Here we go again. In the pissing contest legal battle that has now been going on for months between Samsung and Apple, an Italian judge has once again decided to side with Apple.

According to Italian news website AGI, a judge denied Samsung’s request to ban the iPhone 4S in Italy. While the judge turned down Samsung’s request, she did ask both companies to provide further evidence, which will be reviewed later in December…

The case is definitely not closed, but it sure looks good for Apple. It doesn’t surprise us because Apple has won all of the legal battles with Samsung so far.

I’m sure there is more to come, as Samsung will likely keep suing Apple in various countries.

  • Buck

    Sebastien is there any update on when the skip to responses bars will be added back to the mobile version

    • The developer said he would add it in the next update. I don’t know when this update is coming.

  • All you die hard apple fan boys do not understand is that the competition from android is good for the consumer!

    This is why you are getting notification centre and better hardware/features

    COMPETITION!! some of you are too dumb to understand this.

    I have a 4S and had 4 but also have Atrix. They both serve for different needs.

    if apple made a phone that did not work some of you dumbass would still buy it!.

    Think before posting and writing dumb stuff. The better the competition the more likely Apple will make some thing better.

    • Tm

      I’m with you. HP, when they release something they let the competition have at it. Apple, You are just afraid of the competition. Come on… flash, UNLIMITED STORAGE….You dont have use the cloud…All your info, right there with you…..DONT TRUST THE CLOUD! Trust me on this… No one telling you that you are holding the phone wrong.

  • MALdito

    No, you were right the first time Sebastien, its a pissing contest.

  • MHC (SK)

    What a poor attempt…