As you may have heard, RedSn0w was recently updated to 0.9.9b7, and is now 60% faster by default.

While it’s technically true that the actual jailbreak process is a lot faster; as the Dev Team has noted, you’ll still end up making up the time on the back end with Cydia.

Interested in how the new RedSn0w works in a real world test? Check inside as we take it for a spin on video…

There’s no denying it, the jailbreak process is now a lot faster. I used to dread the whole “Moving Applications” dead-stop while waiting for the jailbreak to complete. With this latest update, that’s a thing of the past.

But wait, there’s a catch! That task is now delegated to Cydia, so there’s really no getting round it in the long run. You either perform the “stashing” during the RedSn0w jailbreak process, or let Cydia handle it on the Home screen after the jailbreak completes.

Either way, in a real world test, you’re really not saving much time, if any.

For those of you who preferred things the old way, you can re-enable the application stashing by going to Extras > Preferences, and checking Move applications.

What do you think about this new option? Do you deem it useful?

  • Awesome! By the way I love your videos

  • Thanks for the heads up. Does this speed up tether boots?

    • CrazyBraulz

      Nope the only thing that has speed up is the time the iPhone has to be plugged into the computer during the jailbreak process.

  • The Wizard’s Baker

    It does speed up the process. If I gotta do a quick reboot and gotta get to work I can do the quick way unplug sync cable and take care of the stash On the way. Instead of running two minutes later then unplugging.

  • Jas God

    I honestly didn’t think it was that long of a wait before- but whatever.

  • Shaz

    they need to fix some issues first.. one being ibooks not working properly

    • Jas God


  • ic0dex

    Yes it’s speeds up the jailbreak process but when you start Cydia it will take longer to unpack the files. Or you can have redsn0w unpack them during the jailbreak process and Cydia will load faster the first time you start it. Either way it comes out to be the same thing.

    • Joe

      so basically its about the same as b4. when u add in the time together. u give up alittle time here to take longer here. so its give and take. so if u look at the whole picture. its not faster. its about the same time as b4. since u have to wait for cydia?

    • Joe

      to b more simple i agree with u

  • yonafoe

    do I have to upgrade? or can I keep using beta 7? plz answer

  • sOleFresh

    This is useful on occasions I need to leave quickly; instead of waiting for this to finish I can do the rest in the car..iThink it’s a good idea to have both options



    • DomPerignon

      Now is like… at least 2 months. Terhered JB is better than no JB at all.

    • DomPerignon

      Now is like at least 2 months. Terhered JB is better than no JB at all.

      • highhorz

        @ Domperignon: Nooooo, tethered in not better. That’s kah-kah. All you need is your battery to die or some weird phone glitch or freeze and your screwed until you get home.

        I hope it doesn’t take 2 months… they were all bragging about all the exploits they found and how they would have an untethered jailbreak out a few days after the iphone 4s was released…well,…it’s been a few days.

    • highhorz

      I hear ya.. why do they keep working on this stupid side projects? Why don’t we get EVERYONE together and just work on a untethered jailbreak…. and then we can do all the fun tweaks later?

      • yonafoe

        I got a better idea: how bout YOU either use the “tethered” JB (which is not as bad as u think) or build an UNTETHERED yourself!!! oh that’s rite u can’t!!! lol u guys kill me

    • +1

    • DomPerignon

      OK then learn how to manage your battery or stop whining and be patient. TWO months at least!

  • Jason Masters

    Just jailbroke my iPhone 4S I accidentally thought it was my old iPhone 4 and it actually worked nothing wrong well a couple of things don’t work but I can still make calls and texts and everything else seems in order even siri!!

    • @ Jason Masters
      Did Cydia appear on the springboard?

    • Ins0mnihack

      What does Siri say if you ask her if she knows she’s been jailbroken?

    • Francesco Suarez

      Did it work and what you did to get it jailbroken please answer thank you because as I know there isn’t any jb for the iPhone 4S, so how come you did it

      • Jason Masters

        I used redsn0w but it’s real buggy I restored to 5.0 because none of the jailbreak tweaks worked cydia opened up and I had like one tweak working it was a fluke I had no idea I was doing the 4S I thought it was my old iPhone 4

  • Pablo

    Ibooks …. Where are all my books… Please fix it!

  • elcarlitoxloco

    i might actually give up on my jailbreak for now. I got to have my books. hopefully they’ll fix this soon. sad times.

  • how about they quit on JB AND WE ALL go back to stock would u b happy then quit ur f k ing winning and let them get it right ?

  • Renzik

    Very good, but I hope the JB untethered πŸ™‚

  • Hepek

    Is there a way to install iOS 5 without JB it? I mean is there a way to hacktivate you phone (like with snowbrease) without installing Cydia and Jailbreaking it? Im using a Gevey card and the only way I could run iOS 5 is JBing it πŸ™

  • Dalle

    Shall I Jailbreak now, or should I wait for the untethered version? When will it come out?

  • Baseband

    Hey I have a question, I have an iphone 3GS old botroom, iOS 5 unthethered jailbreak with Baseband 06.15. So the question is, In my country there was no operator that support iphone that was why I update to that BB, but no there is it, It is possible to use this BB, without ultrasn0w? only to save battery and that staff?? Thank you.

  • Baseband

    Sorry I correct something in my comment, NOW there is a carrier that support iphone, can I use this 06.15 BB without ultrasn0w? πŸ™‚

    • i tried. didn’t work without Ultrasn0w for me

      • Baseband

        For me either πŸ™ someone did it?

  • Matt

    That’s how I remember it as always. Ok I use PkGBackup and for some reason the way different Jailbreak tools move Applications when I did a back up with PkGBackup Jailbroken with I tried restoring some data for apps later Jailbroken
    With Redsn0w it showed that those apps were not installed even though they where. What I’m asking if I try restoring my apps through PKGBackup using this method of moving the applications is it going to do the same thing and will I have that problem of not restoring my apps? Thanks

  • Pablo

    I threw the towel, I need my books, I’ll wait to the unthetered version with ibooks fix.

  • Jacksparrow

    Cool video. I don’t think it was slow to begin with. I think they should focus on untethered 5.0 instead if this. Unless this move applications thing will be a requirement for untethered.

    • Redsn0w is created by MuscleNerd and the iPhone-Dev team, the people working on the Untethered iOS5 jailbreak are from the Chronic-Dev team, two completely different groups of people.

  • zdravko

    when will come to jeilbreak untetheret ios5.

  • Mitch

    When i press on Jailbreak button then it wil wait then reboots the device and after that i got error No fetched data blabla. What should i do now? πŸ™

  • tbh

    nice tbx