Motion Adds Visual Mayhem to Your iPhone’s Home Screen

By , Jan 2, 2012

Motion is a new jailbreak tweak that can seriously spice up your iPhone’s Home screen, if you’re into that sort of thing.┬áThe tweak does this by adding quite a few animation options to the app icons on your Home screen.

Best of all, Motion clocks in at a reasonable $1 on the Cydia Store. Should you try it out? Check out our hands-on video inside and judge for yourselves…

Motion adds the following animation options: Rotation, scaling, skew, flip, jump, transparency, vertical wave, and horizontal wave by means of a panel in the Settings app.

All of the animations can be toggled on and off both independently or simultaneously, and the first 6 animations can all animate simultaneously as well.

The bottom line: If you’re looking to add some serious visual mayhem to your iPhone’s Home screen, then pony up that buck and install Motion. It’s compatible with iOS 4 and iOS 5, and you can find it on the BigBoss repo.

Are you tempted to add Motion to your Home screen?

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  • Anonymous

    Seems like a waste of battery, especially since iOS 5 is already sucking up battery like there is no tomorrow…

    • Adriano Matos

      Agree! Battery in my 3GS doesnt last anything with iOS5.. Im thinking returning to iOS4..

      • Sebastian Lord

        My battery works better with iOS 5 in my 3GS. (install tweak “auto location”)

  • Anonymous

    “Are you tempted to add Motion to your Home screen?”


  • Anonymous

    Maybe it’s just me, but jailbreaking has lost its allure. Apps like MyWi, My3G, and CallBar are few and far between.

    • Dan

      I wouldn’t say its lost its allure but I agree there’s a lot of junk out there (like motion).

      But I still love tweaks like folder-enhancer, gridlock, sbs, perpage html, springtomize, killbackground, callbar, bite sms and a lot of others that help me change the look and add functionality to my phone.

    • Thomas N Shanna Bernauer

      hell no been waiting forever!!!!!!!!!

  • Ahmad H. Al-Husaini

    Kids stuff :)

  • Anthony Bouchard

    Motion is one of those cooler jailbreak tweaks out there that lets you customize the way that your iPhone behaves. I think it’s great.

  • Anthony Bouchard

    Motion is one of those cooler jailbreak tweaks out there that lets you customize the way that your iPhone behaves. I think it’s great.

  • Anonymous

    Fun little tweak, although it clearly isn’t meant to be a game changer. Works seemlessly in dimmed backgrounds, folders, etc. However, it conflicts with Zephyr when sliding from the bottom of the phone’s screen to reveal the switcher. A slow pull will occasionally cause the switcher to close and then reopen automatically. Hopefully gets addressed.

  • Tanner Covington

    I like it. It’s nifty. Would I buy it? Naw.

  • Alex Dohms

    Great tweak! Bought it before this video was even made, can’t wait for UnlockFX, I’m such an animations junkie!!!!!

  • Keith Singh

    it really bothers me that he never has his phone charged when he does these videos.

    • Thomas N Shanna Bernauer

      why? are you weird?

  • Taylor Harris

    “Pony up that buck”?? This blog is really beginning to agitate me.

    • Thomas N Shanna Bernauer

      ? makes no sence