Why Apple has limited its new Siri personal assistant feature to the iPhone 4S is anyone’s guess. At first it was believed that a lot of the backend of Siri took place on the handset, so it needed the A5’s extra power. But that didn’t prove to be the case.

It was also thought that the service required 1GB of RAM. But it was later revealed that Apple’s new smartphone only contains 512MB, so that can’t be it, either. So then why in the world is Siri limited to the iPhone 4S? Well, maybe it’s not…

Infamous iDevice hacker iH8sn0w announced on Twitter today that Siri is actually not A5-specific. He explains, “Excellent news. Siri is not just compiled specifically for the A5 (s5l8940x) processor. Thanks @Gojohnnyboi :)” That is good news.

You might recall that earlier this month, a rumor surfaced that both iH8sn0w and Gojohnnyboi were working on porting the Siri feature to non Apple-supported devices. And this new discovery seems to suggest that it’s technically possible.

But it gets bigger. Apple itself could be planning to enable the feature on other devices down the road. Remember that Siri is still considered Beta at this point, and restricting it to the iPhone 4S helps Apple limit the fallout if something goes wrong.

Either way, it looks like the iPhone 4S won’t hold the exclusive rights to Siri forever.

What do you think?

  • Justin

    Sounds great to this iphone4 user

    • 877

      +1 dude

  • Revvxz

    Damnit, they better somehow find a way to jailbreak the ipad 2 on ios5 and get siri on their to, or I’ll be PISSED!

  • I hope Siri will eventually make its way onto the Mac and Apple TV – if even on the new Apple HDTV with FaceTime.

    “Siri, is South Park coming up soon?” *Yes, there are several new episodes of South Park this evening* “Record the all and play them on the HDTV at 8. Start FaceTime call with mom” and mom pops up on the big screen in the living room 🙂

    • Frank

      the future, as imagined by Steve Jobs!

      damn i will miss that guy.. 🙁

  • i’ve been waiting for the moment since siri was shown for the first time. i just knew they will port siri to at least iphone 4. and they will.

  • David

    Good because I want it on my iPod touch 4

    • guest

      so do i!

  • Kriss631

    Thanks guys for all the updates.
    But yes Siri will be amazing if it could be transfer to iphone4. Even better if it can be notify meaning add new convos that will benifect the world 🙂

  • Kriss631


  • Gus

    I want it on an iPhone4 REAL BAD

    • Frank

      me too… but the legal way (directly from apple, not some buggy tweak from cydia)

      • Mr.iPhoneGuy

        Siri HAS to come on cydia soon.i need it but the only way apple will give it to others is by a software update and im not updating.

      • That guy

        Just to clarify. Jailbreaking your device isn’t illegal. And it’s Only buggy if you had it on the pre i4 devices. They didn’t have enough power to handle it.

  • I think Apple will offer Siri to the iPhone and iPad before thanksgiving, maybe charging a modest fee for Siri. I’d pay $2.99 to have Siri on my iPhone 4 and iPad.

    • D’Anthony

      I would pay for that as long as its the same as the iPhone 4s Siri

      • Tomb198269

        SIRI IS NOT THAT GREAT! But I love apple stuff

  • Masters

    If I could ever get my phone activated. UGH

  • Kevin

    It is only on the 4S now because it is the new product. Not much about the new iPhone 4S is different except 1 very big feature, it has Siri, Apple’s new toy. It is specific to the 4S as a selling point.

  • Fat boy

    Does the 3GS have FaceTime?

    • David

      Does it have a front facing camera?

      • Ehsan

        lol! xD

    • rajesh

      you can use facetime on 3gs…. u just have to buy an external camera….only $999…

  • Perfect, can’t wait to have Siri on my iphone 4 😀

  • 877

    “@iH8sn0w: @c_papadopoulos maybe never since it would require redistributing copyrighted material.”

    In response to: when will Siri be ported to iphone4

  • Max

    I won’t upgrade to iPhone 4S if I could use Siri on my iPhone 4

  • Max

    I won’t upgrade to iPhone 4S if I could use Siri on my iPhone 4!!!

