Over the past week or so, there has been a lot talk regarding a recently-released iPhone 4S jailbreak tweak that supposedly fixes the handset’s battery problem. We’ve neglected to mention the utility here on iDB for a couple reasons.

One, the tweak has only been available on the insanelyi repo — a Cydia repository known for hosting pirated applications. And two, it simply sounded too good to be true…

Just as we suspected, the battery tweak has been proven to be fake. The discovery was made by iOS hackers Dustin Howett and Sam Bingner, who found that the utility was nothing more than pointless lines of code:

“There has been a lot of hype recently about a 4S ‘Battery Fix’ – DHowett found that all it does is replace /System/Library/CoreServes/powerd.bundle/com.apple.SystemPowerProfileDefaults.plist

I looked for any possible impact of this

While this sounds good… we’re changing the power settings right? The reality is that it does absolutely nothing.”

This is a prime example of why you shouldn’t install random tweaks you find on sketchy Cydia repos. While this particular utility doesn’t appear to be malicious, it very well could have been.

This is also a good example of why the jailbreak community is so powerful. The fear of dangerous apps making it into Cydia is thwarted by the fact that talented guys like Howett and Bingner are around to point them out.

If you’re looking for legitimate tweaks that really do work as advertised, make sure to check out our list of 100 jailbreak tweaks.

  • Yeah how could a tweak help with battery even if it did work

    • By making changes to how the software communicates with the hardware.

    • With the right talent it is possible.

  • Kok Hean

    $5.00 for VIP access just to get a battery fix for iOS 5 that isn’t even working?! Sounds legit.

  • I was a sucker. Installed and removed after I noticed no difference.

    • Dan

      Lol me too, i’ll be more careful from now on

  • Derrius Anthony-Casey

    I’m pretty sure i downloaded this same thing from xsellize .. & it has aktually worked haha . Usually if im at 100% and i unplug my phone when i go to sleep ill wake up to 30-60 % . I woke up to my phone on 88% . & all yesterday i didn’t have to charge it too much . I think you should aktually download it if your having battery issues bekause it worked for me .

    • They proved it was fake. When I had my 3GS, I lost about 5% over night, even after two years, mostly because of notifications lighting up the screen. With my 4S I lose about 15 – 20% every night.

      • I loose about 30-40 over night with with 4…

      • Derrius Anthony-Casey

        i was losing 70 percent every night .. now im losing 10 . Maybe the one from xsellize is different ?

  • I had read it about it in the blogosphere but was waiting for iDB’s approval. Thanks for the heads up!

    • Anonymous

      Gotta love kissasses.

  • Anonymous

    Cracked tweaks 1 : 0 Paid tweaks

    Little girls sending me to hell in 3…2…1…

  • Ive felt like i have had better battery life with the tweak! At 56% right now when i would normally be at 30%

    • Anonymous

      It’s called Placebo Effect.

      • that being said, ive been using my iphone for almost an hour straight, still at 50%

      • i forgot to mention, i am also on 3G

      • Anonymous

        Oh, cool then. iPhone 4 or 4S?

      • Wasnt able to reply to you maurid, but i am on a 4

      • Anonymous

        AWESOME! From xSellize or what repo?

      • It is on the insanelyi VIP repo

  • like you said, too good to be true 🙁

  • I feel like more tests should be done on this tweak. Even though proven fake by one source, another source could come with reason as to why it works

  • I’m sorry but I’ve been using this a whole day now and I have a noticeable difference. I usually use as much battery when the phone is in standby as when I am using it, So far I have been using my phone close to 14 hours and it’s still going strong at 62% battery.

    The tweak is still in a beta testing phase which is why its VIP only at the moment, it will be released to normal repos soon.

    I’m not saying this tweak has changed a thing but normally I’d be charging my phone for a second time right about now to last me til bedtime, going by my current loss I’d be able to go 30-35 hours without needing a charge.

    Even if the change is some kind of physiological placebo effect I still don’t mind it 😀

    • Kok Hean

      Or you could install it on someone else’s phone without them knowing, then ask them if they experience better battery life.

      • That’s a good idea, that way they won’t change their daily habits. It’s meant to work on iPhone 4s better so I’d have to find someone with one.

        Apparently unless you download it from the VIP repo it’s heavily encrypted and won’t work. I’ve no idea how true that is.

        I understand iDBs opinion on repos with pirated content but I don’t pirate and I’m sure a some others don’t either, it’s not all pirated content on that repo. I’ll always avoid pirated apps and buy/donate to people who make official tweaks.

