Earlier today, Apple released the iOS 5.1 beta. As usual, hackers got right to work dissecting the software to see if there were any secrets hidden within its source code. Previous code-digging has uncovered features, like FaceTime over 3G.

This time around, hackers seem to have stumbled on more than just unreleased features. 9to5Mac is reporting that the new iOS 5.1 beta contains information regarding multiple new Apple products, including the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV…

We’ll start with the iPhone. Hidden within iOS 5.1’s source code is a reference to Apple’s next generation handset. The device appears to have been dubbed, at least internally, the iPhone 5,1. It’s believed that the jump from the current 4,1 identifier to 5,1 indicates significant changes to Apple’s next smartphone.

Future iPad models are also revealed in the new software. iPad models 3,1 and 3,2 are referenced in the 5.1 beta. 9to5Mac believes that 3,1 and 3,2 are the new iPads due in March of next year, and that 2,4 could be the rumored Sprint-flavored Apple tablet, with possible WiMAX 4G capability.

Finally, a new Apple TV model surfaces in 5.1. While we’ve seen references to a new Apple TV in previous versions of iOS 5, the device actually gets an internal codename in 5.1 — J33. You may recall that the iPhone 4S was spotted in iOS, months ahead of its unveiling, by its N94 codename.

Apple has a big 6 months ahead of it. The new iPhone, supposedly due in June, is expected to be the iPhone 5 that everyone was hoping for this year. The iPad 3 is rumored to have a quad core processor and Retina-like display. And the new Apple TV is expected to at least get a processor upgrade to the dual core A5 and possibly bluetooth support.

Excited yet? We are.

  • I saw a screenshot of the “iPad2,4” string on iJailbreak and it also said “iPod4,2”. Would this also mean a new touch, or is it the name of the white touch 4?


  • Dan

    damn it, this doesn’t help me with my decision, whether I should be buying a new iPad 2 this week (just sold my iPad 1).

    • If I were you, I would wait for iPad 3 in March… I too wanted to purchase the iPad 2 this Holiday Season but then I heard rumors about quad core and better screen res… i am sold for the 3. i need more screen res for drawing and painting and quad core means no lag when doing both those things at high res (imagine full 1080p videos). plus i am sure it will cost the same price as the iPad 2 just like the jump from 1 to 2 (no price change) hope this helps make a decision 🙂

      • I dont know I’d we need a quad core to power our apps as iPad 2 is doing very well already. I think it’s better for them to optimize battery life than anything else and getting devs to take advantage of dual core (not just games). However, the retina display is a plus and is a major selling point for me to upgrade from iPad 2 to 3.

  • I doubt the iPhone 5 will come out in june. Every other iPhone has been out around for a year before the next was released. If I was a betting man, I’d say a late summer/early fall release for the iPhone 5. Not to mention how well the 4s is doing. Releasing another phone on June just seems silly and not ideal.

    • eddie marquez

      Yea it doesnt sound ideal for an avarge company but apple is anything but avarge. If you look at and follow currents trends when it comes to apple, people will buy what ever comes out when ever it comes out. Its all about physcology, Apple is smart with its timing and it knows what we really want (the iphone 5). We can all agree that we all bought an iphone 4S because it was the only choice we had. but what we really wanted.. Well you know. Anyway cant wait for the iphone 5 and niether can anyone else who loves new apple products.

    • Sounds like you consider the iphone 4S to count as a new phone.

      OH SNAP.

      sorry had to say it.

  • when will Apple official released iOS 5.1?

  • A lot of rumours make me confuse. But i’m still happy with my 3GS. Worth waiting for the next iphone.

  • Vitaliy T

    when is Apple Tv going to be announced?

  • Anonymous


    Oh God, early 2011 all over again…