Earlier we posted an article about NCQuickDismiss, a jailbreak tweak for iOS 5 that makes it easy to dismiss banner notifications with a tap.

But did you know that you could dismiss banner notifications with a simple swipe, and you don’t even have to be jailbroken to do it?

Check inside for the video evidence…

Let me just state that I didn’t figure this out on my own. Actually, Chris Herbert from MacStories sent me a tweet informing me of this nifty little trick after he read the NCQuickDismiss article.

While there have been mixed reports regarding the actual success of the swipe to dismiss, the video is clear evidence that it does work. I’ve also asked multiple iDB staffers to corroborate, and they confirm that it works as well.

Now the question remains, does it work for you?

  • Jas God

    to the left to the left.. gone.

  • Just saw this from Josh Tucker, good find!

  • Benny

    It works for me!

  • Wonders will Apple applied for a patent for this?

  • @Max_Kas

    yea it works Jeff. And if u swipe it with ur thumb, sometimes it will do a little bounce.

  • bryan

    Worked great for me.

  • Brian

    I thought everyone knew this, I noticed it since the first day I installed iOS 5. Clever, Apple, clever. (and you must swipe to the left, to the right won’t work)

    • Andre

      Actually, you don’t need to swipe. Just pull it down a little and it will dismiss. The banner is actually part of the Notification Center.

      • Keegan

        X2 not a swipe as mch as a slight pull. Down. It will bounce and take off

  • Chris

    The thing is the swipe doesn’t work with NowListening, but the NCQuickDismiss does. I still like the tap to close rather than swipe.

  • LifeBandit666

    I too prefer the tap over the swipe. I’ll be keeping the tweak

  • JavR

    yeah! it woks for me, pretty cool thanks

  • zyx

    All you have to do is to pull the notification center down a little bit.

  • Will

    Thanks for the tip . Didn’t know that .

  • works on my 3GS!! thanks, i was just thinking that apple should of had a way to set how long you want to see that banner for

  • Just0

    Yes!! Awesome. Thanks man 🙂

  • Chris

    Doesn’t the Notification banner go away all on its own after a few seconds anyway?

  • Alex

    This function of swipe left to dismiss seems to have been copied from the Neonode N1m touch phone.

  • It also works if you swipe down and up (as if you were going to pull down the notification menu).

  • To the left, gone. To the right, still there.

  • Sebastian Cocchi

    Why does your video show an X on the right-hand side of the notification area?