Google’s Android operating system has certainly rocked the mobile industry over the last three years. With multiple manufacturers offering hundreds of feature-packed handsets around the world, the little green robot certainly has a lot going for it.

However, stiff competition from Apple and Microsoft, along with dozens of lawsuits coming from seemingly every direction, look to stop Android’s explosive growth dead in it’s tracks. How long can the mobile OS survive in this hostile industry?

Here’s a snippet from a recent report on the topic by FOSSPatent‘s expert analyst, Florian Mueller:

“Google’s cavalier attitude toward other companies’ intellectual property is starting to backfire in seriously harmful ways. Samsung is only the first Android OEM to suffer economic damage by not being able to launch products in certain markets. It won’t be the last. Motorola Mobility and HTC are also under pressure.”

Mueller is referring to an ongoing injunction in Australia that is barring Samsung from launching its Galaxy 10.1 tablet in the country. Apple won a major court battle last week, extending the slate’s temporary ban for several more months. By the time Samsung is elegible to sell its tablet in Australia, the device will be nearly a year old.

The final decision will be the one to watch though, says Mueller.

“If Apple wins the Australian case at the end of the main proceeding, all Android-based products will effectively be shut out of the Australian market forever, unless Google or its device maker partners settle with Apple.”

We all know that Apple won’t settle. It’s not in the business of licensing its IP (Intellectual Property), and it certainly doesn’t need the money. It seems as if the company won’t stop until Android partners quit using Android all together.

But it’s not just Apple. Microsoft has also been using its extensive IP portfolio against Android handset-makers. HTC pays the Redmond-based company a $5 licensing fee for every Android handset it sells, and Samsung just hatched out a similar deal.

$5 per phone is a fairly large amount when you consider how small the typical handset-maker’s profit margins are. Not everyone has a Tim Cook. Why do you think Samsung and HTC were both in the conversation as possible webOS buyers? Between lawsuits and licensing fees, Android (the “free software”) is getting too expensive.

And it gets worse. Android’s biggest threat to its existence isn’t even a competitor, it’s Oracle. The company owns thousands of Java-related patents, and is taking Google and its mobile OS to court over several of them. Here’s an excerpt from a recent court brief:

“Oracle will prove at trial that Google deliberately chose to base its Android software platform on Java tecnology, seeking to develop and deploy Android rapidly and to capitalize on the large community of Java software developers… Google chose to take its chances and push forward with Java, helping itself to Oracle’s intellectual property without a license.”

So because of Android, not only are all of its major manufacturing partners involved in litigation, but now Google is too.Β To me, it looks like the company cut a lot of corners in a rush to get its mobile OS to market, and now it’s paying for it.

What’s your take on Google’s long list of patent woes?

  • Poor green robots

  • DebTym

    Now I know that Androids die too.

    • Rakendu

      After killing the i’s

      • javierE186

        lmao good one


  • Fer

    Was that lawsuit about the firmware or the hardware looks? Just saying.

  • Max

    Android is way too chaotic. It also doesn’t really work with all the devices, a friend of mine has the HTC Sensation with a 4.2 inch display and with almost all the apps he downloads there are black balks at the top and at the side. I think that also is a mayor reason why Apple didn’t upgrade to an 4inch screen.

    • Fer

      Lol that’s not true, I just bought a Tmobile Galaxy S II with 4.53 inches screen and all the apps fit perfectly on the screen.

      • goofygreek

        yea, my att gs2 works perfectly. It has a 4.3 inch screen and every app ive used so far is perfect on it.

    • Al Comer

      Have the Sensation and its phenomenal – consistently outperforms my wife’s I-phone.
      Maybe before posting such a finding, you might get a larger sample.

  • Chase

    Android OS is far ahead of the Apple OS. Apple is beginning to look like old technology compared to some of the new devices released months ago.

    • DebTym

      is that a joke? cause its funny.=D

      • Rakendu

        Joke!!!!! . here are the facts. Android notification bar shortcut key to access the camera directly, wireless sync, wireless connection to tv and other display units to play games(introduced in 2.3), πŸ˜€

        All the above are apparently new(innovative!!!!!!) features of iphone4S

        Siri. that the oly thing iphone users can be proud of. We had a sub version of it. like a voice dialer and voice search. and siri was not apple’s. Siri, if you didn’t know was already available in the appstore from an independent developer. Apple bought them out and removed it from the store. And now they just reached it in the 4s, block it functionality on the 4, as to force you to buy a new phone (quated by Bradley below).

