More updates from the jailbreak world this evening; as if the anticipation could possibly get any higher.

The app that contains the exploits used for the iPhone 4S jailbreak is essentially finished and the final touches are being placed on what we can only assume will be the latest version of GreenPois0n.

Earlier this evening, @planetbeing tweeted that fellow Chronic Dev Team member Nikias Bassen, better known as @pimskeks, has finished the majority of the app that will contain the heavily anticipated iPhone 4S and iPad 2 A5 exploit.

This is all on top of Joshua Hill’s earlier tweet signifying that the jailbreak is absolutely in its final stages, and could be released any moment now.

And…We all await on pins and needles.

  • I really must say a big THANKS to the team, all yr hard work is coming to fruit. Thanks again and awaiting for the moment.

  • hoping apple will not find the exploit on next gen

    • What?
      This is probly just the corona exploit with a new injection. Corona was also patched in 5.1b3. This is a firmware exploit so it will be patched in a firmware update

  • Freaking suspense is killing me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Soon. Soon, my precious.

  • Good times I want to be able to spend all weekend hooking up my phone

  • i can’t wait!!!!

  • It needs to be here!!!

  • yes…YES.

  • yes…YES.

  • Anonymous


  • Ok guys, time to gather together for mass orgasm. Please leave out your gf and wives.

  • Ok guys, time to gather together for mass orgasm. Please leave out your gf and wives.

  • Ankit Sharma

    Can’t wait …. Ugh! It feels like exam results….

  • patrick lim

    Just added another donation….100 bucks so far

  • Most. Anticipated. Jailbreak. Ever.

  • We really appreciate for Apple to making this happen. Thanks for making aware this relax moment for iPhone 4S Jailbreak. Ultimately, this improvement will aid to iPhone Application Developers world.

  • Ayush Singh

    Siri doesn’t work on the iPhone 4S jailbreak, means more delays maybe!

  • Awsome. Off topic, i got a question Jeff. Im having a frustrating problem with itunes Match, its censoring allot of my music! Ive searched around and see that many other match users are also having these problems, but Ive yet to hear apple acknowledge it or never read it on this blog. So I just wanted to see if there is something Im missing, thank you!

  • I need you for school work @ work!!! Hurry!!! Thanks bunches jailbreak dream team and others mentioned!!!

  • yes hoping can done it in 1 or 2 day before we celebrating Chinese New Year ….GONG XI GONG XI

  • I’ve got a good feeling about this. Maybe over this weekend? I hope so.

  • You guys rock!! Patiently n eagerly waiting ๐Ÿ™‚

  • So close now, almost can taste it

  • BIG thanks again to these guys , they took many many hours out of their time so we can get a richer experience out of our devices , THANK YOU !!

  • finally

  • Does that means i can jailbreak my iPhone 4S ?

  • When does the windows version comes out ? ๐Ÿ˜› I’m waiting for it (A)