The back-and-fourth legal battle between Apple and Samsung continues today as the two companies have been handed down another decision from a presiding judge.

Following a similar ruling in France last month, the Mulan court has denied Samsung’s preliminary request to ban iPhone 4S sales in Italy while the court listens to its patent infringement case…

ANSA, an Italian news agency, is reporting that Samsung’s request to block iPhone 4S sales in Italy has been rejected. The company filed the motion back in October of last year, and it only took the Italian court three months to reach a decision.

To date, Samsung has been fairly unsuccessful in its efforts to block Apple’s handset sales. And even Apple’s success has slowed down in the last few months, with injunctions against Samsung in Europe and Australia being overturned.

As FOSSPatents points out, these failed attempts are the product of swift action. Both Apple and Samsung have seemingly been in a rush to score some quick wins in court to try and disrupt the other’s business. Things will start to get really interesting over the next several months as the actual trials get underway.

  • Kok Hean

    Apple: We banned the sales of your copycat tablet!
    Samsung: Oh yeah? We’re going to ban the sale of your crappy iPhone 4S!

    *One court battle later*

    Apple: =P
    Samsung: Whatever!

  • Where is the Mulan Court? think that might be a typo, unless its a Disney thing

    • Joe

      Yeah, pretty sure he meant Milan court.

  • since both of the company battle each other…then why samsung is still helping Apple in their core chip?? summore A6 releasing soon…

    • Dan

      for financial reasons of course

    • Anonymous

      They feed on apple for money. Apple does the same too.