Apple has had its hands full with iPhone 4S issues over the past month. There’s been reports of poor battery performance (associated with iOS 5), audio echoing during phone calls, and connection issues with both Wi-Fi and 3G networks.

Now it appears that another problem with the device has surfaced in Apple’s discussion boards. One support forum is filled with iPhone 4S users that are getting frequent “No SIM card installed” errors, rendering their smartphones practically useless…

The problem doesn’t seem to be as widespread as the aforementioned battery bug, but the thread has received over 30,000 views. And no one can tell if the issue is handset, software, or SIM card related, as it doesn’t seem to be limited to a specific carrier.

Users note that rebooting the device fixes the bug temporarily, but the problem usually returns within 24 hours. The best long-term solution seems to be getting the SIM card completely replaced by the issuing wireless company. We’ll keep you updated.

Have you experienced any SIM card issues with your iPhone 4S?


  • No …not lost signal once…all good here..
    Oh no wait one thing there is a problem with…

  • 30,00 views = 1 complaint and 29,999 Android fanboys gloating. If the best long term solution is getting the sim card replaced then it’s a sim card issue init?

    • Jon Garrett

      why should Android fans gloat? what is there to be happy about. people like you just don’t get it. If Apple fails we (the consumer suffer) if Android fails we (the consumer suffer)

      you’re the type of guy that likes to flame and stir up these fan boy wars.

      • Spot on in your analysis. I am an iHooligan with a hatred of all things Android. Now I am outed, let’s move on.

  • No problems here.

  • It had happened to me on my iPhone 4. Thought it was just because it was jailbroken. Reboot only temporarily fixed it. Actually removing the sim, cleaning it off and putting it back in seems to have fixed it permanently. I’ve seen others report it as well on their iphone 4.

  • Yup Ive had the 3G connection issue but none of the others. Although it could be because ATT sucks.

  • bob

    our friend bought two iphone 4s(unlocked) from canada for us,my phone work perfectly but second one not find network,after search showing no service,now after 1week suddenly problem gone(not sure but it’s carrier problem(carrier update)

  • Anonymous

    30k views doesent mean wide spread problem. Some issues are legit, while Most of them are from user error or stupidity! But again like news reporters, blogers need to dramatize everything.

    • Jon Garrett

      “user error or stupidity” like when millions of users were holding their phones the wrong way because there really was no iPhone 4 antennae issue right?

    • This is a legitimate issue. I’ve had it on my i4 for months.

  • I had that issue with the iphone 4 jailbroken 5.0 unlocked with gevey using tmobile. But usually by shutting down the phone for about five minutes works again. If i just restart it wont work. Frustrating.

  • Anonymous


  • Yes I am Facing this issue during calls or surfing internet on 3G but not that much it hardly happened once or twice,

    its not Sim problem if its sim than should’t get back signals when i turn on air-plan than turn it off ,

  • Nope not on my iPhone 4S and I’m on h2o the calls are crystal clear data is perfect I can’t complain!

  • I’ve been having this issue with my iPhone 4 for the longest time. I will go weeks without seeing it and when I least expect it, No Simcard. Rebooting (not respringing) is the only thing that fixes the issue other than removing and reinserting the sim card. I have tried replacing the sim itself at ATT, restoring, I’ve gone through multiple iOS upgrades, no change since around 4.2.1.

  • Seems to have happened regardless of the carrier, but I fear the future.

  • i had a problem with a 16g factory unlocked 4s with sim card invalid message. would work a while then nothing, found a fix on woo servers site with scotch tape on the sim card, nice going apple

  • Jim B

    one would think after all that bs with antenna issues with iphone 4, apple would come out and have a perfect phone this time around especially since it’s virtually the same damn thing (4Shit). nope and what they did they F’ed it up BIG time and how could anyone keep saying that these are “bugs” it’s beyond me. this is a bad redesign boys and girls and it looks like apple is more about quantity than quality lately. battery issues, NO 3G option in network settings, sim problems, dropped/failed calls (I’ve had more dropped/failed calls/sms with 4Shit since I got it than with iphone 4 in over a year), phone contacts issues with verizon iphones… on and on and on … thank you apple

    • Anonymous

      You seem proud of your ‘4Shit’ joke, but it’s kinda old, now.

  • Well in Luxembourg it halpens to 90% of the users for one specific carrier

  • Actually in Luxembourg 9 out of 10 people are facing this issue on thier updated (iOS 5.0.1) iPhones 4s for one specific carrier. As far as i have heard, the carrier is working with apple to sort out the issue and both are investigating.It also appears that the issue appears on some updated iPhones 4 running iOS 5.0.1

  • I have te same problem with my unlocked iPhone 4s. I’m froma Argentina and mi carrier is Claro Argentina. INVALID SIM, y turn off my phone, then i turn on again and works for a little time.

