When Apple dropped iOS 5.0.1 yesterday, the hope amongst many was that it may help to fix the battery issue that was introduced with iOS 5.0.

It is becoming apparent that iOS 5.0.1 may not have actually fixed the battery bug we told you about before, with our own location-based fix still appearing to be the best way of saving precious battery life…

Various reports suggest that the update to iOS 5.0.1 hasn’t fixed battery problems at all, though it is admittedly still very early to tell. During our testing of the two betas that Apple released, we found that we still needed to disable certain location services in order to get a day’s worth of use out of our iPhones.

There is one silver lining to this cloud: Apple’s delta (OTA) updates got their first public outing yesterday, and it would seem that they worked surprisingly well, with few reports of any real issues.

At least that’s one piece of good news for the iOS Team in Cupertino!

How has your iPhone’s battery life been since updating to iOS 5.0.1? We’ve heard reports of people who did not previously have any problems before unfortunately gaining some issues after the update.

Also, jailbreakers have been warned to not update to iOS 5.0.1, so keep that in mind.

  • I’m not have much issues with battery life. Able to last from 7am – midnight ++ even with location on the whole day. (I use an app the keep location on constantly + I use location based reminders) the update certainly did not make the battery drain faster but it did manage to increase about an hour of my usual usage.

  • Jim B

    if the idiots at apple actually listen and put back 3G option on 4Shit, this should help the battery a whole lot. since I have spotty 3G coverage, my 4Shit is searching for network all day which is killing my battery. dumb, dumb, dumb. put the 3G option back on 4Shit

    • The nearest thing is to turn of mobile data in network …that kills 3G and all in coming data over your carrier..

      • Anonymous

        Which defeats the purpose of having a smartphone in the first place. My iPhone 4 never had these issues, why should I have to compromise when I paid 400 dollars for a 64 GIG premium phone which is supposed to be “the most amazing iPhone yet?”

      • That’s why I put …the nearest thing…

      • Anonymous

        You mean the nearest thing to a dumb phone? It’s sad that an android phone (galaxy s2) gets better battey with a faster processor and bigger screen. This proves that apple is going downhill without Steve.

      • To give you a update…Steve Jobs did have input on this phone and iOS 5 …

  • I haven’t experienced any problems took my phone off charging at 8:30a.m until midnight I still had 30% left, so mine only fear is that if I update I’ll be like some users who are experiencing problems with their battery.. The gud thing I won’t cz I really want the jailbreak!! on ios 5.0 so I won’t update cz I knw not to do it lolz

  • Tristan Laclé

    my battery actually has been better.. but ill keep you updated on how it is today

  • Kok Hean

    I feel that the reason is because a lot of people have 3G on, where the signal is lacking. That may be the solution. I’m not sure though, I know a few people who have 3G on all the time, and because the 3G signal is quite strong here, they don’t have battery issues, and they claim that the 4S has the same battery life as the 4. I might have spotted the cause of the problem.

  • I’m usually around 60%-65% with my 4S after my work shift from 8am to 5pm. I’d call my usage moderate. Today, now with 5.0.1, I’m already at 75%, and it’s not even 11:30 AM yet.

    (Caveat: I did download a 200MB app this morning via wifi, but I still see my percentages falling pretty regularly.)

  • Any ETA in the untethered 5.0. Does anyone know or is te dev team still trying to get it ready

  • I think continuous 3G internet connectivity drains the battery a lot… at least that’s with me, luckily I have SBSettings one touch away…

  • I’ve had the iPhone 4 with i believe 4.2.1 and I absolutely loved how Amazing the battery life this thing had! I could go 2 or more days with a full battery with heavy usage! iPhone was amazing for that! But ever since apple pushed us updates 4.3.3-4.3.4-4.3.5 and now iOS 5 my battery has taken a slight hit =S. Now with decent usage I can probably just get a full day of battery. Its really not so bad but i cant rely on battery life as much as I use to now. =(

  • 5.0.1 still doesnt fix the battery life problem both on the ipad 2 and the iphone 4 for me.i am repenting updating my ipad2 and iphone 4 to ios 5,pathetic battery life,especially on the ipad 2…that battery meter jus keeps on loosing juice weneva i look up at it .

  • Battery on ip4s about the same as my iPhone 3g. os5.01 made no difference. Still drains almost as quickly as my old 3g {no s}