A recent report by the Wall Street Journal focuses on Norman Winarsky, one of the co-founders of Siri. According to Winarsky, Siri came from an artificial intelligence project at SRI, a R&D group.

When Apple was starting to integrate Siri, they wanted it “friendly and humble—but also with an edge.” This way of thinking is made evident by the fact that Siri does have many personality traits. To attest to this, someone started a blog called “Sh#! That Siri Says,” where users can send in their own humorous responses from Siri….

An excerpt from the interview:

“There were many conversations within the team about whether it should be gender neutral” or “should have an ‘attitude,’ ” said Mr. Winarsky, who didn’t go to Apple, and still works at SRI. The result, before the software was bought by Apple, was “occasionally a light attitude,” he said.

Below is a screenshot showing how Siri has a sense of humor:

If you have been using Siri, you have likely noticed its great personality traits. Siri is also in beta, meaning that more responses and features will be added soon. Siri is also currently being ported to the iPhone 4.

Have you have any good conversations with Siri lately?


  • Zahaan

    i love siri’s attitude :))
    i just wish apple would fix there siri servers, so that there are no connection issues

  • MrA

    Me: who is your daddy?
    Siri: you are, can we get back to work now?

  • Eric

    You mean ported be apple or through cydia?

    • Soto

      A hacker, so Cydia.

  • Max

    I want Siri on my iPod 3G :\ That thing seems AWESOME

  • Andre

    and when can we expect SIRI to be on the iphone 4?

  • Soto

    What if you’re a d*ck to Siri, will she act like a b*tch?

    • Tomb198269

      I have ask Siri to suck my ass and Siri froze and rebooted. I swear

  • Your friend

    do you know if siri will come to the iphone 3gs??? And does siri work on mexico???
    (excuse my english)

    • Drewski

      Your English is fine and no. It will eventually be out in Mexico, but never for the 3GS.

      • Your friend

        Thanks, mmm bad news :(, i think i’ll wait for the iphone 5

  • Sean

    I know this is off topic , but have anybody noticed theirs no ringtone folder in iTunes 10.5, if someone have another method of adding ringtones , Plz respond

    • Sean

      Nevermind, I figured it all out, DAMN I LOVE THIS PHONE

      • Tomb198269

        Try holding the iphone 4S in the ear peace area (top). Now tap the speaker portion against your other hand to see if you feel a little rattle you hear a slight rattle. It doesn’t seems To have that solid feel of the iPhone 4S. Does yours have this issue?

    • Sean

      BTW, I also found another short cut for ringtones , by going to a m4r ringtone site, downloading it to my download manager, opening it up in iTunes, save to computer, then click and drag to ringtones

  • Matthew

    Via @Stroughtonsmith (The man working on the Siri port)

    Answers to common questions:
    1: Estimate release date for Siri – no
    2: Can I provide the Siri stuff – no
    3: Is it working properly yet – no
    4. Can I release it on Cydia? No, it requires Apple’s files from a 4S. I’ll leave the illegal distribution to you
    5. Did not get files from the iPhone 4S IPSW. Pulled the files from a running device using iBrowser and a special tool to pull dyld cache
    6. I don’t see any reason yet why it wouldn’t run on an iPod touch 4th gen, or 3rd gen, or a 3GS. Can try that after it’s working
    7. I’m not yet working on getting Siri to authenticate with Apple. It may be an easy thing to fix. It may not. I haven’t looked at it yet

  • Premium

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    I’ve got a golden comment for you,

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    • den

      wow thanks it acually works!!

      lol “You’ve uploaded 23 files to fileape!” how many people use this acc

      • den

        bandwidth remaining -2915388817 B
        time remaining 83.32 days

    • Gato

      Not working.

  • ic0dex

    I never can get Siri to say what people write that she says.

    • joker

      same here but i found a solution. go to notifications and messages and turn on “show preview”. she will than read out ur text. works for me

    • Tomb198269

      Mee Too

  • den

    Also, sorry for the spam

    everytime i use siri it doesnt have a sence of humor, i did reset siri and network settings but i doubt that have a effect since it uses apple servers

    i just tried the temp one in the pic 5 times and just says the temp, nd i dont see any options in settings

  • Connor

    So can Apple change siri’s responses on the go? Like I have noticed the what are you wearing sometimes changes to, why do people keep asking me this?

    • Tomb198269

      I noticed if I was consistently being rude it would freeze up and have connectivity issue and not work!

  • HPC

    I said “Siri I love you”. She replied “All you need is love. And your iPhone”.

    Then I said “Siri, where can I get a blowjob”. She replied “There are two escorts somewhat close to you”.


  • g0av

    My cat peed on my iPhone 4s 32GB… now the damn thing does not turn on, and it smells horrible. Now don’t I feel stupid for not getting AppleCare….

  • Siri is pretty funny, but “she” seems to be a little moody…is it that time of the month?

  • Molly

    I said, “I love you Siri” and she said “you barely know me.” Love her!!

  • pegger

    I asked her to marry me, she said “can we just be friends, ok?”

  • Annie

    Everyone seems to be talking about Siri being female. I have a male !