We’ve already shown you the iPhone 4S that got sent into space, and now we’re back with the news that two iPads will visit the International Space Station next month.

The iPad will be the first tablet sent into space, and NASA will continue to experiment on how to use tablets on future space missions. Accompanying the iPads on their maiden voyage will be, you guessed it, an Angry Birds plush doll.

Collect Space passes on a comment from a NASA spokeswoman that the iPads will be used for “entertainment purposes only.” The iPads will be stored on an unmanned resupply vehicle that’s being sent to the ISS next month.

The Angry Birds plush doll will accompany the Russian crew members into space. Apparently there’s a Russian tradition where astronauts hang a toy from the launch vehicle. When the ship enters zero gravity, the toy will start to float. An astronauts 5-year-old daughter chose the Angry Birds plush doll for this trip.

As TUAW notes, it’s very likely that Rovio’s Angry Birds game will be installed on these space-bound iPads. Rovio will be the first app development company to have a game played in space!

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    space is awesome

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    You probably wouldn’t want iTunes crashing any of the 52 computers that control the systems on the ISS.

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    I bet they’re gonna make an angry birds in space game now.. Ha

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