Several weeks ago we told you about the Chronic Dev Team’s Crash Reporter desktop tool. Jailbreakers can download and install the package to redirect iOS crash reports from iTunes to the Chronic Dev Team hackers. The reports are then used to find exploits and help further jailbreak research.

A new Cydia tweak has surfaced that automatically sends crash reports to the Chronic Dev Team from your iOS device. CDevReporter is available for free can be installed on any jailbroken iOS device today.

Developed by Luke Young, CDevReporter runs as a background daemon in iOS and sends crash reports to the Chronic Dev Team’s private servers. The tweak is smart enough to sleep and not drain battery life until a new crash report is created. It’s available in the BigBoss repo for all jailbroken iOS devices.

Over 10 million crash reports have already been sent to the Chronic Dev Team from the desktop tool, and CDevReporter will hopefully help send many more. You don’t have to do anything once you’ve installed CDevReporter — just enable it in the Settings app. Let the daemon do its job, and you can have the peace of mind that you’re helping to create future jailbreaks for iOS 5.

[Image: Kok Hean]

  • Just saw ‘Jailbreak’ and thought the A5 jailbreak was here 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Will the reports likely include personal infos?

    • No personal data is sent, just info on what apps crashed and why they crashed.

      • I would be curious to find out from the Chronic Dev team if this is as useful as it sounds. I doubt with the volume of crash reports they receive that its easy to pick out the ones with potential and work out how the crash developed. I would presume a substantial team of people would work on these within apple.

        In no way am i saying its a bad idea as i have been sending mine religiously from each device. I am just interested and wish i knew more about how Chronic Dev process these.

      • p0sixninja has been working on an automatic system that parses the logs they get and finds the ones related only to crashes that may be of interest for jailbreak development.

    • Jordan Carter

      seriously? what a stupid question

  • Dan

    here’s hoping it’s not because they are having problems with the A5 jailbreak

    • The desktop version of this tool has been around for a while now, and Like Young isn’t involved with making the A5 jailbreak at all, so it’s 100% not for that reason. Luke was just doing a service for the community.

  • Will this affect my battery life? If not I’m willing to install, if yes then I’ll stick to the Desktop app.

    • It should not have a profound impact. It runs only when crashreport is generated or the preferences change. If you aren’t sure give it a try and see if has a large impact on your device.

      • Sure Thanks for a very reliable info coming from the creator. I will try this. I may not have donated tons of money but this way i can help you guys in creating more JBs!

  • I recently update my devices to ios 5 and jaillbroke them n i cant get to get multitasking gestures to work does abyone kniw how to fix this if yeah plz let me know

    • Anonymous

      I’m assuming you ticked the box in redsn0w that said “Enable Gestures” because when I did it it worked fine for me.

    • If you do not have iPad, you need to get a tweak called Zephyr.

  • What if I deleted the crash report daemons? Hmm…

  • Kok Hean

    Nice screenshot :p

  • so this is what i download and i get cydie?

    • Yup, true…

      …NOT!!!!!!!!!!! 😛

      • Blake Cook

        He was asking a simple question, no need to be a twat about it :/

        To get cydia, you need to download a program called ‘redsn0w’ to first jailbreak your device. I hope this can point you in the right direction.

      • I was just joking.

  • The same misconceptions facing this package as the legitimate Chronic Dev Team crash reporter are that your crash reports will end up in the wrong hands. You should not worry because of two reasons:

    1. Crash reports are not a sensitive enough type of information for a malicious hacker to do any detrimental damage to you and they don’t hold any information that could put you at risk (especially since they are collected anonymously).

    2. The Chronic Dev Team is the send-to for this tweak. You can do some digging of your own to verify.

  • You can go check out th source code yourself if you don’t trust me. It sends to the CDev team servers using the same URL as the official app. And the same methods.

  • Lol Marcus My reaction was the same !

  • Just installed on my iPad and I will install when my 4S is jailbroken!

  • The only thing that this app should do is modify the hosts file on the iDevice.

    • Unfortunately it’s much harder to trick the device into thinking that the CDev server is an Apple server. And to make the server have the exact same interface for uploads as Apple’s is just overkill. Plus when I wrote the app I had to make it conform to the CDev Server upload interface used in the Desktop app. Hence not a simple hosts edit…

  • Tom

    This package could really do with a ‘only send reports over wi-fi’ slider right under the ‘endabled’ slider (in the screen grab above). I don’t know how much data is sent for each report, but my carrier only allows me 750MB a month.