it be ok if you also gave the repo’s link for the new jailbreakers? I assume its not included in cydia, haven’t checked yet, thx.

    • It’s there already. ..that’s what the post is about …read read and read again..

  • I installed it but I think it conflicts with IntelliscreenX. After installing Sireet, activating NC w/ ISX causes my phone to go into safe mode.

    • I would like to hear more about you testing that issue, i am using intelliscreenX too but haven’t tried Sireet yet, thx.

      • ISX users proceed with caution! I don’t think Sireet is working well with ISX. And it seems that it might of caused a bigger issue because, even though I’ve uninstalled Sireet, activating ISX is still now putting my phone in safe mode. I had to remove ISX.

      • Change the quick message extension from the ..default BETA one ..that causing it to reboot in to safe mode

      • @burge i am using bitesms instead of messages+ beta, it still reboots to safe mode randomly, it does that with or without siritoggles, sireet, assistant extensions, installed together or not.

      • @Burge I am using Bitesms. Still stuck in safe mode.

    • Tried it on mine and no safe mode at all..I’ve now took it off..

  • Anonymous

    SirFBook – Lets you Update status on Facebook using Siri, isnt it sounds great for facebook user like me?? i love twitter and i love facebook too.

    • What repo is that in?

      • Anonymous

        sorry man i just made that up.. hoping devs makes same tweak for Facebook, apologies.

      • lololol
        sarcasm is hard over text

      • Anonymous


      • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    how did you get siri to say “yes” when opening?

  • Bugs i’ve notice when i’ve install this tweak: Siri cannot “Call”, cannot “Play music”, no Preview to send…

    • I ran into these exact same issues…had to uninstall for right now

  • I tired this..and it say’s…Cannot Send Tweet because the connection to twitter failed.

  • Jeff what kind of tweet app is this in your iphone ???