Today TomTom released an update to its iPhone app that adds an iPad version. This means that, with a 3G iPad, you can use your iPad as a turn-by-turn navigation device.

The app takes great advantage of the iPad’s screen real estate. The universal update was updated for all of the international TomTom apps, too.

This update also adds a couple of new features. It now has full support for iPhone 3G owners, improved maps, iPad optimization, and an improved interface. TomTom hasn’t commented on if it is going to release an iPad car mount, but that would certainly be a well-recived product.

You can download TomTom USA for $50 in the App Store. Prices range depending on the region of the world you want to purchase navigation for.

Let us know what you think of this update in the comments!

  • Tomb198269

    Hey throw your iPhone 4S across the room….

    While in the air, Siri will scream in horror!!!!!!
    You got to throw kinda of far though.

  • Daniel

    I can’t help but wish trollers bad karma in life.

    May all the little bad things that happen to them be a result of a karma monitor going through “yep, that was for that comment in idownloadblog two weeks ago…”

    Now back to the post. I have been looking forward to this update for a while now.

    • Tomb198269

      For you to wish bad on someone is like a boomerang to you. You just got rubberbanded!!

    • Tomb198269

      What do you mean two weeks ago?

  • Morgan

    Now if my car had a built-in iPad dock on the dashboard, it would be useful. Without that where am I going to but the thing?

    • Coach

      My friend just had an iPad dash deck installed in his car. It’s so freaking sweet.

      • Tomb198269

        This is so funny lol u guyz do your own comments lol