As wireless carriers have started cracking down on data usage, users have become more conscious of their megabytes. So much so that many smartphone owners have resorted to using applications to keep track of their activity.

It looks like data-conscious users who are still contemplating snagging Apple’s latest handset may have reason to worry. A new report shows that iPhone 4S owners use about double the data of that of iPhone 4 owners…

Reuters passes along a recent study from Arieso, a network management firm. The company’s findings show that iPhone 4S users transfer more than three times more data than iPhone 3G users, and about double that of iPhone 4 owners.

Arieso suggests that the major increase in data usage is the result of Siri’s popularity. The iPhone 4S-exclusive, cloud-based digital assistant has been grabbing headlines left and right since Apple introduced it last October.

While Siri is obviously a factor, The Next Web points out several other components that could be considered liable for the increase in data usage. For starters, Apple recently introduced several iCloud-based services, including PhotoStream, iTunes Match, iMessage, and more. It’s also worth noting that the iPhone 4S has a higher resolution camera than the iPhone 4, thus making picture upload files substantially bigger.

Regardless of what’s causing it, the fact is that the iPhone 4S more than likely uses a considerable amount of data given its available features. Of course if you’re one of the lucky few that have managed to hold on to an unlimited wireless data plan, you have nothing to worry about. But for everyone else, it’s something to keep in mind.

Has your data usage gone up since purchasing the iPhone 4S?

  • jose castro

    that sucks 4S users that dont have unlimited plans, its funny that they would make something that would cost the user more money than its worth 🙁

  • Daniel

    I have a 6gb data plan from Rogers in Canada. Most months, I never come close to 6gb. Then again, I don’t use Siri often, nor do I use Photo Stream, MusicMatch or Facecrack. I do, however, stream some downloads using Air Video.

  • Siri requests take like 10kb

  • i used barely over 2gb of data last month on my unlimited at&t data plan, and got a message from at&t that they will throttle my speeds unless i move to a tiered data plan. i can understand if i was using 5gb+ per month, but 2gb?!

  • Anonymous

    My first month with the 4s, I racked up 26Gb. I’m still not sure how that happened. Thought for sure I was going to receive a Cease and Desist letter from AT&T. Thank god I’ve been unlimited since 97.

  • Sidney Velado

    In my country you have a certain speed and unlimited usage

  • I know that this isnt about whos better, but, i have been monitoring my data on att’s website. I switched from iphone 4 to galaxy s2. Other than the month that i switched, which made my data sky rocket because i was showing off, i have noticed that i am using a lot less data with the s2 then i did with the i4. I do the same thing on my s2 that i did with my i4. Might have something to do with the way the i4 connects to the internet. Not sure. But its also possible that people with the 4s are just so happy they have it and are showing off, maybe thats why it seems to use double the data. maybe wait a few more months when the 4s has been out for a while and the popularity of it has gone down, then see if it is really using that much more data.

  • I’m on the Unlimited AT&T data plan, but since I had to deal with the tethering bs from last spring, I rarely use my data that much. I normally am on a WiFi connect wherever I am (home, school, and work, even the bar). I can see why they would do this, but it is annoying to think that your cellphone company is constantly looking for ways to limit you somehow.

  • Consider yourselves lucky. In the UK an unlimited data plan is around 500MB – 1GB depending on which carrier you decide to go with. If you think that you need to be careful then thats a joke. I’m on 750MB a month.

    • He’s not wrong I’ve and unlimited data plan with orange that entitles me to a whopping 1GB of data! Fail.

  • Wow, that’s strange. I use over 12GB on my unlimited plan every month and never get hassled by AT$T for high usage.

  • Is there an app that you can download to track your usage?
    I remember reading about couple of them before