Yesterday, a book about Steve Jobs was released; perhaps you’ve heard of it?

Sadly, if you’re an iBooks reader with a jailbroken iOS 5 device, you won’t be doing too much catching up on the late Apple CEO’s affairs, or otherwise.

That’s because iBooks crashes on iOS 5 devices that are jailbroken, rendering it quite useless. Fortunately, there is a workaround. Check out the video tutorial inside, for an in-depth walkthrough on the fix…

Granted, this isn’t the end-all solution to the iBooks issue, but it is a nice workaround that’s been tested to work.

There are a couple issues that I noticed with this fix, but they are easy to overlook and/or workaround if you’ve simply been dying to get iBooks working.

How to Fix iBooks on iOS5

Tools Needed: iFile (Cydia app)

Step 1: Uninstall iBooks, and then reinstall iBooks from the App Store. Do not open the app.

Step 2: Open iFile, and copy from /var/mobile/Applications/(iBook’s folder)/ to /Applications. You can use SBSettings, or just go through each folder to identify the correct iBooks folder. If you don’t have a lot of App Store apps, this should be simple.

Step 3: Tap on /Applications/ and select property list editor. Tap CFBundleIdentifier and change to

Step 4: Exit iFile and Respring.

Step 5: Delete the original iBooks app (rounded corners) and keep the square iBooks app.

Step 6: Since you can’t use the iBookstore on device, and you can’t sync with iTunes, upload your .epub files using the methods outlined on the video, dropbox, etc. From there you can open them using iBooks where you will be able to read them.

Known Caveats

  • The iBooks icon is now square. This can technically be fixed by duping over the correct png files, but we felt this wasn’t really necessary, and helped to better identify the fixed version of iBooks.
  • No iTunes syncing, and no iBookstore purchases on the device. Annoying, but certainly not a deal breaker. In this video, I show you how to work around this inconvenience.

There could be other issues, but there are the ones that stand out the most. If you can live with these, then by all means, give it a shot and let us know how you fared in the comments below.

Special thanks to iDB reader Luke Thompson, for suggesting a fix that works!

  • Vlado Spasov

    How can I remove my fixed ibooks icon…

    • Margherita Cantoni

      now i d like to remove it…how can i do?
      (kisses from italy!)

  • Anonymous

    Thanks so much! I fought with iBooks for about 2 hours to get it working

  • Anonymous

    Thanks so much! I fought with iBooks for about 2 hours to get it working

  • Anonymous

    Errr. The edit feature glitched out on me.

    Look, I am not a pirate or being illegal, but I just want to read my stinking books that I bought. That’s not asking a whole lot, IMO.

    Apple, if you added some features into core, then people wouldn’t feel the need to jailbreak. They are not killing your profits (unless using Installous, which I never will).

  • Odd. Nobody I know has this “problem” you are talking about on any of our numerous jailbroken devices. Are you sure your not just tricking people into bricking their phones? Or maybe yours doesn’t work because you screwed something else up?

  • nick

    i reached the step when you need a respring and i realized i needed sb settings. When i tried to open cydia it just displays a blank… anybody know what to do next