There’s still 10 days left until Christmas, but Samsung has already gotten its holiday wish. Earlier this month, an Australian judge overturned an injunction that has kept the company from selling its Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the country.

The ban has been in place since August of this year, and was a major win for Apple in its ongoing patent battle with the Korean manufacturer. The two companies have been in and out of courtrooms around the globe since April…

Apple obviously appealed the decision, but it was upheld last week by the Australian High Court. Samsung is now free to sell its popular tablet in the country, and it appears the company is looking to take advantage of its newfound publicity.

Martin Aungle, an Australian marketing communications professional, tweeted the above photo along with the caption, “How could Samsung resist using it?” The image is of a new ad that ran in the Sun-Herald newspaper this week.

You have to hand it to Samsung. It was pretty ingenius of the company to use the nearly 3 month long injunction to its benefit. But will clever advertising be enough to spur sales of the 6 month old tablet in Australia this holiday season?


  • Westin Bielecky

    Wow. Interesting

  • I’m sure this will draw some attention to the Tab, but that will likely translate into few extra sales. The iPad’s simplicity & Apple’s marketing muscle will be tough to stop. The only real threats to the iPad are the Kindle Fire & Barnes & Noble Nook Color.

  • Simon Reidy

    I love Apple products, but their actions in the court-room are deplorable. They are already a huge market leader, so when they attempt to block competitor’s product it actually makes them look like a nasty, unethical and above all else an AFRAID company, that would rather litigate than innovate. Trying to patent a shape? Ridiculous.

    I am happy Samsung won this case and good on them for using their victory to boost sales. Quite frankly they deserve it and the ad is great (note: I own an iPad2 and would never buy a Samsung tablet, but that doesn’t mean I agree with everything Apple does).

  • Anonymous

    apple’s a crafty little bitch on the court.

  • I keep losing respect for Samsung. their childish advertisements wont get them anywhere…if you want to compete then make something better and let the customers decide…

    • Jon Garrett

      They do make something better (Galaxy Tab 10.1 & Galaxy S II & Galaxy Nexus) and the customers HAVE decided, they’ve decided they like Samsung more than Apple which one of the reason Samsung sells more phones than Apple.

      Besides, advertisement is not childish.

    • Its hard to let the consumers decide when Apple keeps pushing to ban the competitors…

  • Anonymous

    iPad: The tablet that Samsung is still trying (unsuccesfully) to clone.