You know it was coming, so let’s not beat around the bush any longer.

Is this ridiculous? Yes. Is this completely stupid? Absolutely. Is this a waste of money? Totally. Will it blend? You already know the answer…


UPDATE: As our smart commenters point out, they blended an iPhone 4, not an iPhone 4S. You can tell it’s an iPhone 4 because the iPod icon says “iPod.” On the iPhone 4S, which ships with iOS 5, it says “Music.” Busted!

  • Joe

    My thoughts are you ruined a perfectly great device! RIP iPhone 4S

    • Not THAT great of a divice. It’s major feature siri doesent work right lol. Shoulda stuck with the iPhone 4.

      • Why did you upgrade from an iPhone 4? A 3GS I understand perfectly well; but an iPhone 4? Not only did you pay contract termination fees, but then you payed for a second contract? I find that shocking… unless you bought an unlocked phone, in which case… why didn’t you wait for the unlocked 4S!

    • John Moraitis

      If they did not blend it they can’t make any money!

  • Julio M.

    Thats an iphone 4!!

    cause all iphone 4s are send out with ios 5 and on this iphone it still says iPod in the dock and on ios 5 it says music?!

    • Kickstar13

      Wow nice catch. Just noticed that.

      • Frank

        nice one!

    • Chris

      Good eye!

    • Richard


    • Good catch. I updated the post.

      • Taiyyib

        AFAIK it is an iPhone 4S, see the double antenna openings on the metal rim. iPhone 4 just has one antenna where as the iPhone 4S has two. I’m confident they blended an iPhone 4S. Check it out

    • surya


      • Kickstar13

        The Verizon CDMA iPhone 4 has the same exact antenna design as the 4S (at least physically).


  • Gabeapp

    Dont try this at home?? who the hell would wanna blend a(excuse my harsh language) fucking iphone let alone a 4S!(unless its a 2g then i understand)

  • waste of time and money

  • I’ve seen a few of these videos now, I don’t get it. Do these people hate the idea that people really like Apple products or do they “blend” all electronics?

    • All electronics.

    • Alex

      The guy is the mascot of that Blendtec company. They just blend a lot of stuff in their blender, which they sell. They don’t only blend electronic.

  • That is good to know I feel better now, I thought these people were just “Apple Racist”. 🙂

  • Manuel

    So what, it’s an iPhone 4, oh well. It blends. Just because he’s blending iPhone’s doesn’t mean it’s stupid. He’s promoting the blender and he does it with everything he find new or old, so stupid to ya, smart to him.

    For the record, I do not own a blend tec by the way.

  • Ethos

    nice blend all of them

    • Tomb198269


  • Tom

    what a faggot. iPhones are not to be blended.

  • Yasir

    Great blender

  • Yasir

    Great blender.

  • potamus

    What an insane asshole. Get a real job, loser. And pardon my French…

  • Joko

    I still love my 3GS. i

  • @dannyg_661

    This must mean the ip4s doseent blend!

  • Mike

    Just ignore this ‘will it blend’ cr@p. If nobody bothered visiting the site they would eventually stop this wasteful garbage. Stop perpetuating this.

  • Another indication: at 1:02 you can see the right side of the iPhone, it has no SIM Slot, indicating it’s a verizon iPhone 4, because all 4S have a sim slot.