Ever since our initial post that showed how to create shortcuts for some of the most used items in the Settings app, many have taken a lot of interest in the idea.

Considering that there is no jailbreak for the iPhone 4S, and no untethered jailbreak for iOS 5 in general, many are using Settings panel shortcuts as they wait for a jailbreak solution that works for them.

In the meantime, UI designer Jeff Broderick has taken things into his own hands, creating the most beautiful and detailed shortcuts icons we’ve seen to date…

If you head over to http://brdrck.me/settings on your iDevice, you can download the shortcut icons for yourself. There’s only a handful of shortcuts available, but Broderick set out to capture some of the most useful ones like Wi-Fi, Brightness, Bluetooth, Hotspot, etc.

This is a great alternative to the IconProject method that we initially told you about, but if you want a list of all of the possible toggles, you’re going to want to check out our in-depth IconProject post.

Obviously, if you’re on a jailbroken device, you want to check out SBSettings, because that allows you to directly toggle certain features on and off. This is more of a workaround for iPhone 4S users, since there’s currently no iPhone 4S jailbreak to speak of.

What do you think about these newly designed shortcuts icons?


  • I wish this was done before I paid for icon project ..never mind ..these are cool..

    • Jobran

      me too 🙁

    • True, but IconProject may be used to create the one-off icon that you may need that no one else does 🙂

  • It’s pretty cool, but I still want an untethered Jailbreak.

    • Me too!!

    • Anonymous

      Has there been any mention of ETA of an untethered JB? Has Apple finally killed untethered JB for good?? 🙁

      • “Hey jailbreaking friends, I’ve found a bug that can untether iOS 5. Don’t expect a release soon, but I’m gonna work hard in it.” – pod2g

  • Whats VPN?

    • Anonymous

      Virtual private network
      It allows another computer to connect to a server a VPN has a pre set ip address to allow access away from the office 🙂

  • Anonymous

    much better than IconProject.

  • Forest Nenninger

    I can’t figure out how to download the icon to my homescreen from the web site. Can someone help?

    • All you do is tap the share button, and select “add to Home screen.”

      • For some reason it doesn’t work for me — instead of just using the actual settings icon it creates a weird icon using the whole page graphics, wooden background and all…! 🙁

        Also, what does the newly added installer button do, or what does it install respectively and how safe is that…?

      • Installation with profiles is not a good thing because you can modify more than the home screen bookmarks.as an example I could configure a proxy to reroute your traffic to a server under my control to steal your passwords. Some of them are plaintext an some services require ssl strip to capture them. I think apple will make a move on that aproach with 5.1

      • Thanks for clearing that up, Thomas…!

  • Enrique Castellanos

    I really like the icons and they look awesome, but if you have noticed they take a while to load and it is required an Internet connection. Any idea if that will be solved? Thanks

    • iamlynda

      I’ve noticed the same sluggishness. My IconProject icons work much better

  • Even though they are nice, there are quite a few inconsistencies within the icon design…

    But except for that, I have problems installing them…! First of all the designer has now added a “Install Shortcut” icon which I don’t really trust — so I tried the conventional method of just adding it to my Homescreen…

    But when I do that I don’t get the actually icon but the whole page (wooden background and all) as a Homescreen icon…!? Anyone else experiencing this…?!

  • Thanks for the tip — they may not be quite as pretty but they install without any problems and work just as good…! 🙂

  • Agreed. Quickprefs are snappier.

  • Now faster and works offline, they do not need active internet-connection :). Should go to the site and install them again.

  • Amir Rashid


  • Anonymous

    Too bad it is only for iOS 5 :(.

  • Having trouble getting the site to load

  • The website doesn’t work!!! Fix it please!

    • Anonymous

      Jeff Broderick reads iDB?

  • Got a request timed out. Any help?

  • Do u have to be connect either to wifi or 3g to use the settings since its a safari link?

  • Website doesn’t respond :S

  • the site is not working anymore 🙁 since 30 mins ago i think

  • This was the first FREE to add any off the setting icons to homescreen on a special website
    Just go and select which one do you want http://icon.bakterimedia.com

  • Hey Jeff,

    If I add to homescreen like you did in the video, it just takes me to the webpage I added it from when I click on it from the homescreen.

    If I click the install button on the webpage it works but I don’t get the black transitional screen with the icon image.

    Any idea what’s going on? Could it be because I’m jailbroken? I prefer these icons to sbsettings

    • I have exactly the same issue

    • Webpain Pain

      Same problem here as well…

  • its so cool Jeff. Thanks for your training.