  • I have an iPhone 4 not the 4S and have terribly poor battery and this same issue ONCE (and I hope it stays that way) So this issue is probably related to iOS5.0.1 and not just iPhone 4S

    • I’ve had the same thing happen with the invalid sim. Restarting it did take car of it but I think I’m going to do another restore for the hell of it. Apple looks like they’ll have a high wall to jump on the next update. I hope it comes soon

  • Jim B

    Another issue I’ve been having is when removing the SIM card from 4s and placing it back in the phone, I’m stuck at unlocking mode and the only thing that seems to be working is to turn my phone off and start it back up. I’ve simply given up on entering a pin code while phone is ON. I tried this same thing on 4 and no issues, pin code is entered successfully so no need to restart and both phones are running 5.0.1. good job apple.

  • I get a replacement iPhone 4 iOS4.3.5.
    They activated for me.
    It’s now locked to the only one Sim.
    When I put other sim( same carrier), it show emergency call with USB connect to iTune. It displays a message” Different sim detected. Please connect to iTune”.
    When I connect, iTune can’t activate and say sim is not compatible”.

    Any has an idea what is wrong here?
    Apple Server has not yet updated. And my Phone is locked to a specific sim they used to activate at Apple Store?

  • I got my iPhone4s last week. Cut my old SIM and got the No-Sim effect in the 4s. Ordered a new micro-SIM. Put it in this morning and is getting the same result 🙁 Reboot fixes it, but just for a while, after pin code entered, it’s 5-10 minutes from another “No SIM-card” error.
    peterA / Sweden

  • Hellow BRO.. on my iPhone 4 with iOS 5.0.1, i get a same problem… the message “No Service” appear in 1 or 3 hours,,, and if u “lost” the signal he don’t back, only if u reboot !

    Try to disable 3G signal… this fixed my problem.. but don’t have a 3g signal :/ !

  • Fausto Pinto

    That happened to me Saterday on my Iphone 4

  • I fix the problem changing my sim card cutted to a Micro Sim.

  • Edgaras K

    I Have the problem always dropping carriers connection, did what i can but no luck, this f*** 4s is usles

  • I’m in Australia and just upgraded to a new iPhone 4S on our Optus network and have had the sim failure problem every morning. Takes rebooting a number of times. A real pain in the arse.

  • Frederico Valério

    Im from Portugal and i got the NO SIM bug also, 5.0.1 iphone 4s, i had to unblock sim and put the pin to capture network again….
    its a software glitch i see it that way. lets wait for the update. many bugs for my first iphone 🙁

  • Frederico Valério

    in my new iphone 4s 5.0.1 i can confirm:

    – 2 ringtone sms playing like overlaid with eatch other…
    – a second ringtone seconds or minutes after the previous, and no SMS, its like a late repeated sms warning.
    -No Sim – after it askes me to unlock sim with the PIN and only after i get network, wich is very bad.

    – Baterry bug i cant contest cause its my first iphone and i turned off location services and many other that you should disable if your not using.

    So theres work to do dear Apple, lets make it a good update, forget jalbreak failsafe features, put this 630 dollar thing working dammed! I had a nokia just for sms and phonecalls and i didnt have this, and the bastard costs 40dollars.

    • Emiel de Groot

      I can confirm the problem:

      I have an iphone 4s with ios 5.0.1. I constantly have “no signal / service”. It is impossible to use the iPhone. My telecom provider did give me 2 new simcards (without succes).

  • Colonna Bogdan

    Pay attention guys:
    i just bought a New Iphone 4 s 16GB black,registered on Orange Romania,using new orange micros sim.Software IOS 5.0 9A334
    From the 4th minutes of use message like “invalid sim” apear on the phone.
    So i change the new micro sim with an old one from a used iphone 4 but messages keep appearing “sim failure” “invalid sim”.The problem is related with device (iphone 4s)100% – software or hardware or both.
    I try with recovery mode and erase everthing but it does not help.
    So do change yours micro sim`s.
    If anybody has a solution please let all of us to know – till than we payd a great lot of money for a defect SMARTPHONE IPHONE 4S.

    Poor thing for Iphone to launch a new product(iphone 4s) that looks like the old one and with so many problems – i guess i will switch soon to android Samsung S2.

  • Yes, i do have the “No SIM” problem, it was good for 24 days, then the problem showed up I reset it and worked fine for 24Hrs exactly and the problem came right back yesterday; i can’t find a way to reactivate it since.

  • Yes, I have this issue. I’ve had my iphone 4s for less then 2 weeks. It was fine until three days ago. Now every time I power off and then turn it back on it gives me a ‘No SIM’ reading. I have to power off several times and then finally it will return to normal. Not a good sign.

  • Anoop Sajid

    Yes, my iPhone shows “No Sim” one fine morning. Tried different SIMs, resetting soft & hard. Atlast I restored my iPhone 4S to IOS 6.1 and now its of no use since it could not be activated due to this issue. Assumes its a hardware related issue and since I bought it from outside India I can’t get warranty and nobody dares to repair it. Is there any way to reactivate my iPhone without SIM card so that I can use it as an iPod/Camera at-least? Please help…