New sales data from marketing firm Nielsen has revealed that Apple’s launch of the iPhone 4S in October has had a tremendous impact on overall iOS market share in the past quarter. While Android had a stranglehold on the mobile sector in October, with an impressive 61.6% share of the market, its numbers slipped to just 46.9% in December due to an impressive 20% surge by iOS during the quarter.

According to AppleInsider, Apple’s mobile platform peaked at 44.5% in market share, which put it neck-and-neck with its rival Android…

Despite the iPhone’s efforts in closing the gap, Android still remains the most popular mobile platform among U.S. consumers. Nevertheless, Apple has much less to be concerned about than its Waterloo-based competitor.

BlackBerry makers Research in Motion continued its downward trend, decreasing to just 4.5% in market share in December in contrast to its 7.7% share it held just three months earlier. The remaining five percent in market share was split between Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 and Windows Mobile platforms, Nokia’s Symbian, and HP’s webOS.

  • Its only a matter of time for Android I think. Apple managed to bridge that much of a gap by releasing a phone with no exterior changes and just hardware improvements. With the iPad 3 and iPhone 5 coming out this year, I think Apple will take back its spot onto, I already know quite a few people that are switching back to iPhone after giving the Galaxy S II a try.

    • Jon Garrett

      they released at the holiday season. everybody enjoys healthy sales numbers at that time of year.

      this spring apple and the Android manufacturers will be releasing new products and you’ll Android take the lion’s share–again.

      • Anonymous

        why are you on this site again? Go away fandroid.

  • I love how apple can release a product anytime of the year, and it make record sales, but google has to release their greatest devices right before christmas.

  • Yeah, funny you know, 3 iPhones against an army of Android phones, I call that a fair fight.