Facebook Messenger has quickly become one of my favorite apps for the iPhone. Before Apple released iOS 5 and iMessage to the public, Facebook Messenger was my client of choice to communicate with my friends scattered around the world.

The problem was that most of my friends overseas couldn’t use the application. It seems that this is not an issue anymore, as Facebook has brought support for 12 additional languages, and is releasing the app in many more countries…

So far, we can confirm that Facebook Messenger is available in France, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Brazil, but it looks like the app is actually available worldwide.

So get your downloading on, and let us know if it’s available in your country.

[Thanks Tito and Roman for the tip]

  • Jörgen

    Not in Sweden

  • oasis360

    Still no iOS integration..?

  • MrBig

    No. Maybe you need a direct link, it does not show up in the search by now…

  • MrBig

    unfortunately, the video chat function is not available yet

  • MrBig

    My facebook page is not available atm… I noticed that is has been laggy for some time now, also, on the facebook timeline page I pressed the “sign me up” button some time ago, and it stayed “pressed” until today, I could click it again, but nothing happened… maybe they are working on something

    • oasis360

      For now, you can only get the new Timeline profiles if you are a developer. iDownloadBlog and Gizmodo, along with tons of other websites, instruct you on how to create a developer profile without actually designing an app for Facebook. A quick Google search will suffice. I have been using Timeline for about a month now.
      If I remember correctly, Facebook will begin rolling out the Timeline profiles starting October 30. It is currently having some legal problems regarding copyright issues over the name “Timeline,” another service with similar features, so we’ll have to see about this.

      But definitely check out Google and Gizmodo to learn how to get the new Timeline profiles. They’re actually pretty sick!

  • KK

    Yes in INDIA

  • LuBoss

    available in Sľovakia

    • Majkooo

      confirmed but not in Slovakian language

  • Surein

    Yes in Ireland

  • torni

    yes in Slovakia 😉

  • Hadush

    Available in Israel 😀

  • tornisvk

    yes in Slovakiaa

  • Flying Dutch man

    Also working in The Netherlands

  • Thiago

    Yes in Argentina 😀

  • Thiago

    Yes in Argentina :D.

  • Brett

    No in Australia

    • Brett

      It is now.

  • Yes in Malaysia!

  • W@Nd3r

    Yes in Sngapore

  • Fass

    Yes Vietnam

  • Matt

    Yes in Sweden

  • ram

    Yes in Qatar

  • Boss1881

    Yes in Thailand

  • hataratatoimintaa

    Yes in Finland

  • rafal

    yes in Poland

  • ph

    Lithuania rocks it

  • BlackdoG

    Yes in Croatia

  • Majkooo

    How many Slovakians are here? 🙂

  • Grant Sider

    Crashes on ios 4.3.3.