      • goofygreek

        @ Rakendu. I have a galaxy s2, and the voice controls on it are amazing. They work almost perfect. It even understands me with my accent. Also, my friend had an old pos htc aria, and even it had voice control that worked. Siri is just another attempt at voice control, that apple makes it look like its the god of voice control, and limit you to only one phone, the iphone 4s. The 3gs is more than powerful enough to run siri.

      • iggy

        LOL iPhone 4S is a joke. Androids have had voice capabilities for years. What’s even more laughable no 4G. Yep the apple sheepo! will stand in line for a phone with no 4 g

      • Polemicist

        @ Rakendu That is the reason my house is filling with Samsung products. This is cutting edge stuff and freaking awesome to use. Waiting for a deal on the Samsung Series 8 55 inch TV. πŸ™‚

    • Fabio Rodrigues

      Yeah, I guess over 4 million devices sold in only one week confirms what you saying…

      • Rakendu

        Make all ur sales now. OCT19 android ICS is getting released. so make hay while sun shines. After ICS its dark days for iphone4s

      • Rakendu

        iphone 4s got sold due to sympathy for SJ. thts it.

      • PeeGeeUK

        @Rakendu – it’s a bit unlikely that people buy an expensive phone in sympathy don’t you think? Do you have a personal thing against Apple?

    • Joko

      Are you human? Or Android?

  • Joko

    How come Android doesn’t have an assistant like Siri? So why Google call their OS – Android? What a real “smart”phone..

    • DebTym

      How come Androids are phones and not robotic humans

    • Siri, if you didn’t know was already available in the appstore from an independent developer. Apple bought them out and removed it from the store. And now they just reached it in the 4s, block it functionality on the 4, as to force you to buy a new phone

    • Rakendu

      No nfc, no usbports,no wireless installtions of apps, no freedom from itunes, no no big display,no widgets, took thm 4 years to get proper notification.(sorry COPY the notification system from android) no 4g, y do iphone even call their’s a modern phone. for et smart phone. its far fetched.

    • Rakendu

      no flash,partially working html5,no proper freedom,privacy(thanks to apns)

      • Coolzero00

        If you really want to talk about copying, Apple had been around much longer than android. Android wasnt even a thought. Apple has revolutionized many things in technology and android adds a few minor tweaks and passes it off as its own. Android needs to get original.

      • rrjois

        @coolzero00 ya thts y iphone copied the one button camera access, notification bar, etc to revolutionize their iPhone. Agree iPhone were the first players. but Android hve come out btr. All apple can do is patent patent n patent

  • Dave

    + 1

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. Did the gs2 or any android phone for that matter put up numbers in its opening weekend like the new iPhone??

    • Matt

      A recent study did show that Apple customers follow Apple like a religion! Secondly, I think a lot if the sales were people buying as a tribute to Steve Jobs.

      • James

        +1, that’s why almost every single person on this blog is an immature fanboy, any opinion other than an Apple ass kissing 1 and they get insulted by children .. The fact is Apple aren’t any better than any other manufacturer, it’s all about personal preference and individual taste, I own an iPhone 4 and there is no way i’m paying Apple hundreds to upgrade when there is nothing in the 4S that remotely matters to me, unlike a lot on this blog who would buy anything with an Apple logo.

      • Polemicist

        Good call Matt. πŸ™‚

    • Matt

      Another reason is simply Samsung and other android companies don’t release a single phone every year. They cater for all demographics and android is popular because of its choice. Its overall market share is higher. But then no other company has a marketing department like Apple. Apple screwed iPhone 4 owners by not letting you guys run Siri, only real new feature on the new iphone. Camera is good but Nokia N8 camera which has been around for a few years is better. More light, bigger aperture, more pixels and carl zeiss optics. Dual core processor is good but how many apps optimized for dual core? Current comparisons only show a very slight difference

      • Alex

        Well said Matt.
        I’m am a apple guy and I have little to say about that. You make a good point

  • anon

    The reason why Google is being sued and hounded by said entities is because they are winning. All their competitors are nervous about Android because it is the clear front runner. Even if licensing deals are struck, 3 years from now, going on current trends, Android will have +60% of the market and then licensing deals won’t mean much as they will replace previous tech with new tech, as that is what the tech market does. Apple will still have their majority share if they keep things going as they were under Jobs but the jury is still out on the Windows phone. It would be good for us all if there are 3 or 4 strong competitors in the market though.

