To say that Apple dominates the tablet market would be an understatement. The iPad has been successful enough to not only run other companies out of the tablet-making business, but it has also been enough to make even PC manufacturers nervous.

We’ve seen statistics before regarding Apple’s share of the tablet market, but we had no idea the numbers were this bleak for the competition. According to a recent NPD Group report, there has only been 1.2 million non-iPad tablets sold in the United States this year…

That’s staggering when you consider that Apple sold over 11 million iPads last quarter. Sure, that number comes from total global sales, but it also comes from just a three month period. The aforementioned number of US-based tablet sales was over a 10 month span. Ouch.

NPD’s research also revealed some other interesting facts. Apparently, HP sold the most non-iPad tablets in the US this year. That probably has something to do with the $99 fire sale it hosted a few months ago that reportedly cost the company over a billion dollars.

Right behind HP was Samsung, who has been in the tablet game longer than everyone but Apple. In fact, the Galaxy Tab is the reason behind several Apple-lead lawsuits against the Korean company.

The tablet market landscape is quickly changing. Companies like Barnes and Noble and Amazon have recently released low-cost, capable slates that could draw in a lot of consumers during this economic slump. It’ll be interesting to see what these numbers look like a year from now.


  • Yan Kar

    give it 1-2 years and tablets are dead
    Phones will be doing computer work.
    I would suspect there will be hybrids of tablet/laptop at very thin level.

    • Anonymous

      Smartphones are amazing, and will be more so in the years to come, but they are what they are, smartphones, not computers. I think tablet will gain more popularity because they can do what smartphones can do and much more, with a bigger screen to boost.

    • i guess you havent used a tablet to consider them dead in 1-2 years time!

      you cant do computer work on a phone, screen is too small.

      try reading a book on a magazine on a phone, then try that on a tablet! wow! big difference eh!

      then try reading a book or a magazine on your laptop, not that easy to hold and move around the house is it?

  • @Yan
    the work surely, but reading a newspaper or a book on a phone is definitely not appropriate.

    • Anonymous

      Tablets, to me, seem more practical for work. they will soon offer the power of computers but in a much thinner and more portable version

  • Windows 8 is very likely to change the tablet landscape as well. Imagine an iPad sized Device that allows you to run a full copy of outlook….or quickbooks…or whatever specific windows app you need for business that you cant use now! That’s what is exciting for me!!

    • Hey get out of this site and delete ur comments and everyone else tlking about how good other stupid non-apple tablets are at the op of ur wishlists this is a apple-pro website not a webos,windows, or espically an android blog

    • did you wonder why the windows tablets failed 10 years ago? using mouse and keyboard driven Apps on a device without a mouse and a keyboard!

      things are not different now!

      get an ipad or any other tablet and connect to your computer and try and use outlook or any application. it hurts and it hurts really hard! most of the Apps are unusable. on a tablet! dotn want to spend 1 min trying to press a button!

      the only way windows 8 will succeed in the tablet space is to leave the desktop Apps behind and force developers to design Apps suitable for the tablet!

  • 1.2 mil = 17% market share. That’s roughly 7.06 mil in us tablet sales. I don’t think that math adds up. Especially since that graph leaves apple only 39% of the market. And only 2.75 mil iPad 2s sold. We know they are past that. Now the graph header says excluding apple but if the 7 million is indeed the whole amount just for the other brands. Who owns that 39% not shown.

  • Wish I could have gotten one of those HP webOS tablets. WebOS is fantastic.