  • me

    It sounds like Siri uses the network to connect and answer stuff. They could block it to 4S’s only if they wanted to but who know, its anyones guess for now. BETA maybe only 4S then release 4’s as well.

  • Rafael

    Quite reasonable explanation. The “beta” leaves something in the air. I’m sure that at least iPhone 4 users will have a taste of it soon.

    • Debra911

      I Would not hold my
      Breath for Siri on ip4 anytime soon. The 4s Pre orders and 1st day sales of them have bogged the apple servers down and a good number of ip4s users only receive messages cannot connect to server. When you send a command it goes through apple
      Servers and cannot handle the new ip4s users commands. So when
      They ever get this fixed to handle the ip4s users use of Siri I highly doubt they will add even more ip4 users to
      The servers until they get the situation under control….they keep selling these phones and people are sorely disappointed after they wait hours to activate only to
      Find out Siri
      “cannot connect to network”

  • Steven Benson

    Well I’m guessing that they will continue to limit it to the IPhone 4s because then all of the 4s users will cry and say that’s the only reason we bought the 4s….

  • Mcsteven

    Yeah they will. Apple bought out siri last year. They own all the rights to Siri. I’m sure other services like Siri will pop up on other phones, but not Siri itself.

    • Steven Benson

      Oh you could be right!

  • Siri Fan

    Siri is Great,Apple only dont get the siri assistant in Other iDevices to have an Selling Reason for 4s.But Thechnically no Problem.siri was a App. On AppStore before Apple purchase it and took it out of the AppStore :(. But i can’t wait to get Siri on my iPhone 4. 🙂

  • Roberto

    Awesome news! I knew the JB community would solve this problem! Good work guys:)

  • James

    This would be great if they release it over to the iPhone 4 as I don’t really see any need to get the iPhone 4S over iPhone 4

  • josh

    So I have the old Siri app. It’s telling me there’s a problem occurring on the server. I’m assuming Apple shut down the old Siri app so that people who had it can’t use it anymore?

  • Brains530

    “Remember that Siri is still considered Beta at this point, and restricting it to the iPhone 4S helps Apple limit the fallout if something goes wrong.”
    ^Makes me think of iRobot

  • Brains530

    “restricting it to the iPhone 4S helps Apple limit the fallout if something goes wrong.”
    ^Makes me think of iRobot

    • Jonathan


  • Neil

    I must say that Siri works really well. Far better than i expected. Upgraded from a 3Gs so im loving it 🙂

  • iphoneguy

    you want to hear something funny activate siri and tell your iphone ” I love you” and listen for the random and obscene responses

  • ic0dex

    I think that all the iPhone 3GS owners profited from the iPhone 4S. If you had an iPhone 4 and got a iPhone 4S then it’s like getting a new iPhone 4. I’m not that trailed about it. I was all excited in the beginning but now… Bla…

  • ih8sn0w just retweeted a pic of an iPhone4 running Siri and it’s working.

  • ralp88

    is it possible that iphone 3gs users can use the siri ? thanks for reply.

    • N

      Yes. It is not hardware dependent, it can run sirii fine.

  • Bradley Kelly

    Maybe if Apple don’t offer it to the 3GS, then there might be a jailbreak for it.

  • Ed

    “and restricting it to the iPhone 4S helps Apple limit the fallout if something goes wrong” Or realising that releasing a new phone with just a faster chip and better camera was a bit lame so they made siri 4s only so it would be a selling point and provide that “Wow” factor that was missing from this iPhone stopgap before the iPhone 5.

  • Jake

    It will be great to run this on an iPhone 4.
    Will wait to get it on my iPhone, then it will be my first jailbreak.

  • Fucku’4S’u’ip4’expensiveknockoff

    Why the sh*t apple didn’t implants Siri in iPhone 4 than?

    • Jake

      because they wanted to make more money. this is a standard marketing strategy 😉

  • Hey, how do I get Siri on my Iphone 4 ISO 5?


  • Brenda

    just got my 4s yesterday and loved Siri when it worked. Today with more 4s users I’ve only gotten it to work one time. Siri has overwhelmed the servers and the million of us who pre-ordered are having a hard time connecting to the network with Siri. I guess we are the Beta testers.