The latest update to CallBar will add seamless iOS 5 integration to the much loved jailbreak tweak.

CallBar 1.0, as it’s being called, is the same CallBar we reviewed back in July, only perfected.

Check inside for a video sneak preview of CallBar 1.0 before it hits Cydia…

The new iOS 5 integration allows CallBar to take advantage of banner notifications in a way that makes it even more close to stock than before.

A simple swipe to the right on an incoming call banner notification answers the call, while a swipe to the left declines the call.

Volume buttons dismiss calls, but they can be retrieved, answered, or declined with a simple tap of the dismissal banner.

The developers have really hunkered down, focusing intently on making incoming phone calls much less of an annoyance.

As you can see from the video, it’s entirely feasible to play a game and answer an incoming call without missing much of a beat.

CallBar 1.0 will work with the Phone app, FaceTime, Skype, and Viber out of the box, and it includes just enough options to satisfy without being overwhelming.

Make no mistake, this is an excellent app that’s matured greatly under iOS 5. If you have a jailbroken iPhone, don’t think twice about giving it a try once it’s officially released.

Let me know what you think about CallBar’s 1.0 update in the comments below.

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  • I’m wondering, how can you access the keypad when you’re in a call using callbar? For instance, if I get an automated call from my ISP and they need me to enter in my account details using the keypad. I noticed the phone icon on the left when you’re in a call – does that just go to the standard phone app if you press it?

    • This is what I have been wondering! I have Google Voice incoming calls with Call screening which requires me to press ‘1’ and I wonder how CallBar is going to handle it. It would be great of they could have their own dialing pad tab on the CallBar instead of launching the default Phone dial pad.

      • Yeah, seems to me they just need an extra icon like the speakerphone or mute buttons to bring up a little Callbar-esque keypad. Still, mightily impressed with the update. I loved Callbar before, so this is right at the top of my install list once iOS5 gets an untethered jailbreak 🙂

      • Well limns has built a CallBar keypad and also tapping on the phone icon on left takes you to phone app. It’s a win-win either way. Can’t wait!

      • w 7aggag

        No need; put your finger on the while part and gently swipe downward; a small row will show with options one of which the keypad

  • Well, all I can say is that callbar is one of my favorite tweaks and this update looks great so hopefully they will release it soon!

  • tried this out because of your earlier review and now it is a MUST-have jb tweak, for me… absolutely love it.

  • Dan

    nice! Just got it, now gonna go call myself! lol

    edit*** make sure you can reboot! Did it at work, now gotta reboot at home later (tethered)

  • what game is that?

  • Jeff is reviewing Callbar 1.0 and speaks of it as if it is coming soon but a few people are saying they already have it but the only version I see is 0.6-1. Is 1.0 out or not?

    • Dan

      I installed 0.6-1 (figured i’d get1.0 when it came out) , put me in respring cycle, wait for 1.0

  • Anonymous

    How does this work on Verizon? Lets say I am in the middle of an online game, I cant answer the call and continue online right?

  • What game is that

    • it was in his home screen, 1-bit ninja (i think).

  • Anonymous

    awesome i love this awesome tweak and good to see its improving. 🙂

  • First off, huge thanks to Jeff! Both Limneos and I are grateful to have him. As you all know, he’s a great guy and does slick videos! An excellent combination. And most definitely, thanks to iDownloadBlog for being the medium. Always a pleasure.

    Here’s a CallBar 1.0 Features and FAQ List that you can look at if you wish to. It’s meant as a supplement to this article, and may answer questions you have. Feel free to ask questions and I’ll do my best to clarify if I can.



    Joshua Tucker
    Co-Creator of CallBar
    Twitter: @joshtmtucker

    • You’ve got great feedback from comments there. One thing I’m wondering is, I see it replaces the usual “expanded green status bar” with notification’s bar, but seems that it doesn’t collapse the app or the homescreen like the usual green status bar during a call. Wouldn’t this be a problem to press bottons on the top of the screen / pressing bottons?

      • Anonymous

        Good question. It covers just as much as the regular banner, but doesn’t go into the application if you tap the banner (yet – not sure how we want this to work). So, there’s no “accidental” accessing anything if you miss the button. I think what we want to do is have the icon ( icon on the left) be the way to access the from the bar if you want to. With that, you shouldn’t have any issues with the buttons. I haven’t had problems with buttons at all with it.

        – Joshua Tucker

    • I used to have CallBar installed on iOS 4.3.1, but since upgrading to iOS 5.0, it constantly crashed so I had to uninstall it. Maybe it clashed with some other app, but the crashing did stop when I uninstalled CallBar. Looking forward to this, Josh!

