Official Google Voice App Removed from the App Store

If you’ve tried downloading the official Google Voice app from the App Store within the last 21 hours, you’ve probably had no luck finding it. That’s because Google has removed the app.

According to Engadget, Senior Product Manager for Google Voice Vincent Paquet stated that the app had been pulled, due to a bug in the new version that caused the app to crash at sign in…

“Our last update of this week had a bug that caused the app to crash at sign in. We removed it so it did not affect additional users until the fix gets published.”

I myself have been incurring issues ever since I installed the app on my iPhone 4S.

Although Google did not provide an ETA for when the app will be back, Google promises that it has a fix coming, and it will release that as soon as it is ready. In the meantime, users will still be able to receive forwarded calls and messages. There are also other unofficial Google Voice apps available in the App Store.

We’ll let you know when the bug-free version is back in the App Store!