    • Agree with you 100%. Android have them shaking in their boots, that’s why they’re litigating instead of innovating. But I wished Google bought WebOS, not to drop Android (that would be foolish), but to implement some of it’s great features into Android. Making it a deeper and richer experience. And in turn, it will help them fight off the patent trolls

    • M_thoroughbred

      Well said. People get bent out of shape when others don’t agree. There are things that apple does that yes it has been done but it’s how they implemented and execute that sets them apart, the same goes for some features that android does as well as windows phone 7. Competition is good.

  • anon

    “Apple will still have their majority share if they keep things going as they were under Jobs”

    should read:

    “Apple will still have a sizeable share if they keep things going as they were under Jobs”

  • Alex

    I am an apple guy. I have an iPhone, iPod, iMac, MacBook pro, and iPad.
    Truth is I don’t want to see android die.
    It’s is a good OS that is able of keeping up with apple. I like the competition it provides. It keeps our technology moving forward towards progress. It keeps apple on it toes so it coninues to create a better OS. We need Android. Apple needs android. We need android. So we can continue to beat it year after year. Lol

    • Rakendu

      And ya apple can do more ……….. ripp the customers for new box packing year after year. copy and tweak things slightly and call it innovative year after year, copy things and patent thm year after year. at the end have less features(very very less) than anyother oprating system and call it the best phone in the world year after year.Sj is no more(with all respect) ios is going down. thanks to him iphone4s sales went up. Android needs iphone so that it can show its growth with comparison to the sinking sales and share of iphone in the market.

      • Alex

        How do you copy and them patent?
        Call it the best in the world? Look at some stats. It is the best in the needs to get better. Let the numbers do the talking.

  • James

    Their both good OS’s. Its really a matter of preference. I actually just updated to a Samsung Galaxy S2 and really like it. I wanted the new iphone, but I had the 4 already and the 4S just didn’t do it for me feature wise, so I went with the samsung.

    I like it, it does some things better and some things worse. But I have to admit the first time someone asked me to send them a ringtone, instead of saying sorry I can’t, I was able too. And jailbreaking is one thing, to add features, but without jailbreaking or rooting, out of the box, the android phones do give you a lot more freedom.

    Not saying I won’t go back to the iphone again, but if I do, I’m sure there will be android features I miss, just like there’s iphone features I miss now.

  • Karma32

    Android can go down the drains for all I care. It’s nothing but a chaotic piece of **** OS. I think the one mobile OS that has the most potential is Windows 7 Phone. It’s live tiles, setup, and different/unique UI is amazing, but it still has a lot of things it needs to work out and features added to compete well. It’s a very new OS and I’m interested how it will turn out in the future.

    • Alex

      Are you serious?
      Tiles?? UI is weak. Have you seen their app market? You probably work for windows.

      • Have you felt one? You can’t deny windows is smother and better then androids gay little icons. Android UI is the weak one, quit playing yourself you little dumb b*tch. Wake up and smell the air and pop googles’ d*ck out your mouth, or you’re gonna end up with stretchmarks on your throat there fella.

  • Steve

    Why are you on a blog site for apple products you fucking trolls! No one here cares about your gay ass plastic android toys. Your pos android phone will never be better or even as good as an iPhone so just give it up and go find an android site to leave ignorant comments on..

    • David


    • Steve


      Also, i hate when android freaks say “the iphone limits you on features, and android there is so much more freedom”. Buy an iphone, jailbreak it, and there you go, duh!!!! Then you have anything an android has plus way way more. As far as screen size goes, im very confident it will be implemented in the next phone. People also love the beautiful designs these iphones sport, the apple ios is the bomb, its the easiest os to use, hence why so many people by the millions are buying it. Honestly, i really like how apple takes time on their products, it makes for such a solid phone. Unlike android, where they rush their technology into their products and support such inconsistencies.

      • rrjois

        Don let apple know u have jailbroken ur device. its against law. yes iPhone is the bomb. no doubt in tht. hope it dosen explode at apple factory. solid phones????? jus google drop test iphone4 vs SII. Solid phones he says.

  • Paris

    If Samsung and android is the leader how come they are copying apple repeatedly?

