We’re big fans of Kickstarter here at iDB. If there’s a great iPhone, iPad, or iPod accessory to be had, the chances are it has originated from one of the numerous extremely clever guys and gals who are looking for a way to get a project underway on Kickstarter.

One of those projects is the i+Case, an aluminum bumper turned case that we think adds a touch of class to any iPhone 4 or 4S. Hey, it’s got to be better than one of Apple’s rubber band bumpers, right?

The big downside of most iPhone cases is that, while protecting your pride and joy from bumps and scrapes, it also takes away some of the handset’s “wow” factor. And if you’re the proud owner of an iPhone, there is some considerable “wow” factor to be had!

The i+Case gets around that problem by using aluminum as the material for a bumper-style case, and it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Machined out of a solid chunk of metal just like Apple’s laptops, the case comes in two pieces and it’s held together via four screws. Once attached, the case appears to be a floating band around the iPhone. The case is available in three colors (red, black and silver) and the red in particular looks absolutely awesome on a black iPhone, as the photos show.

  • Slim metal profile showcases more of your iPhone 4S and 4
  • Minimalist, form-fit feature covers corners and protects better than plastic cases
  • Available in silver, black and red
  • Minimal assembly required, tool kit with mini-screw driver, screws and aluminum buttons (Volume, On/Off, Mute) included
  • Access to all ports and functions
  • Weight: 16grams

The Kickstarter project is already over double its original foal of $15000, so the cases will be made, there is no doubt of that. You can still pick one up by pledging $65, which seems reasonable considering the prices charged for less impressive-looking solutions. The i+Case also has the added advantage of not detracting from the iPhone’s beauty, too.

The case should be shipped around December time, according to the Kickstarter page, so if you’re looking to order, you won’t have too long to wait!

  • That’s has to be the best case I’ve seen , looks fantastic …I might just get one…thing is though I wouldn’t want to get that case scratched or scuffed ether ..

  • $65 for a case that doesn’t even protect the back? No thanks!

  • Anonymous


  • “project is already over double its original foal of $15000,”

  • Does it have the same crippling signal blocking issue as all the other aluminium bumper cases?

  • I really like the look a lot! – D

  • Anonymous

    Where are front and back protection? Doesn’t have them. Will it protect the phone from an accidental drop? No. So you spend $65 just to change the look of the iPihone? Yes. Thanks, but no thanks. The more I look at different cases the more I love my Lifeproof case. The best case there is, hands down!

  • Anonymous

    I’ll stick with my made in China, shipped from Hong Kong $1 silicon rubber case bought from eBay. It might not look as sexy but it gives all round protection all the time.

  • Anonymous

    Also it causes a loss in signal http://vimeo.com/m/30776206

  • Dan

    I’ll admit it looks nice, but what’s the point if it doesn’t protect the front and back for that price?

  • I thought this was great… Until i saw that it doesn’t cover the back.

    If anything, this case makes the phone look worse, just like any case. But i think it does that a very small amount. It still looks great. But it looks a little dumb just making the stainless steal band simply fatter and colored. And the reason i would buy a case wouldn’t be to protect a metal band made of stainless steal. I want a case to protect the fragile glass on the back.

  • Anonymous

    I dunno but it looks like the 3GS… Not impressed. Would rather have the vapor case

  • Anonymous

    THIS LOOKS AMAZING. It’s a shame I have the mediocre iOS 5 3GS. I’ll never get over NOT having the GODDAMN 4S 🙁

  • That bumper makes your iPhone 4/s look like it is a 3G/s.

  • Cripples the iphone’s signal. I have a similiar case. Blocks iphone’s antennas.

  • I don’t know why people diss the Apple bumpers. I love the Apple bumper, especially because it covers the edge of the glass all the way around, unlike this case where the glass edge looks raised above the case. I use the Apple bumper with the Invisible Shield (on both front and back) so between the two, the phone is pretty much shrinkwrapped all the way around. The only actual phone part that is exposed to the elements are the headphone jack and the mute button (and of course the charging port and speakers, but the bumper form fits these parts better than most cases which just cut out a rectangular hole).

  • E13ctron Hybrid beats this hands down!! Plus no signal loss

  • george deguzman

    I just bought this i+case. I would like to inform you a couple of things that the company failed to mention. The case WILL prevent audio/aux connectors and earphones from a secure connection because of the thickness of the bumpers. If you also use one of those dock speakers, this case WILL also prevent a secure connection. Now the company has stopped communicating with me since addressing these flaws. Although the case enhances the looks of the iPhone, it also makes its other capabilities useless. Decide carefully before purchasing because this is a non-refundable item.

  • louis ricciardelli

    I want to order 2. One in silver and one red. How do I order them

    • Anonymous

      We are selling on Ebay now.please search i+case.

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