AndroidLock XT has been out for a very long time, but for some strange reason I never got around to trying it. Recently, an Ice Cream Sandwich aka Android 4.0 theme was released for AndroidLock XT, so I was compelled to give it a go.

Check inside for a hands-on demonstration of AndroidLock XT, along with the new theme that makes your iPhone’s Lock screen look and feel like Ice Cream Sandwich…

First and foremost I have to state that AndroidLock XT is a very well thought out Lock screen alternative to the iPhone’s passcode or password lock options. It obviously doesn’t feel as secure as a password, or even a passcode, but it’ll do unless you require the security.

The Ice Cream Sandwich theme, while not an exact pixel by pixel replica of a real Android 4.0 device, is pretty spot on. The developer of the theme has been releasing small updates to make it more closely in line with the real thing.

If you’re interested in turning your Lock screen into a pattern based unlocking experience and your device is jailbroken, you can purchase AndroidLock XT on Cydia for the reasonable price of $1.49. The Ice Cream Sandwich theme, and many other themes for that matter, are free downloads.

What do you think about adding a pattern based unlocking scheme to the iPhone? Do you like it, or do you think it’s just not right?

  • jose castro

    its worthless on ios5 unless you are still running ios 4

    • Jeff Benjamin

      What do you mean?

      • jose castro

        ios 5 comes with the camera button on lockscreen. when you activate AndroidLock XT. the camera is deactivated on lockscreen.

  • Why do you want a Andriod type unlock ? It’s beyond me why people would want this..I like the slide to unlock more , if I wanted this type of unlock i would of got a, dare I say it I couldn’t bring myself to say it…

    • Jeff Benjamin

      Some people just like the darkside.

    • The Android lock is an ingenious mix between the speed of slide to unlock and the security of a passcode. Instead of a two step process (slide and then four taps to punch in your code), you get a seamless method for a more elaborate slide to unlock. This is one of those Android innovations that trumps Apple. Swype is another innovation along these lines, and some Android users swear by it.

      Burge, no one is knocking the tried and true slide to unlock, but the Android lock really is a step above. Apple makes the best device, but they don’t do everything perfectly, which is why I jailbreak.

      So to answer why I would want this, it’s more secure than just slide to unlock, and it’s much faster than slide to unlock with a passcode.

      • Anonymous

        could not agree more. I’ve been a fan of the androidlock xt since it first dropped. I also make everythin transparent for higher security purposes. It’s a def must-have tweak when I jb.

  • Where is my IDB home screen icon!!!!!!!!!! I want that unfinished download bar back which initially caught my eye in the very beginning. IWANT IT BACK!!!!!nooooooo

    • Jeff Benjamin

      It’s being worked on. Should be fixed by tonight.

    • We’re bringing a few tweaks to the logo so it looks better on your iPhone screen. If everything goes well, it should be available before the end of the day. Thanks for your patience.

  • Looks fun for a little bit, but with a lot of “tweaks” I only use for a ill bit then remove them. But barrel is freakin awesome.

  • Gdghgfgjy Ggjffv

    if the pc copied the mac, and the mac copied ios and ios copied the jailbreak community and the jailbreak community copied android then….

    • Stop don’t say it…

  • Dan

    I got this a while back but I didn’t use it long. It’s not as smooth as a real android lock screen, you have to trace a bit slow or it does not register the whole motion. Also it blocks out the camera push on OS5 lockscreen, too bad.

  • Anonymous

    I have this installed on my iPod and it’s great, but it’s best to have the stock passcode protection enabled too, but maybe set at 5 or ten minutes. AndroidLock XT is so easy to bypass it’s not even funny. If you have ssh access, that’s one thing, but other than that you can use SBSettings to boot the device into safe mode, or just try to crash Springboard because ALXT is disabled with Safe Mode. Discovered this the hard way just the other day.

    • Dan

      good to know! Happy I only paid about 2$ for this

    • Anonymous

      that is true-

    • I know this is late but actually now if you go into safe mode there is an option in the androidlock xt thing in the settings to bypass passcode. With this you just turn on a passcode from the original password in settings and then just lock your phone or ipod and if you put it in safe mode, itll ask for a password. The devs for this are smart people

  • this tweak crashes my iphone every time in enable it