Last Sunday, Google purposely pulled its Google Voice app from the App Store due to some bug that caused the app to crash at sign in.

Almost a week later, Google Voice is now back in the App Store, with some stability improvement and also a new feature…

According to the Google Voice Twitter account, the app now “improves calling through GV when there is no data: no data required for all numbers previously called.”

Google sure took its time to fix that app!

You might not see it right away in the App Store, but you can access directly from this link.

  • Nick

    About time

  • Harpinder

    I cant find in app store.Could you tell me where it is ?

    • Ben

      Not for those of us outside the US. Piffle.

  • Harpinder

    I got it.Click on next 25 apps.Lol
    Thx bro…

  • does not work in Canada! Damn it! I even click the link from this page with my ipod and told me that the request could not be completed.

  • sOleFresh

    Thnx for the headsup; downloaded from your link cause still wasn’t showing up for me for some odd reason

  • Mac

    hi Sebas the apple tv jailbreak 4.4 & 4.4.1
    is out .thx bro for the good news everyday.

  • Massie

    What does that tweet even mean???

  • Ryan

    Theres a untethered jailbreak called isteve for ios5