According to Flickr’s image upload data, a lot of people use their iPhone as their main camera. Not only is the iPhone 4 the most popular camera (not smartphone, camera) on the photo-sharing site, but Flickr’s top 4 cameraphones are iPhones.

And the iPad, well, we all know how popular Apple’s tablet is. USBFever might actually be onto something with its new cable accessory that connects the two products, allowing users to transfer photos from the iPhone to the iPad with little effort…

The male to male dock 30-pin dock connector cable is plug-in-play ready, meaning that the user shouldn’t have to do much more than plug the accessory into the iPad and accompanying iPhone/iPod touch. Here’s how the manufacturer describes it:

“This is a cable made specially for transmitting Picture files from iPhone/iPod to your iPad. It is terminated with 2 dock connectors for iDevices, one to connect to iPad, one to connect to iPhone/iPad. This is a picture copy cable from iPhone/iPod to iPad, you may not use for other purpose.”

For only $15, the accessory is the perfect companion for iPhone/iPad owners who haven’t taken to Apple’s iCloud Photo Stream feature yet. If you’re interested in it, you can find out more about the cable, and purchase it, from USBFever’s online store.

[iPadDevice via RazorianFly]

  • Dan

    or you could just use iCloud

    • Anonymous

      Amen to that!

  • Anonymous

    some hacking will bring more uses to the table….. Media files for example.

  • Anonymous

    @Dan “the accessory is the perfect companion for iPhone/iPad owners who haven’t taken to Apple’s iCloud Photo Stream feature yet.” Read.

    • Dan

      With the free options available such as email/iCloud, seems stupid to me to go buy a cord. Whatever floats your boat. If hacking brings other perks, then I’m all for it.

  • Asad Shahab

    I was just wondering if photo steaming is free why would people waste money on this but then I thought well photo streaming would only be for the same apple ID where as I can use this with a friend’s iDevice too, so its cool

    • Anonymous

      How about emailing?? Remember cut the cord

    • Some people might want to keep their photos private so they dont use iCloud.

  • Anonymous

    iCloud made this cable irrelevant

    • Jon Garrett

      iCloud is getting apple sued for patent infringement and could cost apple 2.7 billion dollars. I think you better run out and get one of those cables before they’re all gone… might need it soon.

      • Dan

        Yeah because the email option will be out too huh. Nice trolling.

  • Josh Graff

    i dont get it… you can use the camera connector too… or the use of the photo stream…

  • Anonymous

    File transfer via cable in other devices happened years ago. Took apple this long to implement this and the people in here think it is a breakthrough technology. Kinda sad….

  • Anonymous

    iCloud requires the iDevices to be on Wi-Fi to sync to the cloud. No Wi-Fi, no iCloud.

    This is actually a great idea. It is basically a Camera Connection Kit and Sync cable combined. I wonder why no one thought of this before?

    There are other options, for example apps like PhotoSync, which can transfer pictures directly via Bluetooth (or Wi-Fi).