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  • Anonymous

    The first tweak I will install on my 4S is auto3G. 🙂

    • BiteSMS and sbsetting…have to be first…

      • Anonymous

        Sorry but for me, i prioritise battery life over these two.

      • In that case just turn off 3G ..oh hold on, its now just you will turn off all data …no emails no push notifications will come through …

      • There is now a post on here about 3G toggle is now back on for beta 5.1 I said the toggle was not on the 4s just cellular data toggle..

  • Anonymous

    good article

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get how it’s the top 10 of the week when there’s 13 links to articles, maybe you should just put “Top iOS news of the week”

    @Burge, what are you saying, that by turning off 3G you turn off all data because that’s how it reads and it certainly isn’t the case. I personally never have 3G turned on because it drains the battery like a bitch and it always makes my signal drop from full bars to 1 or 2 so doesn’t serve a purpose for me as I rarely ever use data away from a Wi-Fi source anyway.

    • There is on the i4s no toggle to turn off 3G ..the toggle when off now is turn on/off cellular data..and that will stop all data from coming on to the device…click me name and I’ll put a pucture on twitter for you to see..

    • Please read above… Toggle is back on beta for the 4s on 5.1

      • Anonymous

        Yes but my point is auto3g DOES IT AUTOMATICALLY WHEN YOU LOCKED YOUR PHONE and CHANGES back to 3G when you unlock it. Sbsettings doesn’t off your 3g automatically, neither does BiteSMS.

      • Yes I know..and my point was, there is no 3G on/off toggle…just the cellular data would Auto 3G work on a i4s ?

      • Anonymous

        Guess we need a jailbroken iPhone 4s to know