We all saw this coming. BGR is reporting that multiple law firms from the north eastern region of the United States have just filed class action lawsuits against Apple and several other manufacturers and wireless carriers due to their part in the Carrier IQ scandal.

Carrier IQ’s IQRD app comes pre-installed on millions of handsets each year, and was recently exposed for secretly collecting private user data. The software is hidden within mobile operating systems and never asks for a user’s permission to collect their information.

In a joint press release issued late last week, the firms asserted that T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, HTC, Motorola, Apple, and Samsung have violated the Federal Wiretap Act, the Stored Electronic Communications Act and the Federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act by installing Carrier IQ’s software and using it to collect user data.

From the press release:

“The carriers and manufacturers were caught last month willfully violating customers’ privacy rights in direct violation of federal law. A technology blogger in Connecticut discovered that software design and sold by California-based Carrier IQ, Inc. was secretly tracking personal and sensitive information of cell phone users without the consent or knowledge of the users.

We are hopeful that the courts will allow ordinary customers the opportunity to remedy this outrageous breach. Anyone who cares at all about their personal privacy, or the broader constitutional right to privacy, ought to care and care a great deal about this case.”

A number of lawsuits have come in wake of the recent discovery of IQRD’s capibilities, including a similar complaint filed last week against HTC, Samsung, and Carrier IQ itself. It’ll be interesting to see if the court deems the Carrier IQ software a violation of privacy, and what will happen to carriers and handset manufacturers as a result.

As you know, most companies have started distancing themselves from the user tracking software due to the recent fallout, including Apple. The iPhone-makers have stated that they plan to discontinue using Carrier IQ’s services in future products.

What do you think? Is Carrier IQ really an invasion of privacy? Or are people overreacting?

  • how can i find out if my iphone 4 has carrier iq in it?

    • It has..at the mo

  • I dont think its an overreaction. Its definitely violating our right to privacy. I chose to use an iPhone instead of another device because a) Apple just works better and b) because of the protection its software offers. So hearing this news and knowing Apple secretly tracks our personal information and cell usage is creepy and disturbing. Who knows what other uses they have for our information.

  • Well apple let it in and so did the others they should be held accountable for this and man up and face the consequences ..you got a lawsuit against you now and you know you were in the wrong ..

  • It’s definitely an invasion of privacy. The things I talk about to my significant other, or my financial information, or anything personal, that I don’t share with any random person, I rather keep it between me, and the party that i’m speaking about it too. Any passwords/Log ins that I use on sites, or applications regarding my credit cards, and bank accounts, should be private to only myself. There was no need for any Cell phone carrier, or mobile device company to have any kind of access to my, or anyones’, personal information. I’m not saying everyone with a smart phone should file a law suite against the companies, but some sort of satisfaction for their customers should take place. where it be a great credit to their phone bills, or something of that nature. We all know the greedy people in the U.S. will try to gain some money off of this, but I personally think something that small of decent credit will keep the masses at bay, and I my self would settle for that. Considering my important accounts and such was never compromised due to them tracking my personal information.

  • Stop Carrier IQ in iOS General-About-Diagnostics & Usage-Don’t Send. & Settings-Location Services-System Services-Diagnostics & Usage-to off

  • does anyone else think that maybe all those recent phone hacking scandals happened with the help this…