    Samsung is a joke! If you look how they are copying iOS core apps, look at the camera app or the recorder app. But when apple released the iPhone in 2007 everyone was saying its a failure! Why do they copy it now? Look at how android looked like before 2007 and look how it looks now!

    How is leading and who is following? I will let you decide!

    • Rakendu

      Android was released in 2008. So it has its own UI. it a holographic UI(Android 3.0 n 4.0 ICS). Thy have not copied the UI. samsung hve their own technology which(may) breahes ios not Android. y iphone4s notification bar like android’s? Android have voice recognition, one touch shortcut to camera,4g, wireless sync, wireless connection to tv and other display units to play 2 years ago. n u guys get all these features now(most of it. not all) who is leading and who is following now? whre is flash. html5(fully working)?

      • the problem with android guys is that they think its about hardware specs of zillions features on a phone. you are wrong! bloody iphone 4s with an under-clocked processor to 800Mhz performs 100% faster than the 1.2Ghz galaxy sii ! why? Coz samsung gets a free OS that helps them sell the hardware they make, the throw in a few apps in the mix and try to sell you every new phone they release. Voice recognition was there in the iPhone mate, with Siri they just brought it to a whole new lever. It simply just works!!! Again the point to make is that apple is not after addign half baked features on thier devices but features that actually work! and apple has the balles to push things forward, not sit back and copy others!!!!

        flash? you have to be kidding me! how many years form now are you still going to mention that? Flash is DEAD, get over it! Everyone is now moving towards HTML5, even adobe is moving that way now! why? coz web if free, nobody wants adobe to view sites on the web!!

        fully workign html5 ? are you kidding me? read before you post mate!

      • rrjois

        siri is not innovative. I have seen android users do tht for ages. we had these apps in the maerket for ages. apple jus copied thm n engraved thm into the phone as a pre-installed app. tell all r moving to html5. but html5 is still not made a standard in places whre it can replace flash. run browser on s2 n 4s n check which runs faster. open a doc and type n save the doc check which runs faster. boss 800mhz and 1.2dual core ahve lot of diff. blined by the bitten apple symbol?? hve u ever seen a s2 with ure eys. may be it woul hve slipped off ur eyes as its slim an not al bulky as ur iphone. n ya ur right. balls are the oly things apple push forward. nothing else.i had a old samsung spica n i coul challenge n show it was btr than iphone 3g in many ways(if not all the ways). n ya it jus cost me 20% of the cost. both hve thier own advantages and dis-advantages. ur link is wrong.. android dosent hve chrome yet. thy r yet to bring it out. so all wrong comparison.without knowing wats inside. so sad so sad.

    • Polemicist

      Samsung copying core iOS Apps??? Android isn’t owned by Samsung it is owned by Google??? Can I have some of what you are smoking?

  • Daniel

    I was a hardcore android user for several year, during that time you could not have told me there was a better OS out there. HOWEVER after using a iPhone for the first time I realized just how much more solid and refined the apple iOS really is. I then switched to an iPhone 4 and would never go back to an android based OS. What’s the difference? Apple’s iOS is SOLID there is no lag in any of the apps, the keyboard NEVER slows while texting. I have NEVER had to do a battery pull and it has NEVER frozen or locked up. Yes apple is just now getting some of the new features that android has had but if you ask me I would rather start with a solid product then build on it like apple rather than have a non-solid OS such as android.

    • Eman

      I totally understand. I have an iPhone. Nothing has gone wrong with it. Ever. And if people want an okay OS that comes at a reasonable price, then sure, you can get an android. But if people want a good, solid OS in a good, solid phone from a good, solid company that knows what they’re doing, then they can get an iPhone. It’s a simple choice. And most people make the wrong choice and regret it later. iOS is the best OS out there. No question.

  • Steel

    The only thing theese lawsuits are doing is holding technology back. They need to just cut it out and let people choose what they want.

  • Bob Barker

    I’m not an android guy but I appreciate the competition they supply to apple and microsoft. I no its in the best interest for both apple and microsoft to kill android but I honestly hope that doesn’t happen.

  • JGrant

    It’s just funny because android would have been long forgotten if iPhone would have been on more carriers than AT&T. Now that it’s on 3, see ya droid. Just saying…

  • JGrant

    Its just funny because android would have been LONG forgotten if the iPhone had been on more carriers than AT&T. Now that it’s on 3… see ya droid. Just saying.

