Sometimes we see a concept video and think, “Wow, why hasn’t Apple done this?” Such is the case with a simple multitasking gesture concept by UI designer Max Rudberg.

While the iPad offers multiple enhanced gestures for navigating through iOS, including 4-finger swipes and pinch moves, the iPhone still lacks basic gesture support that would make navigating so much easier. Rudberg’s concept takes a very simple approach to reinventing the way we access the multitasking bar in iOS 5 on our iPhones.

On the iPad, you can swipe up with 4 fingers to access the multitasking bar at any time. You can also swipe to the side to move between open apps. It seems impractical to swipe up with 4 fingers on the iPhone, but there needs to be a similar gesture available.

Rudberg’s concept is so simple that it makes us headdesk. The user could simply swipe up with one finger from the bottom of the iPhone’s screen to access the multitasking bar anywhere in iOS 5. This method of access is way more intuitive than the current double tap of the home button.

Apple, why have you not implemented this gesture yet? Sometimes it’s the simple things that really make a difference.

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  • I could see people accidentally activating this when playing certain games, like fruit ninja or any other fast swiping games.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah I have it like that for Cards with Activator and I activating all the time paying fruit ninja lol

  • Um, yeah it’s called Activator

  • This is exactly the way I set for multitask bar with multifl0w and activator.

  • lol i’ve been using this activator action since last year 😉

    • me also …. nothin new and special

      • Daniel

        “Me also” ಠ_ಠ

  • I use it for lastapp with activator. It’s ok when you know it, but everyone i know accidentily activates it, not just games, think fotos watching.

    So for Apples target group, it’s actually a horrible idea. That’s why they probably opted not to use it.

  • Isn’t that included in Activator? The only difference though is you can only swipe from 3 parts of the bottom screen, not the whole bottom screen (if that’s what is intended by this concept).

  • Alex Dres

    Pretty dumb, aren’t apps expected to use 1-finger swipes? What happens if this is implemented, they can’t use upward swipes from the bottom any more? How many unintuitive accidental activations do you think this would lead to. The reason it works so well on the iPad is because you can use obscure but intuitive gestures like the 4-finger swipe, and the 5-finger pinch, gestures not often associated with other apps. I’m all for more intuitive controls on the iPhone, but not at the expense of usability.

    • Anonymous

      They could do what they did on the notifications bar in iOS 5, just swipe down twice inside an app.

    • David Citarelli

      2 finger swipes fix this. One finger in the home screen.

  • My Activator gesture for multitasking is set at ‘up short press’ on the volume button. 🙂 Beats any configs out there. Ow and for the ‘Home button’, I used the ‘down short press’ action.

  • Yeh I hate how double tapping the home button is soooo hard to do. Make this a priority apple!! Lol

    It would be even better if they just implemented custom swipes for whatever you want ala activator

  • Tom

    since my home button stopped working, i’ve been using an activator action to open multi-tasking bar and slide up from left/right bottom for home button

  • As some say, it’s already in activator, but I would love to see it work smoother

  • Saurabh Agarwal

    I am already using this feature for quite sometime now… Activator..helped me do it…. 🙂

  • I realize that this is already included in Activator, but the point of this post is that Apple should implement it natively in iOS.

    • I’ve seen it go wrong to often to agree withit. Maybe a two finger swipe up or one finger hold and other finger slide up.

  • Jon Garrett

    why is so much time and effort wasted on making iOS more like Android? Weather its true multitasking, widgets, or sharing options if you want and NEED these features, why do you insist on staying with a brand that does not offer it?

    • Anonymous

      Probably because iOS has the most quality apps on it’s ecosystem. Every other market is pretty weak in comparison.

      • Jon Garrett

        fart apps, beer apps and thousands and thousands and thousands of other utterly useless apps. you’ve never used Windows Phone or Android and have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about when you say “most quality apps”

        the reason there are more apps in apple’s store than any other is because 3rd part apps are needed to make iOS somewhat whole.

      • Anonymous

        Sure there is useless garbage apps but every ecosystem has that crap. It’s widely well known that iOS has the best quality app ecosystem to date. Not even worth arguing over.

        You can think I’m an iOS fanboy all you want but I like WP7 and ICS has finally made Android worth using.

      • Jon Garrett

        @ QuarterSwede

        where do you get this widely know information? who has taken a survey of apple’s 300,000 plus apps and Android’s 200,000 plus apps in addition to WP’s 30,000 plus apps and given us an accurate count as to who has more quality? name just one source please.

        as for ICS “finally” making Android worth using, please tell me in what way? it hasn’t been officially released, YOU haven’t used it, you haven’t used Honeycomb and you haven’t used Gingerbread so tell me in what way ICS makes Android worth using?

        In NYC we have a saying for people like you: You’re talking out your @ass right now”

  • Anonymous

    acually this is the exact same concept used in the blackberry playbook, in which i consider to be way superior the implementation of the app switcher/background gestures. i wouldnt want them in the ipad howsoever

  • im using this method for yrs …

  • If it would send up a little tag like notification center does when use it in an app, before you actually pull it down, i would like it.

  • In ios 5 you can use assitive touch gestures and it has a home button gesture that unactivates in apps not a complete replacement for the home button but it helps with the wear and tear of the physical home button and no jailbreak needed

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been using this gesture since I got the iPhone.

    Activator>In application>slide up from bottom-right

    Do the same thing for “At home screen”.

    Can also slide up from bottom, & slide up from bottom-left (I use bottom left to toggle Backgrounder)