Apple’s quarterly earnings call has certainly raised a few eyebrows this time around, with the company reporting huge sales, huge profits and just all around awesomeness. If you’re an Apple shareholder, then you’re probably very happy right about now.

Many interesting tidbits came out of the earnings call, but one that may not be getting that much attention is the news that there are now 85 million iCloud users, making it clear just why Apple needed that fancy new data center after all.

We suspect Apple wishes it was charging them all the same $99 it charged for MobileMe…

Apple CEO Tim Cook reported that iCloud is more than just a replacement for the ailing MobileMe, but rather that the company hopes and expects it to be its strategy for the coming decade. Read into that what you will, but it’s safe to say Apple’s thinking moving forward is going to involve the internet quite a bit.

Does that perhaps translate to iPhones and iPads with less storage than they pack today? We have heard rumors suggesting just that for quite some time now.

When iCloud replaced MobileMe this summer, it also dropped the $99 asking price, with Apple preferring to get as many people using the service as possible. If the company’s efforts over the next ten years all revolve around its customers being tied into its own cloud services, then that could turn out to be a very shrewd move on Apple’s part.

It does sound like something Apple would do, doesn’t it?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think so, since I have to keep it disabled so my battery doesn’t suck THAT MUCH.

    iOS 5 was and is still a raw piece of firmware.

    • Anonymous

      I think you have something up your butt man lol, you know if you really don’t like the iPhone that much you can sell it an get an Andorid or a Windows Phone, hell even a Blackberry. Just saying 😉

      • Anonymous

        Hopefully someday you will realize your response had absolutely nothing to do with my comment.

      • Anonymous

        No, it did have something to do with your comment, in that I, ( and many others) have seen you complain on just about everything on iOS and the iPhone, so what I am saying is, if your iLife has been so bad, why not sell the iPhone (since it has such a high resell value) and get another OS based phone. As I said before you can do Andorid or Windows Phone (latter being a pretty sweet OS, and seems to run a lot smoother). Just trying to help buddy xD

      • Anonymous

        I’m really happy for you… It must be great to have an iPhone with good battery life, which performs at normal temperatures. Of course, I wouldn’t know, since I don’t have one of those. I have an iPhone with a standby battery life of aprox. 6 hours, that at times heats up to 103F. How do you expect me to be madly in love with Apple, when I spent what I consider to be a fortune, for a phone that does not work as advertised? iOS 5 killed my iPhone, and at the same time my $450 (that’s the price where I live in). Since you are an avid reader of my comments, as it seems, you should’ve known what I had against Apple. That’s pretty much all, it’s been a pleasure talking to you.

  • Dan

    Personally i like really enjoy iCloud, it was a good move on apple’s part

  • Vitaliy T

    loving iCloud, also haven’t noticed any battery performance decrease.. same as iPhone 4

  • There is only a battery decrease if you aren’t used to using PUSH services on your device.

  • I have disabled due to some laggy issue on iPhone 4 , but it’s a great feature, u don’t have to worry about anything , everything is done automatically .

  • i like to mess around with my iPhone 4 and many times have to restore it to make it work. With iCloud I can access my data with or without my phone working.. I like that!