At iDB we’re big proponents of XBMC on the Apple TV, but what’s to stop one from doing the same thing on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch? In a word, nothing.

Inside we’ll show you how to get XBMC on your mobile iOS device, and we’ll give you a sneak peak at some of its awesome benefits…

Step 1: Open Cydia, go to Manage > Sources > Edit and add the following source:

Step 2: Once the packages from the source are added, go into the source, and install XBMC-IOS

Step 3: Once installed go to your Home screen, and you should now have XBMC for iOS. You may start using it immediately, but we will be back with more tutorials to show you how to get the most out of XBMC on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

If you haven’t already, check out our tutorial that shows how to install XBMC on the Apple TV as well.

What do you think? Would you enjoy having XBMC on the go?

  • XBMC is a great program

  • How safe is this to use? Whats the backdrop on using this??

    • Siv

      LOL are you really questioning how safe XBMC is? xD

      Do yourself a favour and Google XBMC. It might put you at ease.

      • STFU idiot.

      • Anonymous


      • hmmm… you’re the idiot for not knowing what xbmc is in the first place.

        herp derp.

  • yea i definitely need some tutorials on what to do lol

  • Amk

    cool jeff u are so great

  • Azhar Hussain

    XBMC is a great program on the Apple tv but what can you do in the XBMC app that you can’t do already. ESPN has an app already to watch live sports games, ABC and other TV networks also have apps including CNN which allows live streaming. What other plugins can you install for it Jeff? It seems to work great but I just don’t see any added benefit.

    • That app is not accessible to the majority of people (ESPN) while MANY more have access to ESPN3. Same with Amazon VOD, there is no Amazon VOD app, but you can use it via XBMC. I could go on and on naming benefits. And the Free Cable plugin has lot more stuff, and it’s all contained in a single app. Follow up posts are coming, this was just a teaser.

  • Luan Nguyen

    Installing the source is taking ages.

  • Hi Jeff I just installed to my iphone 4 and my ipad 2 and works excellent thanks obviously works better on Ipad !! saludos

  • Jeff, many people are wondering already but how you add channels such as ESPN3 and others?

  • The UI needs a little help. It’s really hard to pick from a long list. Awesome program though

  • Anonymous

    cant wait to get more videos of stuff to put on it. does the same stuff that works on the appletv work on iphone4 or ipad1?

  • Could we get a full channrl list? I’m not all that into sports, so espn isn’t much of a draw. And do you always require a subscription? That’s probably the biggest dealbreaker.

  • Hey Jeff why don’t you add another tutorial about how to MAKE USE OF XBMC ON Idevices for nub nut like me??

  • how do you add zip files like the apple tv?

  • What is the theme in this video? Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    This is great! Moar vids, I say, moar vids!!

  • Daniel Peñafiel

    Is all that media available for countries outside USA? Ex: Sudamérica ?

    • Paul Rivieras

      USA = United States of America
      Sudamerica = South America
      last time i checked it was part of America….

  • This needs to be rendered better for retina display. It looks like crap on my phone.

  • Thanks for Video and its really nice step by step video for Apple TV.

  • Awesome! Is there a device requirement or is it compatible with all iOS Devices? Just wondering because when I install it on my iPhone 3g 4.2.1, it crashes on startup…

  • 54MB?? I have india tunes anyway…

  • I’ve installed it on AppleTV, iPhone and iPad because you guys, but now I need you to take me to the next level on these devices! Setup is easy but figuring out how to maximize my content is not. Looking forward to further tutorials.

  • I absolutely love XBMC. I’ve been using it since it’s origin on the original Xbox. I pretty much use it to play all of my ripped movies and TV shows that are all stored on my network hard drive, along with some things like Hulu and Crackle.

    PS: so everybody who is asking for tutorials on what to do, just go the the XBMC website or YouTube. XBMC is essentially the same on all platforms so most tutorials will work even if an iDevice isn’t used.

  • Dan

    I’ve added the program and it looks good, but I’m a total xbmc newb, a tutorial on how to access the content would be great 🙂

  • This quit working on my atv it only worked one day watched two movies then quit. Any ideas?

  • ron-mcse

    XBMC has gotten easier since Eden was released. No more nightly builds. Guys once you get it installed you need to do a search on the web for Repo’s such as Bluecop. His Repo will allow you to get the “FreeCable” and many many more programs. Also you will need to install OpenSSH on your iPhone thru Cydia and use a FTP program on your pc or mac to SSH the repo to your phone. Then you can install the repo’s. I know it may sound like a lot, but it’s really not and I am sure Jeff will make a video soon describing how to do all this.

  • Plays 1080p mkv perfectly smooth on 4S but at 480×320 resolution.
    awesome app but resolution needs updating.!

  • Anonymous

    waiting for the other tutorials

  • works on ipad better than om appletv SWEET!!

  • Carlos Arrieta

    Is the source still working?

  • Carlos Arrieta

    Is the source still working?

  • how can i add my house media files on the go?

  • can u airplay off ipad 2 with xbmc ? if so how plz

  • Love it!!!! Ice films add on working better than my apple tv2. Thanks jeff your the best!!!!

  • hxh

    to get ESPN3, need to install BlueCrop’s repo.
    download the repository installer add on zip file, ssh into phone and upload it.
    Install the zip, run the repo install program, install blue crop’s repo, search for espn add on, install the add on, restart and go into video to run the add on

  • Hatyrei

    I cant find Hulu in the add ons 🙁

  • rapid rapi

    Hey Jeff why don’t you add another tutorial about how to MAKE USE OF XBMC ON Idevices for nub nut like me??

  • I have added source and when I’m going in the source I don’t see XBMC. what I must to do to install?

  • is there a way to download videos from the xbmc on the iphone ? so when am on the move a can watch a movie and not use up my internet data ? any help welcome 😀