For those of you wondering whether or not iBooks 2 works on the iPhone or iPod touch, the answer is yes, with a catch.

You can update your current app to iBooks 2.0, but you still cannot download textbooks without an iPad. We also advise jailbreakers to stay away from the latest iBooks update…

Considering how vast the design scope is for the textbooks, that’s fully understandable, but we thought you would like to know, that indeed, at this point it is not possible.

As far as we can tell, outside of the textbook features, there’s not any other improvements to iBooks 2 over its predecessor.

For that reason, if you have an iPhone, especially a jailbroken iPhone, we advise you to stay on your current version, because we’ve heard rumblings that it breaks the Corona update, but have yet been able to independently confirm that.

Are you disappointed that textbooks are iPad only, or do you think it makes sense?

Update: Apparently a reboot will fix the iBooks issue on a jailbroken iPhone using the latest version of Corona.

  • If you’re seriously trying to read your textbook on an iPhone, you’re probably retarded anyways.

  • Anonymous

    iBooks 2 working on my untethered jailbroken iphone 4 :D, no reboot required…

  • shows “configuration error” after installation above ibooks 1.3, iphone 4, ios 5 jailbroken semitethered.

    Any advice?

    • Upgrade to iOS 5.0.1, get untethered jailbreak then install iBooks 2.. It should be fine.

  • Adesh Rampersad

    why the Seinfeld pic ?

  • Steven Smith

    Jeff your update means it is safe to update to iBooks2 on a JB iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1 with redsn0wb4?

  • Does the update work on iPad 2 4.3.3 jail broken ?

  • Kolumb Polska

    It is simply stupid on Apple’s part to not make iBooks be consistent across ALL Apple devices – people have come to rely on multiple devices to get their work done and if your music and photos can be accessed from all devices WHY is iBooks different