  • Jasper D

    Since the iPhone 4 apple done nothing, the iPhone 4s is pathetic it has all the features that so many android phones had before and have done for months.
    They sue Samsung because the 10.1 is a great tablet and then Apple copy Android with iOS5. Just how stubborn can a company get?

    • JGrant

      You droid fanboys should love Apple for only selling to AT&T for 3 years or so because as I said earlier, you would be non-existent if all 3 carriers with iPhone now, had it when this all started.

    • JGrant

      You droid fanboys should love Apple for only selling through AT&T for 3 years or so because as I said earlier, you would be non-existent if all 3 carriers with iPhone now, had it when this all started.

    • David

      Sure android users have had those features for years but really? All that lag, and how unstable it is!

  • Jt

    Uhm. Ios is as solid as android really. My iphone needs restarts now and then. Get lagspikes in games. Getting lag when im about to send a text message. Completely locked up for me etc. Its thesame deal for both systems. And its an iphone 4 i got

  • Jt

    Uhm. Ios is as solid as android really. My iphone needs restarts now and then. Get lagspikes in games. Getting lag when im about to send a text message. Completely locked up for me. Its thesame deal for both systems. And its an iphone 4 i got

  • john

    Sebastian did you delete my previous comment? It’s not there anymore..

  • john

    Oh it probably just didn’t go through then. Thanks for responding. And again, great blog!

  • Xepptizz

    Wow, trolls have hit this thread hard. Though I bet theres a phone and os for everyone “with that in mind the iphone has quite an insurmountable share”, but it seems to me rather odd how all androids are compared to the singular new iPhone. Because otherwise you are argueing that 5 different android phones are needed to beat one iPhone, which is kind of flattering.

    Either way I don’t really care if any android has 15g lightspeed internet or can last longer then My life on it’s nuclear reactor, or that android phone with superzoom dslr telescope. Or that htc with x-ray vision.

    I like my iPhone and it’s cohesive “restrictive to others” little eco system. I like the sleek design and how the simplicity makes me focus on living and not on my phone.

    So why are you trolls telling me my PREFERENCES are invalid?

    You people seem to tey and convert people with an almost RELIGIOUS tenacity.

    Android has validated it’s existence as did Apple, how and why, who was first has no bearing on how you use your phone. And though I love discussions, there are to many parameters to consider and non of those can ever determen if either one is good or bad. My dad loves his nokia 3310 and wouldn’t dare to force an iPhone on him, he has different needs from a phone like EVERYONE.

    Aweful read, but fun to type πŸ™‚ on a 3,5 inch iPhone touchscreen no less.

    • John Smith

      So when someone argues your self claimed supremacy, he or she automatically becomes a troll.
      Yeah, very convincing argument.

      No, it does not take 5 Android phones to beat your oh-so-good iPhone. That $25 Android phone that I can get at Walmart certainly is more usable and has more features than your $399 iPhone.

      You Apple fanboys refuse to get out more, and talking to most of you is as good and as productive as talking to a brick wall, only the brickwall is not as pompous and as arrogant/insulting as most of you.

      Apple did not innovate anything, they ALWAYS steal what others had already done years ago and their marketing and the fanatic followers do the rest.

      The first Apple was stolen from Xerox PARC, then Apple had the nerve to sue Microsoft alleging theft of intellectual property which made them the laughing stock of the tech industry at that time, and the case was dropped.

      Others had PDAs years ahead , Apple claimed the Newton was the first, others had GUI based music and even MP3 players years ahead, Apple claimed that iPod was the fist. Others had Smart Mobile phones years ahead, Apple brain washed most of you that there was no such thing before the iPhone came out, and you still believe all that nonsense and lies because all of you follow Apple like brainless robots. Anything Apple says for you is the undisputed truth, no matter how facts point otherwise.

      Look at the posts here for valid proof of how stupid most of you are. Someone here claiming to sell both for living and at the same time claims that it is too hard to change any setting in Android, which is one tap on the menu button at the bottom of the screen.

      The other genius claims that Google is imitating Apple, while facts, history, and even the patents and the law suits that they spurred show otherwise.

      And then there is you, dismissing all the facts, the features and the whole Android platform since you like what you already have.
      Now that’s another convincing argument and since you have 0 clue about Android, then we should all bow to your superior knowledge.

      Like I said in another post, most of you need to get out more.
      Enjoy living under a rock.

