If you’ve been jailbreaking for a while, you’ll likely recognize the name Intelliborn. The group is responsible for popular jailbreak utilities like MyWi and My3G. Now the talented developers have a new jailbreak tweak in the oven for iOS 5 — and it’s awesome.

The utility is called IntelliScreenX, and it sits in the new Notification Center found in the latest iOS update. No, it’s not simply a widget. This could take the place of 10 widgets (and so much more). And we just happen to have a video of it in action…

The amount of features that the developers have packed into IntelliScreenX is incredible. You can do everything from read full emails, to send and reply to tweets, all from within the utility in your Notification Center. And yes, it’s accessible from your Lock screen.

The guys at Intelliborn tell us that a beta version of the app will be available in a couple of days, so expect Jeff to give us a full walkthrough. The public release of IntelliScreenX should be out in Cydia sometime next week. We’ll keep you updated.

IntelliScreenX certainly seems like it could be the tweak to have on your jailbroken iOS 5 device. What do you think?

  • element1

    Well done Intelliborn!

    Keep up the great work.

    • Brett

      Will it ever be available? Waiting….. Waiting….. Waiting. 🙁

  • element1

    Well done Intelliborn!

    Keep up the great work. .

  • darul

    Nice job bro

  • Mr.hollywooder

    man if you could do all this without even unlocking to homescreen…
    why would you “slide to unlock’ ,i mean what else you have left, everything in the lock screen.

  • SiCK!

  • sthrngrl

    awesome! This app is worth jailbreaking.

  • Joe

    All we need now is a untethered jailbreak and were set. The joy of jailbreaking is you can make your phone a more useful tool. If it wasn’t for developers like these guys a intergrated program like the Notification system wouldn’t even exist. Now if apple would open up there development to applications such as IntelliScreenX, Jailbreaking wouldn’t even need to exist. Plus people these developers could make some cash for their good work.

  • Ins0mnihack

    I wonder what David Ashman has planned for LockInfo on iOS5? It’s going to need to be seriously cool to compete with this!

    I’m trying to be patient and wait for an untethered jailbreak for my iPhone4, but seeing apps like this has me thinking about giving tethered RedSn0w a go…

    • ourjim

      I’m tethered. I don’t know why it’s such a problem for people. My iPhone never runs out of battery and I never need to reboot it. The only time I’ve needed a reboot is when I installed my big bunch of Cydia tweaks:- activator, iFile, SBSettings, SSH, MobileTerminal etc. Something in there required a reboot, but I was still sat at my computer. The phone has never been rebooted since.

      • David

        I’m also tethered and never reboot, the only time I’ve rebooted since this jailbreak is when mobilesubstrate was installed which is required for tweaks like sbsettings and springtomize among others.

    • Gunz

      u can checkout lockinfo beta already from davids repo, its pretty much the same thing with integration to tweeter in iOS and iMessage…. the latest beta is rlly rlly stable as well.

  • Sunil

    What is the beat repo for this application? Anyone?

  • Dorian

    I like the idea of “Top Shelf” but don’t care for the rest of IntelliScreen X. That’s just too much informations and I have other apps for those features.

  • Kelvin


  • Ollie

    I was a huge fan of IntelliScreen for iOS 4.0 and the lack of compatibility with iOS 5 was the only thing keeping me from jailbreaking. Very much looking forward to this! My only suggestion would be that the default lock screen shows the notification screen instead of having to pull it down. I can’t imagine turning on my screen and not wanting to see it.

  • koes365

    COME ON untethered jailbreak COME OUT ALREADY FOR WE CAN HAVE

  • Andrew

    Damn, that looks great. It honestly looks like the way Apple should have released it. They could have and should have stepped up their game beyond the basic system they chose to implement, and went for something like this, that not only looks better, but is more functional too.

  • KiraXD

    i guess once untethered iOS 5 comes around ill make the change… but untill then.. ill use my Lockinfo for now.

  • Jreis

    Come on baby let the dogs loose on the Unteathered jailbreak! Lockinfo vs. IntelliscreenX is gonna be fun. Personally I just can’t wait to have my phone Jailbroken (untheathered) again.

  • Can’t wait for this Release, keep the good work!

  • Dennis G

    cant wait!!! …… the reason to jailbreak tethered or untethered will be intelliscreenX

  • Pixelements

    When will it be released?????

  • Guru

    Looks great!

  • Jas God

    oh this is fuckin copped when it drops!!! I was sold on the notifications on the lockscreen!! can’t wait

  • Usersean

    Wow… This is seriously gonna’ make me reconsider LockInfo.

    If this has necessary customisation options – I’m sold.

  • tomdotcom

    Where is the beta? The article went up on Tuesday. It’s now Saturday and there’s nothing in the Intelliborn beta repo. 4 days is more than ‘a couple’.

  • Apple fan

    This looks like a must have app! I’m not jailbroken yet but this one is worth it! To the question why apple isn’t bringing these features, I believe they want to make money by introducing new features every now and then and make people buy new iPhones. I don’t like android much but they have a lot packed in them which apple plans to implement in the next decade 🙂

  • Eduardo

    Damn! This tweak IS the one ios 5 needs!.. I hope its gonna be free isnt it?

  • Eduardo

    Dam! This tweak IS the one ios 5 needs!.. I hope its gonna be free isnt it?

    • bob


  • Martin

    What is the cydia repo source for the beta on intelliscreenx?

  • Luis

    Nice! =)

  • Pixelements

    I thought it will be released this weak? Any news?

  • jon


    we need 4S jailbreak

  • Brent


    Limited beta release as of earlier today.

  • productred

    If the phone is locked with a passcode and you bring up intelliscreen, press say twitter, and you can post etc… that to me looks like a gaping security hole.

    • tomdotcom

      The simple answer is not to leave your phone unattended. I don’t need a pass code on my phone as it’s always within arm’s reach.

  • Extremely disappointing and does not work, support is horrible.

    I purchased this app around Christmas and still have yet to hear back from Intelliborn support.

    When the app is installed it ignores mail configuration and will not stop checking for messages which drains my battery.

    I have contacted Intelliborn support on multiple occasions and weeks later they still have not replied

  • I installed this on my newly jailbroke iphone 4s and my battery ran out in 4 hours, i didnt even make one phone call !! soon as i uninstalled it battery went back to normal

  • Anonymous

    very nice add – unfortunately, battery killer – uninstalled it