One of the biggest reasons to upgrade to the iPhone 4S from the iPhone 4, is for the upgraded camera.

While the iPhone 4 had a good camera, the iPhone 4S has a great camera. In fact, you might consider it so good that you decide to permanently ditch your dedicated point and shoot.

Regarding the camera, Apple has improved snapshooting, but they’ve also highly improved the phone’s video capturing capabilities as well.

Check inside for my first test with the iPhone 4S’ 1080p video capture…

As you can see, it’s certainly not on par with a DSLR, but the quality is not too shoddy at all. In my opinion, it will be able to replace a dedicated point and shoot for all but the most demanding situations.

Will you give up your camera in favor of using the iPhone 4S full time? What about 1080p video, is that a big enough feature to convince you to upgrade from the iPhone 4’s 720p resolution?

  • I can’t see any difference between this and 720p

  • dtdw

    did u use stabilization ? im guessing not ?

  • The video looks real clear on my iPad. However, what’d the camera be like outside with the sun out?


    • Coach

      good question.

    • Gus Me

      Outside? Where’s that?

  • Jeff

    yea get some outside vid. Also is there an app for more control over the video. I own a 7D and this looks beautiful. It needs some control like white bal lock maybe more focus control and brightness. I use Filmic pro and it sorta does this but is there one u would recommend. Looks awesome so far! Awaiting Jailbreak for 4S!

    • Alex

      Maybe ProCamera?

  • AppleBits

    LOL – nice ducky, Jeff! :D. Where’s the squirrel? 😉

  • Casey

    It will be hard to ditch a point and shoot. There are some situations when you need a real flash and/or slow shutter with a flash for those nighttime portraits.

  • AppleBits

    LOL – nice ducky, Jeff! :D. Where’s the squirrel?

  • wow what an uninspired review. Hes literally sitting there thinking ‘where do I point the camera now?’

  • rat

    Those who are telling us to be patient needs to shut the fuck up! When we buy something we expect to use it. At&t should’ve been prepared for this and upgraded their servers. Every time this type of thing happens, people get frustrated which should be expected. As usual there is a fucking prick who yaps about people needing to be patient.

    How about you suck my dick?

    • how about you suck your own dick and see where you post your reply. Wrong page you fucking doofus.

      • r0cket1000


  • Jeff

    Yea you can’t replace a DSLR. However there was a movie shot with 2 iPhone 4. So iPhone 4S is way better than iPhone 4! Check out Macbreak Studios. They review a ton of iPhone 4 extras. Like lens adapters tripod mounts camera rigs etc. All reasonable prices. The best camera is the one you have with you. And no one carrys there DSLR around everywhere with them. And we’ve all been driving down the road and realize that the million dollar sunset is happening. With an iPhone its always with you!

  • Acolz

    IMHO next time try disabling frame resampling. That will make it look a lot smoother and nicer.

  • fdxgncgfn

    aw. please, I don’t need to see that duck’s butt.

  • i love the vid. its so clear. I will definitely line up to get the 4S when it reaches Malaysia

  • slapahotribe

    My HTC Sensation’s camera is so much clearer and nicer. What a joke! 1080P just now????

    • Lord

      HTC what’s that? xDDDD