Earlier today we told you that iPhones made up over half of Verizon’s smartphone sales last quarter, making Apple the top smartphone manufacturer on one of the world’s largest wireless carriers.

But given Apple’s record-breaking financial report today, it’s achievements go far beyond that. With nearly 40 million iPhone’s sold last quarter, Apple just became the top smartphone-maker in the world…

As noted by Cult of Mac, Apple’s 37-million-iPhone quarter make it the top smartphone manufacturer in the world by volume. Compare that to Samsung, who previously held the position, who reportedly shipped 35 million smartphones during that time.

Tim Cook says the iPhone’s success last quarter is the result of a combination of things including the launch of the iPhone 4S, a more robust iPhone family (3GS, 4, 4S), and obviously the holidays. It’ll be interesting to see what Apple does in this upcoming quarter when two of those factors become irrelevant.

  • Two words: Steve Jobs!

  • 2 better words: Tim Cook

    • 2 words for u Justin: eat dick

      • Anonymous

        Immaturely, yet, epicly owned! You, Sir, made my day.

      • Thanks, you made my day!

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    So much iPhone 4s plagued with “Sim error”, “No signal”, “no sim”. That is such a beautiful iPod Touch (if only were to keep on “manually manage music and videos”. Way to go Apple!

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    Oh man, isn’t the white iPhone just a BEAUTY?

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      it sure is:)

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    The numbers are just very impressive…compared to the many handsets Samsung produces, and launches.