After the deluge of Notification Center tweaks that were made available right after iOS 5’s release, the amount of tweaks targeting iOS 5’s crown jewel has stymied off significantly.

That’s not to say that there are no Notification Center tweaks being made — YouTube Search for Notification Center is evidence that they still are — but since there are less, I tend to put the more recent releases under the microscope a bit more.

With that in mind, how does YouTube Search for Notification Center stack up?

The answer to that is: decently. Make no mistake, the YouTube searches work from Notification Center, but the tweak is incredibly limited in function. It’s pretty obvious that it was created to be as simple and straight to the point as possible.

All you do is open Notification Center, type in your query, tap search, and a Safari windows loads with your search query. Nothing more, nothing less.

If all you want is basic YouTube search functions, then this tweak may be for you. But if you want something more robust, I highly suggest you check out the much more polished WeeSearch Pro.

  • jose castro

    its ok, i rather just use the stock app but nice video

  • Anonymous

    I really wish you guys would state in the title of the article that it’s a JB tweak.

    • jose castro

      apple wont implement anything to the notification center dude, think about it lol

  • I know nc is this whole new exciting thing in ios 5, but I don’t see the need for the multitude for these tweaks. In what rush would someone ever be to do an emergency youtube search?

  • Imahottguy

    This is nice, but obviously very much a niche product. WeeSearch Pro covers more of this niche crowd by offering the ability to add custom search engines. It is nice to just pull up Notification Center from anywhere (excluding lock screen) on my iPad and search any engine possible. So I suppose I am in the niche group lol. My gripe with all of these Notification Center widgets in Cydia is that they are always formatted funky on iPad, in portrait mode. Some are formatted odd in both portrait and landscape. I have contacted a few devs and they just go “hmm… that /is/ odd”. I imagine that most of these devs are targeting iPhone and iPod Touch users more so than iPad, hence why none of them are 100% compatible.