      • Anonymous

        Oh that’s no good! Well, I’m here to assure you that it most likely won’t be that way for v1.0.

        CallBar was completely rewritten from the ground up so that basically eliminated 99% of the reported issues we got. The remaining 1% we’re working on separately. It is our full intention to make this a one shot kill.

        – Joshua Tucker

  • Anonymous

    Funny video.

  • It’s Weird but tango and google voice actually do this exact same thing!

  • The previous version did not allow for custom ringtones for contacts. What about this version?

    • Anonymous

      Yes it will. The last version did not disable custom ringtones, it just doesn’t work for all users (for an example, it worked for me but not many others. Strange indeed). As I mentioned above, CallBar was rewritten completely to ensure that we could incorporate all that we need to. The way that ringtone applications (even native iOS) are hooked into the notification protocol are what make it difficult to incorporate.

      – Joshua Tucker

      • Hi Joshua. The custom ringtones didn’t work for me and I’m using the latest version on Cydia. Have iOS 5.0.1. If I disable CallBar, the custom ringtones work fine. Any idea what’s not right?

  • wow. im way to impatient to read something like this.

  • Todd Young

    Yeah, when is thing available? Not showing in Cydia yet…

    • Anonymous

      Coming soon! We’re in the compatibility fix stage.

      – Joshua Tucker

      • Anonymous

        possibly a weekend release??

  • Anonymous

    Cant wait. Wonder if this is going to fix the conflict with iAp Cracker. I know the current version crashes with iAp Cracker installed

  • CallBar = <3

  • Anonymous

    Awesome update. Thanks for all these great reviews and updates.

  • Here is what is going to happen, Apple will se this and add it to the next iOS update.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry about the langgue but man i FUCKING LOVE THIS TWEAK, now with this new update I cant wait xD

  • Hi
    I have the old ( call bar) Plz can any one help how to up date it too new call bar

  • Shalev Avrahami

    when its come out??

  • It’s out AND updated. But does it require a reboot or respring to install Callbar 1.x? I haven’t got any version of Callbar on my iOS 5.0 tethered and can’t reboot at work :-/

    Oh and I wonder if it work okay with iAp Cracker now? I previously just uninstalled iAp Cracker, since Callbar was way more important 🙂

  • Upgraded this morning. Kept going into safe mode. Tried several times to reinstall and then remove and install. Nothing seems to work. Had to remove it. Simply love the tweak and hope the issue gets resolved soon.

    • Ramiro Correa

      same thing here.

    • M L

      Same here…hope it gets fixed soon!!

  • iamlynda

    all these wonderful new jb tweaks and apps and us poor folks with 4S can’t use them yet – it’s killing me!!

  • w 7aggag

    I hope they add a feature where you can silent the call ringing and send a SMS to caller “sorry can’t get your call” or any text pre-defined by the user

  • w 7aggag

    I hope they add a feature where you can silent the call ringing and send a SMS to caller “sorry can’t get your call” or any text pre-defined by the user

  • w 7aggag

    I hope they add a feature where you can silent the call ringing and send a SMS to caller “sorry can’t get your call” or any text pre-defined by the user

  • w 7aggag

    I have to say this is a very useful tweak

    It has some quirks though! For example; while you are using the message app say you receive a call and answer….then you wish to hang-up; to do so; you double press the green left corner icon to show the normal dialer; the dialer raps below the message keyboard and dose not show properly and therefore you can’t hang up the call

    Also I believe this up will have better optional if the coder would integrate it with imbusy app or come up with their own implementation for the same purpose; sending the caller a predefined massage.

    I would suggest to replace the decline gestures or red-decline icon to message; which if pressed would silent the ringing and present the user with a list of predefined SMS text to chose from; by clicking in the selected one; the message is sent.

    The text that will be shown to the user are meaningful captions representing the actual Full SMS text; e.g. the user will be presented with:

    Meeting | Busy | Driving…..etc

    For each one of these, the user can have a Text written that suits him/her

    To decline the call; the user got to press the sleep mode button and that comply with the current feature deployment of the phone.

    All in all; this is a great app

  • Øystein Guneriussen

    When I answer/place a call from the lock screen using callbar, the screen doesn’t dim most of the time! It won’t even turn off when i press the sleep button. Anyone else been having this problem?

    • Same issue here…doesn’t work too smoothly when using callbar from the lock screen. Other than that I love it. Hope they address it in an update.

    • Disable use at lock screen. Don’t know why but that seems to work. And you will still be able to activate at lock screen.

  • has anyone noticed a decrease in total usable RAM after installing this? I’d really like to get it… but if its a RAM hog or leaks a lot of RAM then its a no-go for me.

  • genXhippie

    How does one end/ hang up a call?