      Now I need to find a way to get my 5 minutes that I spent reading all this crap form you and others back.
      You iDouchebags are pathetic.

  • mohgui

    sometimes i wonder if it really matters who has the best hardware and OS out there… consumers are given a freedom of choice to choose. so choose wisely and be happy about it and stop criticizing. so what if the stats shows this and that? if i choose to switch, then i have to live with my choice… period.

  • The key to success is innovation unless Google comes up with innovative ideas for Android and stop imitating iOS it will continue its fall from grace. iOS is far much better.

    • John Smith

      You Apple fanboys are really pathetic and lost your touch with reality.
      Apple/iOS innovated what, exactly?
      Voice assistant like Siri has been part of Android since version 1.5. Go Google when that was released. Google *officially* announced something like that a year before Apple hyped its Siri.
      I suggest you check the date on that video.

      Android is “imitating iOS”? Really?
      Now I am certain that you have NEVER used an Android device. In fact look at the “new” notification feature of your shiny iOS 5, and then go back and google the features in Android since its early version. Now who’s imitating whom?

      The bottom line is, almost all of you Apple fanboys have no clue about the world outside your that cave that you live in.
      Remember when all Apple fanboys were screaming how Macs are much better and more secure from Windows and Linux? What happned to Apple’s PC business?
      That’s right, about to go bust, and Apple’s name change from Apple Computer, Inc to Apple said it all.

      It is only a matter of time before Apple’s bullying tactics and marketing crap become old again, and the hype will go away, and Apple has a history in shooting itself in the foot, so enjoy your 15 minutes of fame while it lasts.

  • Martin

    Android sucks… iOS forever πŸ™‚

    • Rakendu

      same here. android sucks iphone for ever πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

  • I own an iPhone 4 and my girlfriend an android Evo 4g. Also, I sell androids with her. I see why android is spread out, because anyone can afford one. I have used them and play with them. Android phones make me wanna throw them against the wall for how shitty they are. My girlfriend is always complaining that she don’t know how to work her phone or locate something in settings. And most apps from the market store look like crap, I guess its supposed to match its OS lol. Choppy frame rate, almost like a stop-and-go animation, it’s pathetic. I feel horrible telling people to buy a certain device when I own a iPhone. I feel like am cheating them. Regardless of android being the garbage OS, I want it around. Competition is healthy and good for us consumers.
    Oh, and trolls welcome to iDB anytime, your hate has showed how awesome Apple really is. Until next time you c*ck sucking fagg*ts.
    ICS FTW lol. Stupid-ass names google comes up with.

  • Joko Sembung

    I’m iphone 3gs user. 3gs is more then enough for me compare with my friend’s newest android phone. Yes, because the iphone its pretty solid. When i play with android phone its like a toys. I think iphone is still the greatest smartphone evaaaaaaaaa…

    • Polemicist

      Solid? Buy a new one and drop it. Buy a new one and stick it in the sand and go swimming with it. Motorola Defy has you beat already. πŸ˜›

  • John Smith

    looking at the site’s domain I realize now why so many iRetards in one place.
    All those Apple fanboys are so clueless and so pathetically stupid justifying paying all that money for an over hyped POS like the iPhone bringing you features others had years ago and call it innovation is really pathetic. No wonder the world’s IQ average is going down, so many stupid people out there. With Apple dumbing down computers previously and now the mobile industry. Now that’s innovation for you.

    • Polemicist

      John you need to look at the history of this website. Sebastian use to have actual downloads here but like all sites with questionable content you start getting heavy traffic and then you start getting noticed and then you either clean up or shut up shop.

  • Chuxk

    Poor half eaten apHoles. The “me first” mentality of whose ideas were stolen/owned is so 3 years ago. Bottom line is Android delivers more than iPhoney delivers. Speak to text, etc. was finally, a nice option after 3 years of existence on Android. RIP, Steveo.

  • Polemicist

    Aussie win. I can still buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia with 3G for $650 through an Aussie company that has a Hong Kong arm it ships from. LOL. I’ll enjoy using that with my 55″ Samsung TV and crapload of other Samsung products. But still using my iPhone 3G and two old macs as well.

    Google will just end up having to pay Apple for licensing on a few things and that will translate to a few cents extra on every Android based handset. Apple has to do the same thing to other phone companies as well so it ain’t no big deal.

  • sim

    Android need to work alot on the security side as there have been alot of security issues with the OS..And this is a major threat..