        Maybe if iDB had some concerns about this app then they should have blogged and warned people? That way people would have seen the dangers.

      • Anonymous

        Honestly, we didn’t want to drive traffic to a pirated app-bearing repo. But when we got confirmation that the tweak was, for lack of a better word, bogus, we decided to comment on it.
        If we hear any different, we’ll update you guys. But for now, all of the evidence points to this tweak being fake. I mean, these guys looked at the code of the application and determined it doesn’t do anything. That’s like a mechanic looking at a car, seeing that it doesn’t have an engine, and saying “this car won’t run.” It’s pretty cut and dry.

  • Brandon Montville

    This tweak keeps Cydia running at all times. It enables Cydia to work with multitasking. If anything, it drains battery slightly faster.

  • Anonymous

    I found that this certain tweak made my battery life slightly worse on my 4S.

  • I’m still on the fence with this one but I do see a difference.

    The developer released a statement saying:

    “Alright, so I’m getting very tired of this ‘fake nonsense’. The fact that we have PROOF that this works with screenshots. Do yoU guys said that the screenshots had ‘plugged in iPhone’ line in it right? We still have plenty more screenshots WITHOUT that description saying on it. None of you know what went on during beta testing, so none of you have a legit reason. The main reason why the supposed ‘big’ guys are pissed about this is because they couldn’t make or think of anything themselves.

    And FYI, the files that those two got were edited and pirated copies. So they don’t have any legit files. I’m growing tired of this because two other hackers think they have it all boiled down and solved.

    Now leave those two idiots out and use your own minds. Would I REALLY waste my time on here going support to everyone here if this was fake? Hell no… Use common sense guys.”

    • This is to the dev of this ..then tell Apple about what you have found they might give you a job….oh what’s that , They’ve more than lightly already tried this ..because its there os …but what’s that, You know more about it then them , because your i4s has been jailbroken for 6 days now ..don’t make me laugh…

  • After jailbreaking my iphone I instantly saw inprovements in battery life on my 4s at first I thought it was a coincidence but just by jailbreaking I was able to use my phone all day and still be at 15 percent at night to charge. It may be just me but I’m happy

    • I could be crazy, but since I installed Springtomize 2 my 4S seems to be getting better battery life. I even have all of the “Capabilities” enabled and have multiple other jailbreak tweaks running. I am going to download this and see if it works. I can’t see the developer defending himself if it didn’t work. HOWEVER, I could see why he would defend this if he was a part of the mentioned VIP site and was looking for a quick way to cover their server costs.

      • After I installed the Battery Fix tweak from insanelyi repo I have noticed a tremendous change in the battery life of my iPhone 4. at the moment my phone is at 75% and before I installed the tweak my phone would have been at around 45-55%. To me that’s a good deal especially when I have IntelliscreenX refreshing my email and twitter every time I open my NotificationCenter. I open my NotificationCenter about every 20 minutes.

      • has the repo deleted this tweek? I also have to say that i can see an improvement in battery life! im the first who would be skeptical over this! My friend was literally playing with my phone for over an hour and it made only a fraction of a dent that it usually would have. now for those who own a iphone4s ( i only have a 4) i cant say anything about it towards their behalf.. but some of you say your battery drains 20-40% overnight?! YIkes!! and i thought my battery life draining 4-7% was bad..

    • I’m the same way! My battery life magically got better haha

  • Anonymous

    Just because someone says that it doesn’t work, does not mean that it’s “proven”. There are just as many, if not more, people who say that it works. Based on your standards, that means the tweak was also “proven” to be legit.


  • Roman Sandstorm

    Anecdotes evidence.

    ‘Feelings’ and ‘thinking’ and ‘believing’ are not the same as controlled, objective tests.

    There are so many variables involved in something like iPhone battery life, that a lab of a hundred or so phones, of varying ages/amount of use/installed software, etc would be required to determine if there were any effects.

    Who has the capability to do something like this?

  • Roman Sandstorm

    – edit

  • Actually it really works, I test it first in my iPod touch 4g now in my iPhone 4g

  • lol luckily i also installed a different tweak that crashed my phone inciting me to delete that and this… oh well!

  • Idk i added this tweak from xsellize and instantly my battery was only dropping 5-7% every 2 hours as oppose to 15-20% every 2 hours so wether its different or not it still works for me so im keeping it

  • there are two 5.0.1 iOSes. (9A405) and (9A406). almost everybody has the 9A405. Make a Restore in iTunes and will update to 9A406 and your battery issues are fixed! Just updated!