AirPlay is possibly one of the unsung heroes of the iOS world, and if you own an iOS device and an Apple TV, then you really should be taking advantage of it. If you don’t have an Apple TV then there may just be another option on the table.

Using a Raspberry Pi computer, it is actually possible to create your very own HDMI-enabled AirPlay-receiving machine which is so small you’ll almost forget it’s there.

Did we mention the whole thing costs just $35? Oh, that too…

AirPlay is Apple’s way of taking video or audio from an iOS device and throwing it onto a television via a networked Apple TV. The whole thing still feels like magic to us, and it’s a real boon if you like to watch content on the big screen.

This new potential solution comes in $65 cheaper than Apple’s own, though it is still early days for both the computer and the software needed to make it run. The point is though, that this is possible, and at $35 there’s no reason not to pick one up!

We can’t wait to see what people start to do with the Raspberry Pi project moving forward, with that 700 MHz ARM 11 processor, 128 MB of RAM likely to prove plenty enough power for some pretty cool stuff.

Using AirPlay just jumped to the top of the list.

[Cult of Mac]

  • save your 35$ and spend 64$ more and get the apple TV so you can enjoy mirroring and other goodies apple tv can offer as well!

    • Might as well, Apple TV looks a lot safer than whatever that is.

    • Dan

      Apple TV doesn’t work that great outside the US unfortunately

      • Anonymous

        It also doesn’t have a usb port which is a deal breaker, I really don’t see the point of a player like that when you can’t even plug an external source into it.

      • Dan

        really? was sure it did, that’s crap

      • Liz Upton

        It has two USB ports.

      • Tom

        Mine works like a dream here in the UK.

        I suppose it depends what you want it for. I want to watch files that I have downloaded (legally of course) that are in multiple formats (avi, mkv, etc) on my TV in the bedroom. I store the files on my NAS (in the living room) and use XBMC on my jailbroken Apple TV to watch them. I can also watch live steaming TV via a TV Catchup plugin and recent BBC programs using an iPlayer plugin. The last two are real game changers for me as I don’t have an ariel connection in the bedroom.

        All the Apple stuff (renting movies, watching trailers, etc) works fine too. Best £100GBP I ever spent on tech. :o)

      • What plugins do u use. I use to use ice films but I think that maybe a thing of the past.

      • Plus u can’t change the ISP address of the ATV, but u can use a VPN on ur phone.

  • Anonymous

    nah, do both and hack your life too, while at it, because prefab is no way to live.

    =it is said gambling[and perhaps gaming] is a foul mockery of human’s need to hunt and adventure

  • I want Samsung Smart TVs to have AirPlay.. Isn’t that the next steps for Smart TVs? I mean why have extra boxes when all you need can be built in (except cable) haha =)

    • Anonymous

      I don’t see that as a good thing, we’ve been there with vcr and tv combos etc, might look good and save on space but if 1 breaks you are fucked, i’d rather have a seperate device I can unplug and plug into another tv.

    • Apple will more than lightly have it built in there TV , if they do have one coming out..and I doubt apple will let other TV manufactures have this from there devices..but like @AllAboutTheCore says I would rather have 2 devices in case one goes down

    • Anonymous

      Or you could have Apple support DLNA which is already built into the new Samsung TVs. I prefer AirPlay of course because it works more reliably.

  • há alguma tweak para fazer o mesmo mas com o allshare da samsung?

  • So how the hell do I buy one????

  • Tom

    Word on the street is that this little beauty can run XBMC with support for 1080p. Well worth $35. I’m also thinking about cool housings for it too. Empty cigarette pack? Old NES controler? Original iPhone housing? It’s so small that the possibilities are almost endless!

  • How do we buy one then?

  • palmharbor

    Poor written…people want to know: Does it work with itunes on Mac? How is it powered? How easy is it to set up with out exporing computer code.
    I don’t want anything for $35 if it does not work via wifi thru my mac.