People in fifteen new countries can now walk into a store and pick up an iPhone 4S, as long as they can find one, that is!

Hong Kong and South Korea are the headline-makers amongst the group of new countries getting their sticky little fingers on Apple’s latest and greatest, along with Albania, Armenia, Bulgaria, El Salvador, Greece, Guatemala, Malta, Montenegro, New Zealand, Panama, Poland, Portugal, and Romania.

That list, in addition with the countries already selling the iPhone 4S, makes this the fastest Apple product rollout yet…

The release day was met with huge queues, particularly in Hong Kong, where the country’s new flagship Apple store found itself mobbed by 3,000 potential customers. MacRumors reports that there were so many people that the Apple Store staff had to limit the number that were allowed to queue to 1,250. Given that the iPhone 4S was supposedly a “let down” following rumors of a completely revamped iPhone 5, plenty of people still seem to want one!

It’s not all been good news for Apple with its new iPhone, though. The release of iOS 5 alongside the new iPhone has seen numerous problems, with a mysterious battery-drain issue causing Apple to release a software update already. Unfortunately, that doesn’t appear to have made things any better for those suffering.

Did the iPhone 4S recently debut in your country? What’s the public’s reception of the handset been like?

  • Joshua Mayne

    I’m so greatful to be in Australia 🙂 we love our tech here 😛

  • Anonymous

    I think apple was extremely prepared for this launch, they have been able to keep with demand and recent news of a cut in orders could mean that they have enough already in supply or that this was just meant to be a transition iPhone…until they update the whole line of product next year and I could see how they may want to put something together for the holiday season and get a few billions out of it…next year may be a great one as Apple ends their design circle for their current products and launches a new one.

    The question is what the hell will they launch? Apple as great as it is, have seen under Tim Cook a kind of relaxed attitude toward having a few extras into their products, hdmi is one of them, I don’t think Steve would have done that… But I imagine that Tim Cook, will take the great designs and high tech of apple and also try to get into markets that previously Jobs would not go into…bigger iPhones, and smaller 7″ iPads…they do have the cash to burn and if it works, you could see many other competitors get pushed aside like HP.